Social Disability Expectation and Public Perception

7 07 2008

I know a lot of you out there are hurting with disabling pain thinking there is nothing more you can do to increase your physical activity, provide further health benefits and/or improving your health condition, or quality of life.  There are solutions, but you have to want to become a mirror athlete as your number one goal.  Remember a mirror athlete will use health management techniques customized to improve posture, health & fitness levels improving overall daily activities and maintaining a healthy mind, body and soul.

Just curious, are you disabled and fulfilling your disabled “social expectation?”  This would be the type of person that accepts their lot in life and basically has given up on their health, activity or physical goals.  For example, if you are confined to a wheelchair this does not mean you can’t maintain mid-body to upper torso strength, flexibility, tone and overall weight & health management. You also may have gained excessive weight while confined to the wheel chair for example, or maybe you require walking assistant devices, have prosthetic devices to assist you in walking, or gripping.  Maybe your pain is so severe due to lack of an adequate pain management program… This keeps you indoors with minimal activity. Or maybe you experience depression on/off seeing no other way out of your medical condition predicament.

I do understand feelings of depression and acute/chronic body pain and loss of productivity and activity as I personally have experienced these things on a daily basis.  Yes, depression is never removed from the forefront as this typically goes with chronic pain, but can be managed. I also understand what it’s like to be eyeballed as physically weak, a failure in your mind’s eye, or inability to financially provide for your family, etc..

“If you are disabled and self fulfilling your disabled social expectation, you don’t have to be this way if you choose not to.”  What I mean by this statement, I know a lot of you former mirror athletes with broken bodies have given up on yourselves because you’ve had an injury(s), maybe forced to take early retirement and/or may be collecting disability checks, etc.  Some of you feel since you are disabled and collecting a disability check, you somehow must earn this support by self fulfilling your role as a disabled person with limited activity.  This means you’ve accepted your health condition misfortune and you feel your medical specialists, or primary care physicians are doing everything possible to assist you and there is nothing further you can do to improve your health situation waiting on the next medical test, appointment or procedure.  These facts are not even close to the truth “in most cases” regarding health benefits that can be received, even if your health issue/condition is classified as stationary permanent (means condition is stable, may/may not improve and “may” get worse with age).

My contention is, if you can move segments of your body you “can” receive an activity health benefit.  If you can consume calories, you can control and manage what you consume.  If you suffer from depression, there is support within the medical community and much information to be found in library’s or the Internet.  If your on a pain management program, you “most likely can” reduce your daily script to allow focus on activities for periods of time in a day, providing for healthy mind, body & soul.

There is nothing in life that can be accomplished well without proper balance of daily task management and nutrition.  Incorporate this mentality with pain, nutrition, fitness, exercise management programs and overall health maintenance on a daily basis… You “can” live your Mirror Athlete lifestyle as best you can and in “most” cases better than you are currently experiencing.

Don’t let society dictate expectations… Don’t accept or fulfill the disabled expectation.  Be a mirror athlete gladiator, take back as much of your life as you possibly can… Control a lifestyle that makes you feel great about yourself!   What have you got to loose?  Take back what rightfully belongs to you, it’s your health!

Author:  Marc T. Woodard, MBA, BS Exercise Science, USA Medical Services Officer, CPT, RET.  2008 Copyright.  All rights reserved, Mirror Athlete Publishing,,  Sign up for your Free eNewsletter.



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