New Year’s Resolution, “Activate Addictive Healthy Chemicals”

22 01 2009

The secret to living a long healthy life is to learn how to apply positive healthy activities to your lifestyle in order to generate the body’s natural release of these addictive healthy chemicals.   Of course eating a healthy diet is very important to your health.  Nutrition is covered in many other articles I write so this will not be the focus here.  Instead, I will focus on the addictive chemicals produced by the body to further stimulate will power, whereby activity is a “Major” component to healthier happier living and living longer!

You’re body produces natural and addictive chemicals that are optimally activated during exercise, or during increased activity:   1) Adrenaline a neurotransmitter and hormone produced by the adrenalin gland just above the kidneys, also known as norepinephrine and epinephrine (provides attention focus in brain).  Together these chemicals activate your fight or flight stimulation designed to get the body out of a stressful situation, or survive an injury scenario.  It acts as a natural pain killer, boosts oxygen and glucose fuel to brain, muscles and suppresses depression.  2)   Dopamine is produced and synthesized in the brain which boosts positive behavior, cognition, motor activity, motivation, sleep, mood, learning and attention.  3)  Serotonin is synthesized within the CNS (Central Nervous System).  This chemical is also found in many mushrooms, plants, fruits and vegetables.  Research shows Serotonin plays an important role in liver regeneration and induces cell division throughout the body (important for repair and healing of the body).  Serotonins role as a neurotransmitter of the brain is to modulate anger, mood, aggression, sleep, sexuality, appetite and metabolism.

How does one find the will power to activate the body’s natural addictive health hormone chemicals and stick to a healthy activity lifestyle?  I’ve been managing chronic pain and bodyweight challenges for the last 10 years and enjoy a quality of life that would not be possible without daily activity.  I do realize what works for me may not work for you.  But with a little more insight provided to you through my example, maybe I’ll provide a plan that will resonate where other fitness activity plans have failed.

As I stated at the beginning of this article, the secret to a healthy life plan is to develop an addictive healthy life program where natural release of feel good chemicals will make exercise and/or activity a joy instead of a burden.  Increased activity through behavioral change will trigger your addictive chemical release within 1-4 weeks, thereby increasing your will power to stick with a fitness program.  This is because each one of us has a different metabolism that may, or may not respond to activity hormone stimulation immediately, thereby challenging your will power until natural addiction occurs due to increased activity.  The requirement to maximize a healthy life program and live longer requires application of three behavioral change categories.  1)  Stop substance abuse.  2)  Eat a balanced and nutritious diet.  3) Become addicted to your body’s natural producing chemicals through exercise.  The increased activity in my life does not require a lot of will power, but does require effort; hence a small amount of will power is required.  By finding a motivator to get you moving and by slowly increasing activity activates powerful feel good and healthy chemicals.  Once you find an activity, or exercise you can start with, you can become addicted to a routine that makes you feel good on a daily basis and wanting more!  I will now provide an example of a healthy annual resolution plan I put into practice daily to improve my overall health, better quality of life, and the will power to positively motivate continuation of this process indefinitely.

Six years ago for example, my New Year’s Resolution was to begin a walking program.  This is because that was the year I collapsed a hip during military training.  Instead of nursing my injuries for months and beginning a “cautious” low activity lifestyle, I decided this was not the direction I wanted to take and was not in my best health interest.  Without increased blood circulation and activity, pain becomes greater due to the bodies inability to stay on the mend, weight increases and then you become susceptible to all types of health risks.  Five years ago my New Year’s Resolution was to further exercise my medical health benefits and visit my primary care physician getting referrals to specialists that would provide valuable insight, tests, consulting and therapy to further learn how I could improve my physical health situation while continuing my walking exercise program.  There are a lot of people out there suffering that have benefits where further referral work could be accessed and never used, this is a big mistake!  Take your health into your hands and do something about your illness or disease before it’s too late!

Four years ago I purchased a gym membership and stuck to an aerobics and stretch program after my first hip surgery and shoulder injuries.  This was a very tough year for me that pushed my physical limits in terms of sheer willpower not to be defeated mentally.  Three years ago my New Year’s resolution was to give up drinking alcohol (not that I consumed a lot of alcohol) and substitute an electrolyte drink, or regular soda once and awhile (not diet – Never Drink Diet – See my article on Aspartame the Silent Killer at the sites Health Repository).  Any alcohol with regard to my predicament was going to be a detriment to my health.  I also continued to participate in a daily walking, gym aerobic and stretch program.  Two years ago I resolved to plan and prepare for a total hip surgery on my other injured hip.  I also decided I would not have a scheduled shoulder surgery.  I instead would do the best I could to naturally rehabilitate my two shoulders through exercise therapy and nutritional supplementation (See our Wellness Company Wholesale products program).

Last year my New Year’s Resolution was to apply all the physical therapy resources at my disposal to rehabilitate myself after a total hip replacement.  This meant being consistent with my in-home therapy exercises, to include using crutches and cane while on the mend.  I continued to go to the gym for stretching activity and instead of walking, used crutches to make small distances each day while managing pain.  I also began a total supplemental pack loaded with natural supper food quality nutrients to my daily diet (see our Wellness Wholesale Company).  Although pain management is not discussed here (visit our Chronic Pain Center) if you have acute or chronic pain, use of pharmaceuticals and natural supplementation within a pain management program can be a positive-negative experience.  The trick to good pain management using pain killers and muscle relaxants during increased activity is “not” to become addicted to these substances while managing appropriate dosages, while minimizing further health risk!

Realize there is a health risk even with moderate use of pharmaceuticals.   If you become addicted to your prescriptions, get help from your health provider!  Always consult with your physician if you will be actively conditioning your body while on the mend and using pharmaceuticals.  This year my New Year’s resolution was to get back into a fitness center as my past years membership expired.  I just signed on to a fitness membership at the beginning of the year.  When in the fitness center I work various resistive weight, stretch techniques and aerobics equipment.  Almost everyday I ensure I walk at least 30 minutes and break to do stretch exercises.

An annual healthy life resolution plan has allowed me to manage weight, pain and while significantly improving life style on a daily basis.  Achieving longer-healthier living while aging is to tap all health knowledge information and apply it to your particular situation.  Find an addictive activity passion!  If you can do this, you can stay on the mend naturally. Be excited about your life while enjoying life to the fullest!  Keep your New Year’s Resolution focused on your health each year.  Healthy body, mind and soul success will be the result of your efforts.  Now go get addicted to the natural healthy drugs produced by your body and reap the enhanced will power, longer living and happier-healthy daily rewards!

Author:  Marc T. Woodard, MBA, BS Exercise Science, USA Medical Services Officer, CPT, RET.  2008 Copyright, All rights reserved.  Mirror Athlete Enterprises Publishing @:, Sign up for your free monthly eNewsletter.



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