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  • Recent Audio Book Readings. Save this page to follow MirrorAthlete audio book readings. The author will read new audio book reviews found within Ageless MirrorAthlete “Overweight and Unfit No More” chapters. New audio readings will occur within 30 days.

4th Reading 7/10/19 – 9:28m/s. Ageless MirrorAthlete Chapter 4. Fitness, Diet and Anti-aging Gimmicks Are Profitable. pages 41-42 and 46-49

3rd Reading: 6/12/19 – 4:36m/s. Ageless Mirror Athlete Chapter 2, Personal Fitness Challenge “Life Adversities” pages 23-25.

2nd Reading: 5/18/19 – 7:10m/s. Ageless MirrorAthlete Chapter 2, “Ill-Health Prevention through Health Literacy education Can Save a Nation in Pain pages 13-16.

1st Reading: 4/19/19 – 6:20m/s. Ageless MirrorAthlete Introduction, pages xx-xxii – “The contents of this book are a goldmine of powerful consumer truths that’ll motivate anyone to believe that overweight and unfit no more is … an achievable goal.”

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