New Year New You

18 12 2013


Start a New Activity and Meet New People.
Start a New Activity and Meet New People.

It’s a new year and will it also be the beginning of a new you?

How many different directions could you take in making a New Year’s resolution that would make you happier, more energetic, feel and look good and more excited about life?

So what is your New Year Resolution, what do you want to change? Is it to finally lose that weight once and for all, start a walk/jog exercise routine, spend more time with the family, get out of a bad relationship-start a new one, stop smoking-drinking, get a new job etc.?

In building any action plan to resolve any problem, “yes this includes a New Year’s resolution,” you first must target what’s causing you to lose sleep at night and focus during the day. Then once you’re sure you’ve identified the problem you must focus and stick to a relative-planned solution “that’s right for you and your situation” to accomplish the goal.

Whatever you need to do to make a positive life change will require 1) courage, 2) will power and a 3) sustainable action plan to see it through. But the forth ingredient in my opinion is the most important because it is the driver of the first three.

The action plan must be 4) relative to your needs and wants so you’ll have the motivation to sustain it long-term.

As a personal fitness trainer and consultant throughout the years, I’ve received an earful from my clients. One thing I’ve learned, the customer often brings a 3rd party solution to the table. But these well intended solutions are custom designed for someone else. All too often in the world of fitness, health and life coaching, custom designed plans are relative to another individuals life goal profile. This means these plans will not work optimally, or work at all for you.

For example, you may share a similar obesity and diabetes condition, but there are many ways to lose weight and treat diabetes. Some treatment plans will work for some and not others, or as effectively.

In other words when I develop a fitness program for one client, I don’t pass it on to the next one who has a similar goal. If I did that I’d lose clients, why?  The Desired results would likely not occur.

We are all of various ages, sex, from different environments, culture, body type, mental and physical state, have different needs, wants and activity goals, our motivations-will power differ greatly as well as our habits, behaviors, medical histories and health conditions… the list goes on.

So how can you successfully plan to create a new you for the New Year?

If you’ve been unsuccessful in changing any of your life goals might I suggest, or recommend you seek out a life coach or fitness consultant that can help you develop a relative customized plan to make that positive change in life once and for all.

Listed below are the two disciplines with specialties identified that can help refocus a relative plan and resolve your New Year’s Resolution and then sustain it for life.

Certified Life Coach                                                     Certified Fitness Consultant

Finances and Budgeting                                                      Develop Muscle Mass

Relationships and Intimacy                                                  Muscular Strength

Family and Parenting                                                            Aerobic Cardio Endurance

Stress Management and Balance                                         Develop Lean Muscle Mass

Creativity for Artists, Writers, Musicians & Performers         Tone and Body Fat Loss

Spirituality and Personal Growth                                          Health, Lifestyle, Self-Care

Career Planning and Development                                      Natural Anti-Aging Solutions

Motivation and Time Management                                       Stress and Pain Mgt

Entrepreneurial and Small Business Development              Custom Fitness Programs

Health, Lifestyle and Self-Care                                             Diet & Nutrition

If you need help in any of these areas, these consulting services are easily found and listed throughout the Internet and phone directory. There are also many self-help books found within libraries, Internet and book stores.

If you can identify the problem and find a relative and specific plan that’s right for you then you will experience significant change that can be sustained long-term.

Mirror Athlete Inc., is near complete with its first book publication where the context uniquely addresses many of life’s problems and relative solutions proven to work by many types of consulting services in the life, fitness and health industry.

The book project represents years of personal client, adversity-life stories, and fitness and health experiences with over 200 citations in relative fields of expertise to support the fit-healthy principles we all need and want with the relative how-to and programming guidelines. It is also uniquely developed to show anyone how to create a customized fitness and nutrition program that’s right and relative for them. It’s almost as if a life coach and fitness trainer were there helping you customize a solution for your New Year’s resolution that will once and for all work for you.

There is no other book in the marketplace that compares to this 12 year in the making book publication. The book is also timeless. That is, at any time in your life, it will help redirect, refocus and remove many problematic revolving issues that will enter your life with a relative plan to keep you naturally fit-healthy throughout your life.

To review a summary of this book project and 2014 release date, visit our home site (then click on the book project link).

Don’t live anyone else’s life course. Instead plan and map your unique objectives, goals and lifestyle to achieve the quality living experiences that you need, want and deserve.

My New Year’s wish for you and your family is to be happy and healthy with many life rewards and success.

Marc T. Woodard, MBA, BS Exercise Science, CPT, MSC ARNG Retired. 2013 Copyright, All rights reserved, Mirror Athlete Publishing: Sign up for your Free eNewsletter.
















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