Just Admit It, You’re Fat

21 07 2011
For Each Day That Passes a New Beginning is Possible

Many of you will go through your day and not give a second thought to the calories you consume, and for others this is all you think about.  And as the days pass, so do the weeks, months and eventually years as pounds are gained.  At some point you’ll have to “just admit it and say, I’m fat.”  But not without first going through denial and “likely” causing “other” ill-health problems along the weight loss venture.  To complicate the scenario, you now have also focused on losing the weight at all costs.

 And understandably so, it is the reality for many have become a product of their environment.  It seems reasonable to assume someone other than the consumer should have some responsibility for America’s obesity problems, “don’t you think?”  Especially the fast and processed food industries and educational-health institutions.  But I wouldn’t hold my breath on this occurring anytime soon and neither should you.  Only you can lead your destiny in life and weight loss and lean body maintenance is something “most” of us have control over.

 Unfortunately, the majority of you will first go through a sequence of denials prior to the “admission of your fatness,” and before discovery to solve the underlying problems of your weight problems.  And for overweight American, bad behaviors and habits; including dependence upon quick weight loss solutions contribute greatly to our national obesity and health cost dilemma that our nation faces.  Yes, you heard me right; many of America’s weight loss solutions are making us fatter!   You ask, “How could this be?”  Continue reading and you’ll soon understand.  And for others, I know you’ve got a good idea where I’m going with this.

 To determine if you’re overweight or fat is first hard to admit.

 It may be apparent that you are spending much more of your income on new, but larger sizes of clothing.  As far as the clothing selection is concerned, it is noticeable your style of wear has become a variety of stretch type pants, shirts and/or dresses with overlaying materials.  Ever so slightly as time goes by you notice your getting heavier on the scale and the clothe you wore a few months ago are getting much more tight.  But this is of no concern to you; for your husband/wife, friends and other colleagues tell you, you look great.

 Even though the feedback you receive about your appearance is generally positive, this reinforces the fact you are not carrying excess baggage on your body…  However, you see that the mirror and scale don’t lie and you avoid them!

 Can you accept the truth in order to resolve the underlying fat problem?

 Inherently you know your appetite always seems voracious and the extra calories are going somewhere.  You now consider you’ve been receiving mixed messages and begin to question whether or not you’re fat.  You begin a process of discovery to find the truth ever so carefully; because you fear it and know you’ll have to make drastic changes with your addictive food choice habits.

You are now more focused on the facts, i.e., during the evening your aware of snacking late at night and continue this practice just before bedtime.  Your mind also continues to question your judgment through your eyes about the body fat you see in the mirror and it is getting harder to ignore.  You know your fat and simultaneously disgusted with the fact you don’t know how to change your course.  For now you decide it’s easier to ignore the weight and not deal with it.

 You then finally begin to ask point black questions of your friends, family and significant other because you can’t help but know the truth through another set of eyes.  Even though you’re sure you’re not going to like the answer.  For example, you ask the question, “Be honest, do you think I’m fat?”  Keep in mind, only a close relationship, or friendship knows you and you know them to a point where they really can’t lie regardless of how the question is posed or answered.  You can read it in their body language and speech posture.

 Whether or not they give you an honest answer, you have your answer.  Now you have to learn to be honest with yourself.  And remember, if you allow a really good friend or significant other to be open and honest without chewing their head off, you’ll receive an honest forthcoming truth and maybe some good helpful insight.

 Other addictive food habits, signs and symptoms of becoming fat,

 When you go out for dinner you notice supersizing your portions.  You also cannot help yourself from ordering more appetizers and desserts before and after the main course.  Before bed, your popping ant-acids like their after dinner mints for upset stomach and heartburn.

 In the morning you now feel somewhat bloated, have irritable bowel-like symptoms; such as constipation, diarrhea and/or irregular bowel movements.  You sit on the toilet for what seems like hours.  It takes you longer to feel good throughout the day.  Over consumption of poor food choices cause digestive, bowel and stomach problems.  You see the doctor more often than not, and receive other “band aide” medications to mask the symptoms.

Even worse upon awakening, you feel extremely hungry to a point that is too painful to bear (over eating and poor food choice is also the cause of this effect).  And to kill the hunger, you select baked, fried, or processed convenience foods as a quick cure.  For the crowd on the go, you have a craving for a large coffee nudge, or energy drink and large muffin, or fast food instant breakfasts that adds instantly 1000+ calories of high octane fuel to start the day.  If you’re not fat or have ill-health problems now, you’re well on your way if these bad daily eating habits are not stopped.

And in-between your main meals you drink sodas, consume more energy drinks and snack until days end; only to begin this habitual consumption practice all over day after day.  Poor eating habits and bad quality food selection from the marketers of addictive food products has got you right where they want you.  You are hooked! 

 You know you’re fat, but can you “now” accept the truth and move forward?

 Once again you look at yourself in the mirror and begin to wonder if you’d be considered fat by some standard outside of your subjective thought process.  You bite, and in comparison to larger people in your area and most noticeably on many TV reality shows you are satisfied your body weight is average for your age.  So you continue on with the daily habits and behaviors for some undefined time while you ponder upon this new discovery… 

 Fortunately for some with weight problems correct their behaviors and food choice habits before permanently destroying their metabolism and ability to lose weight naturally.  They have learned and understand Americans have an obesity problem mostly caused by poor food choice addiction and lack of daily exercise.  And with this knowledge understand excess body fat is not healthy.

 Once one learns through discovery about the “am I fat” truth, it is easy to come out of denial and acknowledge having a body fat and weight problem.   At this point of reckoning it is also true, to lose the weight seems to be a daunting task.

 A daunting task it is.  Shortcuts to weight loss will make you fat permanently!

 And how does one find the least painful and affordable solution in the most expeditious manner?  To accomplish this task most will resort and fall prey to one of the hundreds of quick weight loss gimmicks to assist in quick weight loss reduction.  Only in time and almost always too late; one realizes after using quick result solutions for years understand they are temporary.  But at the time of use, they are grateful for these products because they seem to magically work when needed.  Conversely, what many don’t realize is the need to focus on long-term natural weight loss and “safe ill-health preventative practices” for permanent results so the metabolic mechanisms that “lean you out” don’t break!

 Weight loss gimmick solutions always stop working at some point during the aging process.  Why?  Because the body’s metabolism is a “complicated fine-tuned organic instrument” that requires natural organic means of fueling, exercising and safe weight sustaining practices throughout the aging process.  And man-made “non-organic” weight loss solutions will break this fine-tuned instrument through time if these practices are not stopped!  The quick results weight loss solutions adds more body fat and contributes to other ill-health effects on the mind, body and spirit of being.

 It is far better to self admit and be honest about your weight gain and do something about it then deny a known truth for your health’s sake.  And now you know, or have always known [but didn’t want to admit it] to use unsafe weight loss diet solutions for long periods of time can also cause other ill-health problems on top of the obesity problem, i.e., high blood cholesterol and pressure, congenital heart disease, diabetes, musculoskeletal and postural pain, cancer, immune problems, IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), Candida, the list goes on.

 The sooner you realize these truths, the sooner you can self-heal and begin to apply ill-health prevention practices and natural weight loss solutions that will last a lifetime.  And in learning how to have the will power to control your eating habits and feel good about yourself is priceless!  See how to customize a natural weight loss program that’s right for you and stay lean for life by reading the following Mirror Athlete eBook “Exposed Hard to Find Natural Weight Loss and Centurion Secrets” referenced link below.

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