Aspartame the Silent Killer?

25 03 2008

In our March 08 monthly health newsletter, “Looking at yourself.  Got Health?”  You read our editorial “Aspartame and Shocking Health Risks,” exposed by Dr. H. J. Roberts.”   If you would like to receive our free monthly health newsletter, visit, enter your email address in the subscriber’s box and then you’ll be on our monthly distribution list. 

Within the March08 newsletter we learned some key points:  1) Chemical changes within sodas containing Aspartame are poisoning our families.  2) Related symptoms stopped once the patient is off of diet sodas.  3) Aspartame is a common denominator in our diet making us sick!  4)  There is a significant weight gain connection!  5)  Aspartame is extremely bad for diabetics.  6)  There is a direct connection between children with ADD and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).  7)  Children are specifically at risk and susceptible to Aspartame poisoning.  8)  Monsanto’s patent on Aspartame has expired, now there are over 5,000 products on the shelves containing aspartame; marketed as NutraSweet, Equal and Spoonful.  Uninformed parents are unknowingly poisoning their loved ones.  The American Diabetes Association, the American Dietetic Association and the Conference of the American College of Physicians know about this connection, also endorsed by the U.S. FDA!  “It’s all about the money and corporate greed!” 

There is much information to further substantiate this outrageous chemical food additive practice, but we only have room to scratch the surface.  E.g., Victoria Inness-Brown’s family was addicted to diet sodas… “Concerned aspartame would one day lead to her family’s illness or even early death, she performed an aspartame experiment.  Starting with 108 rats for 2 years and 8 months, daily, she feed a controlled group of rats two-thirds the aspartame contained in an 8-oz diet soda.  Results:  Thirty seven percent of the female rats developed tumors, some of massive size.  Folks this a study where doses per rat weight is adjusted, using under Acceptable Daily Intake (ADI), set by the FDA! “The fact that aspartame is endorsed by the U.S. FDA as a safe product, and is recommended by many doctors as a sweet alternative in lieu of sugar is enough to make you go mad.”  Also, consider these facts, 1) “Does it make sense that what was once listed by the Pentagon as a biochemical warfare agent is now an integral part of your modern diet?” 2)  “Aspartame is profitable… E.g., Maryland-based biotech company Genex Corp., went from reporting $14.3m in 1985 revenues to $2.8m in 1986 after they lost their aspartame business.”  3)  “One 12 oz diet soda contains about 180mg of aspartame/15mg per oz, which equals approximately 4.5 packets of NutraSweet.”  4) The propaganda industry-machine tells consumers the ADI, set by the FDA equates to about 20, 12oz-diet soda for adults, or 6 for children is safe and acceptable (”    If the rats get sick consuming far under ADI, why wouldn’t we?”  Friends, it’s simple, “It’s all about the money!” 

Recommendations:  Do not consume aspartame, or products marketed under the following brands:  NutraSweet, Equal, Spoonful, Equal-Measure and Canderel. Aspartame can be found in more than 5,000 products including, but not limited to:  Diet sodas, juice drinks, flavored waters, chewing gum, table-top sweeteners, diet and diabetic foods, breakfast cereals, such as Fiber One, fiber supplements, such as orange flavored Metamucil, jams, and sweets.

Author:  Marc T. Woodard, MBA, BS Exercise Science, USA Medical Services Officer, CPT, RET.
  2008 Copyright.  All rights reserved, Mirror Athlete Publishing, , Sign up for your Free eNewsletter.



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15 02 2011
Nancy Thompson

The aspartame industry is responsible for contributing to an obesity epidemic, and especially for our children at an alarming rate. These artificial drinks are known to increase risk of illness and disease such as cancer, diabetes, intestinal and mood problems to name a few.

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