Can You Prevent Cancer?

1 05 2008

It is a fact that cancer initiates cell mutation, and/or cell death.  Cancerous tumors develop by growth and division (metastasis) of healthy cells.  Environmental, absorbed and ingested toxins enter the lymph and blood system spreading disease through the body (Genetics will not be discussed, but is a factor).  Our body is a filter and capable of removing toxins through our lymphatic system.  This system has 3 basic functions.  1)  Transport tissue fluid, which was originally filtered blood.  2)  Serves as a route from the intestines where fat was absorbed and transported to the blood.  3) The lymph node cells called lymphocytes provide immunological defenses against disease-causing agents.  If you continue to process toxins in your body for long periods of time, “It will eventually become toxic & break!”   If this system breaks, it is “very likely” cell mutation will occur and you will be fighting cancer into remission at some point in your life!

There are numerous malignant classified diseases the American Cancer Society defines as cancer.  Cancer is a disease which differs widely in cause and biology.  These classifications of cancer have a few things in common.  “A group of cells have traits of uncontrolled growth & division beyond normal limits.”  There are approximately 9 risk factors leading to cancer:  Tobacco smoking, alcohol, diets low in fruit and vegetables, limited physical exercise, unsafe sex, urban air pollution, domestic use of solid fuels, and contaminated injections (Hep B & C).   Cancer cells can take many years to accumulate changing normal cells to cancer-like properties.  During this period of time cellular metabolism grows in a disorderly fashion leading to cell death.   7.6 million People died of cancer in the world during 2007.  13% of all deaths are due to cancer (American Cancer Society).  

I believe science would voice out stronger objections to the chemical additives in our food & home products to the Air-water we breathe-drink (ingestion/absorption-disease relationship).  This voice is stifled by special interest groups and lobbyists’.  Deep pockets rule America’s consumables production.  “It’s all about the money!”  Concern for our family’s health “should” come first.  Unfortunately, too many of us believe our government has our family’s best interest at heart.  Instead, money & greed run behavior in America’s politics & business.  More consumer and environmental scientists would promote safe non-toxic home consumables for our families if it were not for risk of losing funds from special interest & lobbyist groups.  Only a collective body outrage from the American people can make change against the collective body “status quo” in Washington! 

Reduce Cancer Risk Recommendations:

– Obesity increases risk of developing cancer, reduce weight through diet and exercise.
– Reduce refined sugars and other simple carbohydrates to lower other forms of cancer risks.
– Plant based diets and reduced dietary fats decrease risk of prostate and breast cancer (men/women).
– Colon Cancer is caused by bad diet (high in the US); reduce red meat consumption-processed foods.
– Studies have linked stomach cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer and pancreatic cancer with grilled meats (carcinogens released by aromatic hydrocarbon) present in foods cooked at high temperatures.
– Cancer trials suggest that vitamin supplementation, consumption of plenty of fruits and vegetables and weight management will reduce cancer risks.

– Remove toxic home use products and replace with natural products.  Eat out 1/week if you must as fast foods are processed with many toxic chemicals.  Give up artificial sweeteners (tumor growth risk).

 Author:  Marc T. Woodard, MBA, BS Exercise Science, USA Medical Services Officer, CPT, RET.  2008 Copyright, All rights reserved.  Mirror Athlete Enterprises Publishing @:, Sign up for your free eNewsletter.



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