MirrorAthlete® Origin

MirrorAthlete® Inc, ORIGIN: This falls back to my fitness consulting days after receiving a B.S., in Exercise Science at Portland State University, OR, prior to earning my M.B.A. MirrorAthlete® definition-meaning simply stated, how we perceive ourselves incorporating the mind, body and soul. For example, I see myself as a Warriror MirrorAthlete® (Warrior deriived from my Army service) and I maintain overall good health;regardless of age.  My mind focuses on maintaining and conditioning my body working around pain threshold centers. Those that meet me have no clue of the internal service connected injuries sustained from ~22 years of military service. Hence, the mirror athlete is anyone that wants to look and feel good regardless of age and where chronic pain may/maynot prevent you from being “all you can be.”  You can always improve your health, condition, situation, or quality of life.  With my specialties in fitness, nutrition, health and business consulting, I’ve found my niche that specifically caters to healthy living regardless of health issues and opportunities for the “average American.”  There is a way to improve your health and quality of life regardless of physical challenges, or financial short comings with the proper information to make an informed decision that’s right for you.

PROTECTION FROM INTERNET VIRUS, ETC.,MirrorAthlete® BLOG Comment Replies… Due to the serious nature and destructive properties of Viruses found in shady links, attachments, & email potentially posted at our site… Mirror Athlete “WILL NOT POST” any Comments found during “moderation” containing attachments, websites, suspicious e-mails, inappropriate comments, etc.  These comments and replies entered through the blog replies will be deleted & tagged as SPAM!!!”  This is for every ones protection and ensure a positive & informative health sharing experience.   If you’d like your site posted, you need to contact mirror athlete and discuss potential partnership, or link sharing opportunities.   Appropriate comments with an email address typically presents no problems and is encouraged.

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