Are Energy Drink Stimulants Cause for Concern?

24 02 2012

Fizzy Energy Drinks Taste Good, But are They Good for Us?

So what is considered as safe consumption of energy type products including sodas and coffee? These recommendations vary, but a good average across the board looks to be: adults around 400mg/day, pregnant women below 300mg/day. A five-year old child, no more than 1 soda/day at 45mg caffeine (at the most) and this would mean no chocolate, tea, or any other food source with caffeine in it. And as a point of reference, 1 energy drink does not equate to an 8oz cup of coffee (130mg/cup). One energy drink or shot of caffeine free can range up to the equivalence of several cups of coffee!

An ever increasing use of energy drinks within youth sports is now emerging because of the quick boost you get before exercise. How about the employee who has become dependent on energy drinks to accomplish work? Okay, so what’s the bottom line on our health if we become dependent on these drinks to keep us energized throughout the day?

We already know exercise increases heart rate and sustained blood pressure. When Energy drinks are introduced into the circulatory system and one participates in sport activity your system become super revved. The problem is if you have an undiagnosed health issue, where an increased surge in circulatory pressure could lead to a stroke or heart attack. This leads one to wonder about the ever increasing teenage deaths on the football field and exact cause of the death.

Swedish authorities warn and now believe mixing energy drinks with alcohol and drinking energy drinks after exercise can cause death! “There is no hard scientific evidence available as yet. We are going through the Autopsy reports” (Anders Glyn, of the Swedish National Food Administration). And Dr. Dan Andersson of Stockholms South Hospital states, “If you drink a lot of Red Bull, and you are dehydrated, and/or mix it with alcohol, it can be very dangerous.

Even here at home there is a crack down on energy drinks and those that now contain alcohol. The FDA has sent warning letters to manufactures and bans of specific type of energy and alcoholic drinks in several states because of overdoses.

In conclusion,  READ THE FULL REPORT which exploits poison control data and a growing concern over the potential connection of energy drinks, alcohol and teen sport deaths.  Also, you’ll find out there are ingredients in these drinks that the FDA does not require to be listed as ingredients.  It’s what you don’t know that’s hurting our children.




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