Pancreatic Cancer Statistics and Recommendations

24 11 2009
Oregon Coast

Oregon Coast

The pancreas is a long flat gland behind the abdomen and stomach.  Its function is to aid in digestion and blood sugar (glucose) regulation through enzyme and hormone production.   Once your body is diagnosed, or riddled with pancreatic cancer, the 5-Year survival life expectancy is dismal.  But hope in response to cancer treatment can give a possibility of a longer life.  This hope is greatly dependent on if the tumor can be reduced enough after chemo to surgically remove it.  I recently wrote an article comparing the pancreatic cancer deaths between Patrick Swayze and Michael Landon.  The one commonality between the two was that they both drank and smoked excessively for long periods of time.  Pancreatic cancer rates are 2 times higher for smokers than nonsmokers.  There is also a higher rate of pancreatic cancer cases in countries with high fat diets.  Cancer as a whole regardless of cancer type appears to be on the rise in the US.  The statistics below show all cancer diagnosis from 2000 to 2008 dominating in 4 states.  Pancreatic Cancer estimates in 2009 prove to be the 4th deadliest cancer in the US.  For the full Pancreatic Statistics & Recommendations including all other forms of cancer, click on link below for Free American Cancer Society reports.”

  • States with highest cancer diagnosis during year 2000 – Geographically (California 113,200), Florida (88,100), Texas (76,100), NY (81,500), US diagnosed “All” Cancer Totals – 1,220,100
  • States with highest cancer diagnosis during year 2008 – Geography (California 156,530), Florida (101,920), Texas (96,320), NY (97,130), US diagnosed “All” Cancer Totals – 1,437,180.
  • Pancreatic Cancer estimates in 2009 ~42,700 people will be diagnosed resulting in ~35,420 deaths will result making it the fourth deadliest cancer (American Cancer Society).

Jennifer Landon “There are many studies that show low-fat, plant-based diets have low cancer rates.  Large studies in Europe shows 40% of vegetarians… Less likely to develop cancer over meat eaters” (Cancer Project is an affiliate of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine). 

Preventative Measures:  Those that add sugar to coffee, tea; drink diet sodas and eat deserts daily increase pancreatic risk up to 50-90%.  Risk factors:  Tobacco, alcohol, poor diet, obesity, diabetes; 10-15% diagnosed – poor genetics.  Recommendation: There is no screening test or symptoms prior to the spread of pancreatic cancer.  If you experience abdomen pain, darkening of urine, or if cancer runs in your family see a doctor. Request a CT scan.  Have blood drawn to see if cancer antigen 19-9 (CA 19-9) results in increased levels indicative of pancreas cancer. Reduction of tumor size to surgically remove it is the patient’s 5-year or better survival hope before it spreads to lymph, or liver.

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