Get your “Swim-On” at the Tigard Swim Center

18 08 2017

Tigard Tualatin Aquatics District (TTAD) on Durham Road, Tigard OR

The other day I was on a walk and was sidetracked by the playful sound of children’s voices coming from the Tigard Tualatin Aquatic District (TTAD) pool facility located at 8680 SW Durham Rd next to Tigard High School. It’s been years since I used that facility before I graduated from St. Anthony’s Grade School ‘74, and Tigard High Class of ‘78. So I checked it out.

Since the building has a public access door into the public viewing area at the NE corner, it was easy enough to enter, sit on a bench, and reminisce of years long past. I immediately noticed the excitement and joyful expressions of young faces in the water. This brought back many fond memories from my childhood, especially how much I loved swimming in that pool while attending St. Anthony’s grade school.

That’s where I, like many other young classmates, earned a prized swimmer’s patch of various colors for swimming achievement. Back then they were circular with a “T” when the pool was owned by the School District. Today they are off-circular with “TT” for Tigard Tualatin Aquatic District.

TTAD Swimming Facility

“How many know about the fit healthy benefits swimming can provide anyone,” the fitness trainer in me pondered. Swimming isn’t only for the young, but is great at any age and ability – and is especially beneficial for those who now find themselves overweight, or out-of-shape, and want to get fit and live a healthier lifestyle. It is well known by health and medical experts swimming is one of the best cardiovascular, body toning, and aerobic fat burning exercises anyone can participate in.

It’s also an anti-gravity, non-resistive force exercise for those overweight, out-of-shape, or managing body pain, meaning the combination of buoyancy and low-impact exercise in water can provide a painless transition toward increasing fitness levels and sustaining good health.

The Tigard Tualatin Swim facility offers an impressive array of activities for everyone.

The Tigard Tualatin Swim facility offers an impressive array of daily and evening activities for all. For example: lap and easy paced swim, deep water aerobics exercise, senior fitness non-impact aerobic exercise, and they have a general use swim session open to the public. TTAD is also a Silver Sneakers participant where seniors may be eligible to swim at no cost. Simply check with your insurance or Medicare provider and coordinate with program administrators to see if you qualify. Learn more about the district facilities and swim sessions and classes at

Upon leaving I continued the day’s walk and thought… the place looked exactly as I remembered it. Well maintained and popular with the public. What struck me most was the enjoyment and prideful expressions of both children and parents and how it brings community together to do something most love to participate in and watch, swimming!

Good Health to You and Your Family.

Marc Woodard, MBA, BS Exercise Science, ARNG, CPT, RET. Is a member of the Tigard City Council. He is a strong proponent of City involvement in providing recreational opportunities for its residents. 2017 Copyright. All rights reserved, Mirror Athlete Inc.,



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