Alzheimer’s Disease and Aluminum a Major Contributor?

14 01 2008

Why is Alzheimer’s disease the 4th leading cause of death among our elderly, only behind heart disease, cancer and stroke?  The World Health Organization to include many other research teams has determined there’s an overwhelming correlation with chemical pollution and the elderly.  Research strongly suggests the common denominator to Alzheimer’s disease is aluminum.  Aluminum happens to be the 3d most common element we are exposed to in our environment on a daily basis.  Some consumers are more exposed and susceptible to aluminum, or have no knowledge of the potential health risk through exposure.  This simply is due to the unknown properties of aluminum and how it is being introduced into our food chain and everyday use products.  Autopsies have found high concentrations of aluminum in the brain matter of deceased Alzheimer’s patients.  Studies show us you are 3 times more likely to develop Alzheimer’s through the use of arousal anti-perspirants containing aluminum.  Also, municipal water that is treated with alum (aluminum sulfate).  Both entrants into the body are absorbed easily through consumption and may be easily absorbed by the brain through the nasal cavity (Public health reports, Natural health, University of California, Berkeley Wellness Letter).

Concerned about metal particulates from frying pans where the tephlon stick surface has become scratched and aluminum exposed, I immediately began my kitchen inspection.  “Off topic, it’s a noteworthy thought to keep in the back of your head…manufacturers of tephlon (M3 and Dupont research) show no conclusive proof that tephon puts your health at risk.”  However, there is much research suggesting when you get into varying chemical sealant composites to bind-bond-seal the aluminum or copper cookware as “THE” protective “HEAT” barrier, this may present other known & unknown health risks.  With regard to local municipalities, how does one find out “how much” alum “aluminum” is added to our water?  And why is this necessary?   The amount necessary to reduce algae and turbidity creating crystal clear drinking water from our city utilities dictates the amount of aluminum sulfate required.  If you drink city water, you are ingesting alum.  Due to the unanswered link between Alzheimer’s and aluminum, (some scientists) are urging the use of ferric sulfate, or calcium sulfate in municipal water as opposed to aluminum sulfate to accomplish the job.

Recommendations:  I personally searched for old home products “deodorants” with the ingredient aluminum contained within the product.  I couldn’t find any, I converted my entire home over to clean green household products that can be found at my website.  The medical research correlation between Alzheimer’s disease and aluminum is so convincing a prudent person would remove “all” product and cooking utensils (pots and pans), cosmetics, to include aerosols made of, or containing aluminum. If you see the word alum (aluminum), seriously consider removing the product from your home.  Off Topic, but relevant [in general], if “ANY” product has the words, “KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN” WHY?  If the product is not good for your children, it certainly can’t be good for you.  If you drink beverages made from aluminum cans, I highly recommend you switch to bottles.  I’m not sure how to advice you with the drinking water…there are far too many variable pertaining to concentration.  Contact your local municipality and ask about aluminum sulfate in your drinking water you decide…is bottled water any better?  We’ll cover this issue as a future topic.

 Author: Marc T. Woodard, MBA, BS Exercise Science, USA Medical Services Officer, CPT, RET.  2008 Copyright.  All rights reserved, Mirror Athlete Publishing @, Sign up for FREE Monthly eNewsletter.



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