What is Pranic Healing and Does it Work?

23 07 2010

It is said that our bodies emit an aura of energy, or body’s life energy.  Our body represents two planes of reality; a visible (physical body) and invisible (bioplastic matter, also known as bio-electromagnetic energy).  It is also said by clairvoyants this 4-5inch luminous energy surrounding our body is our etheric (energy body), or body double.  And if one understands how to manipulate this etheric aura, than one has the ability to self heal and heal others.  Pranic healing is a no-touch energy that originated and was developed by GrandMaster Choa Kok Sul.  Through pushing life energy from the body, a pranic healer can assist others in healing by moving absorbed life energy to heal the physical body, i.e., muscles, glands and organs.  This healing is accomplished without any physical touch from the healer, or patient.  It’s more of the mind’s recognition that this bioplastic matter exists and energy of aura can be redirected to heal.

     Pranic healing is an ancient science that uses energy medicine prana [a Sanskrit word meaning life force] to transform, balance and direct the body’s bio-energy to effect healing change within those that are experiencing ill-health.  This art of healing manipulates prana “ki” (life energy) to heal.  All of us possess the capability to self-repair our living entity.  We only need awareness of “ki” and the meditation energy redirect skills to alleviate, or remove ill-health.

     Our prana is feed from three major sources of earth energy: Solar (sunlight and water exposed by sunlight absorption and consumption), air (deep breathing daily exercises), ground (absorbed through the feet).  Note:  1) Fresh food has more prana than preserved foods.  2)  The air energy centers of the bio-plastic body are also referred to as “chakras.”  3)  Walking barefoot as well as 5-10min of sunlight is also said to be good for the bio-plastic being.  4) Lie down under old oak trees for example that exude and transfer earth energy to being.   5)  Circle yourself around others that are not depressed with lots of positive energy.  These positive energies will transfer to you as a preventative application in self-healing.  6) During inclement weather have a plan to exercise and/or consciously absorb prana from the ground and air.

     One also benefits by learning how to draw in more energy from earth energy such as, instead of short shallow breathing, one learns the practice of deep breathing.  Those with a lot of excess prana can share this healing power with others in need of healing. For example, before a pranic healing session with a practitioner:  Slowly breathe into the nose for a mental count of 8 then slowly exhale through the nose for the same count. Practice this breathing exercise while feeling the panic energy throughout the entire body as you next slowly inhale for a count of 8 and then exhale for a count of 4 through the mouth.  Go back to the 8 count inhale/exhale and feel all the negative energy leave the body.  You are now ready for the self-healing or assisted healing exercise.  You than draw a circle around, or on the body to focus on where the healing life energy is needed if need be.  This can be done within a hospital setting as well by lining a roped circle around the entire patient bed.  White energy can then be focused on the area(s) of healing by the practitioner and patient as the body is positioned easterly.  With each passing of the healers hand approximately 1 inch away from the body and then waving hands to remove the negative energy, healing is than replaced over the affected part of the body with positive white energy.  This process is repeated multiple times which leaves the healer exhausted.  This exhaustion for many is a sign that good energy and healing transference has occurred.

     The basic law that allows this healing to work is based on our aura life energy blue print and self-recovery.  When the energy flow is disrupted through illness, injury or disease so is the life flow energy.  The body does work to repair itself, or recover weather one is familiar with the life energy blue print, or not.  However, with life energy knowledge, the bodies healing can be accelerated by using this life energy to change a chemical reaction in the body.  Pranic energy serves as the catalyst to shift bio-chemical reactions focused on illness to accelerate healing.

    The affected area shows the healer a bioplastic-electromagnetic anomaly signature even before the physical body becomes ill.  For those that become aware of bioplastic energy and self healing life force practices can receive significant healing benefits.  Science is not yet able to measure, or detect life energy with the naked eye.  However with the use of Kirlian photography the energy body is rediscovered.  This technology allows scientists to study our bioplastic body doubles.  It is through this bioplastic body life force our concentrated energy can be centered to heal the physical body.

     Many of you reading this article will read with skepticism because it is not something you can see or science can accurately measure.  But consider this before you turn a blind eye to this natural healing practice.  For thousands of years mankind was blind to electricity, light wave spectrum, etc. Now it is measured, detected all around us and used by consumers to light their home, microwave meals and guide lazar guided missiles.  Ignorance in reality often occurs when science does not understand, or can’t provide quantified data.  How long will it take science to unlock the secrets of the universe?  My point here, if your waiting on science to cure what ails you, I highly recommend you consider pranic self healing therapy while working parallel with Western medicine practices to increase your chances of accelerating the natural healing processes if you’ve exhausted all avenues in healing what ails you or a loved one.

     I’ve watched a couple of video’s on this practice.  Simply go to your search engine, type in Pranic Healing and watch these miraculous healing videos.  The practicing healing physicians and group healer workshops assist and teach patients how to heal themselves and others.   Various cultures use Prana to heal but have different names for life energy healing.  So when you do your search, check under Greek healing (called pneuma); Polynesian healing (mana); Hebrew healing (ruah “breath of energy”).

 Who can use and apply pranic healing?  Anyone of average intelligence and an open mind can learn pranic healing which is said to be easier than learning to drive a car.





 Author:  Marc T. Woodard, MBA, BS Exercise Science, USA Medical Services Officer, CPT, RET2010 Copyright.  All rights reserved, Mirror Athlete Publishing @: http://www.mirrorathlete.com,  Sign up for your Free eNewsletter.




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