Top 10 Weight Loss Articles

3 12 2012

1.  Foods that Will Reduce Stubborn Body Fat  Many believe the only way to remove stubborn belly fat is through intense daily exercise.  Although exercise can help with weight loss, it can also cause weight gain through increased appetite.  By knowing which foods increase the fat burning metabolism you can lose significant weight without exercise.  Enjoy trying this tasty ~20 food substitute listing and in 30 days lose significant weight without feeling calorie restricted or physically spent!

 2.  This Year’s Fitness Weight Loss Goals  For me, weight management is the toughest.  This is because I can flex in weight by 5 lbs on any given day.  And I can hold these higher end weights for days.  But I understand my physiologies metabolism based on a bunch of factors.  And I will tell you, my weight is in decline even though I see these hiccups in weight gain sporadically.  This is what causes many to give up on healthy weight loss before they get started.

 3.  Trans Fats Dangerous for Your Health?  Deceitfully Yes!  In order to understand why Trans Fats are bad for you, first we must define what a Tran’s fat is and how to identify it in products.  A Trans Fat is simply the process of “man” adding more hydrogen atoms (hydrogenation) to a vegetable oil(s) mono-poly unsaturated fat carbon molecule chains. Unlike other dietary fats, Trans fats are not essential to the diet and don’t promote good health.

 4.  Successful Weight Loss Based in Blood Chemistry Fuel  It appears the body chemistry requires a certain amount of saturated fats (not manmade Tran’s fats).  Complete avoidance of animal fats does not seem to be a good ideal as far as the body chemistry is concerned.  Science can not accurately tell us the perfect diet.  But it is overwhelmingly apparent you are better off with a “low carbohydrate diet as opposed from one where you avoid animal products in the diet.

 5.  After Holiday Weight Gain Blues  Another year has gone by with all the Holiday décor and cheer with it.  I understand some of you had a tough time with the food choices and amount that you consumed.  And with this being said, should I dare say some of you are not only bummed out after you stepped on the scales, you are blue with depression.

 6.  Science Proves Exercise Alone May Promote Weight Gain  Regardless of exercise equipment product(s) that guarantees weight loss benefits… The odds are stacked against significant weight loss results. This is because exercises alone will most likely result in weight gain! Now science supports the fact that exercise can add on the pounds if other considerations are not modified within healthy living as we age.

 7.  10 Step Basic Weight Loss Tips  For me the following tips keep my body weight stable.  I could lose more weight through moderate calorie reduction or increased activities.  I choose not to.  Instead, I’ve set my weight where I’m comfortable and wake up every day energized and excited about my daily activities and never worry about my food choices.

 8.  Lose Weight With Super Foods!  Super foods are great antioxidants.  They are proven to minimize oxidization within the body.  Accelerated oxidization due to free radicals in the body causes the body to age and break down internal cellular structure at an increased rate.  And this is dependent on the amount of free radicals versus antioxidants one incorporates into the daily diet.

 9.  New Year’s Resolution, “Activate Addictive Healthy Chemicals”  The secret to living a long healthy and happy lifestyle is to learn how to apply enjoyable and healthy activities within a day.  When you do this you also release the body’s addictive healthy and natural producing weight loss chemicals.  In this way you’ll ensure you stay the fit-healthy course where the body stays lean and mean!  Instead of worrying about weight gain, you’ll be more interested in planning for your next days activity!

 10.  Holiday Weight Management Tips  I can’t believe how fast these end year Holiday festivities roll upon us.  I’m here today to help gear you toward weight management during these tough times.  For some, it’s almost as if we have to harden our bodies for the rigors of war.  I know overwhelming food selections, smells and tastes are enough to drive you crazy.  I have a food plan that will allow you to maintain your weight while enjoying all of those great tasting foods.  And after the Holiday’s pass, you can then continue on with your weight loss goals with no additional gains to worry about.

 Marc T. Woodard, MBA, BS Exercise Science, USA Medical Services Officer, CPT, RET.  2012 Copyright, All rights reserved, Mirror Athlete Publishing @:,  Sign up for your Free eNewsletter.



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