Rehabilitate Self Through Walking

9 04 2010

Marc from Mirror Athlete stops during his 10mile walk.  See  ( and (  current stories/projects to show you how he went from being confined to bed and wheelchair after surgeries back to health.

It took him approximately 3 years to go from 1block to 18mile (best walk). Doctor’s had left him with prescriptions, handicap placard, stay off feet advicement. His mobility aids of choice : Wheelchair, walker, canes. There was no instruction on rehabilitation to get back what he had lost; other than self advocation for more physical therapy and specialist referals. In other words, it was all up to him to find the motivation, strength and applied knowledge to progress to where he is today. Marc had one knowledge based benefit most don’t have… An undergraduate degree in Exercise Science that he used to apply in order to rehabilitate himself.

Marc specializes in fitness, general health, wellness, nutrition and pain management. See his websites: Through his project hub:  At Mirror 

Also you can follow mirrrorathlete or daretowalk on twitter. You can also sign up as a Face Book fan and follow Mirror Athlete Enterprises through Facebook. Please chime in on discussions if you have time to contribute.   Share your rehabilitative stories, your walking and active movement exercise activity success.  Send your video links to the Facebook discussion room under an applicable health category so we can post videos here as we do at YouTube (mirrorathlete). In this way we share and outreach to millions that are suffering in unnecessary pain. We welcome your support and success stories for the sake of others that need your inspiration and motivation. Good Health to you and your families!

Author:  Marc T. Woodard, MBA, BS Exercise Science, USA Medical Services Officer, CPT, RET2009 Copyright.  All rights reserved, Mirror Athlete Publishing @:,  Sign up for your Free eNewsletter.



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5 12 2010
Marc Woodard

1.Another important point; to improve fitness levels and overall health does not mean your disability benefits will end. All too often, fear in “not meeting” and maintaining the social disability expectation prevents many from ever improving their fitness levels. A lifestyle dependent on disability support often promotes meeting the disability expectation for fear of losing needed supplemental disability services. This primarily occurs because if people appear to become more fit, there is fear that these services may go away. And of course this is not true. Why? Because the injuries, illness and disease that put you into this ill-health condition have been substantiated by medical professionals and most likely will be with you a lifetime. You should not fear if you improve certain aspects of your fitness levels for better quality living experiences your benefits will be cut off.

Read Disability and public perception “Disability Expectation

31 12 2010
Marc Woodard

Good tip for all of you that will make your New Years resolution a fitness goal. “Listen to your body, work with it, and not against it.” All to often we tend to go full throttle. Ease into your fitness goal. Whether it be through walking, jogging, running, weight loss, better eating habits, etc. Don’t try to do it all at once. What is the saying, “patience is a virtual.” And in the case of fitness goals, the virtual is pain alleviation, not pain creation for the mind, body and soul-spirit.

1 01 2011
Marc Woodard

This Year’s Best Fitness Weight Loss Goal Tips for Your New Years Weight Loss Resolution. Learn about hard to find natural weight loss secrets through our newly published Dec 10 article. Happy New Years to All and may all your days be happy and healthy. Click on link to our home site blog to read this article.

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