MirrorAthlete’s 1st Commercial Book Publication, A Powerful Principled Fitness Philosophy

17 07 2014

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Updated: 20 August 2014

The principled fitness techniques and context within our 1st book publication, due 1st quarter of 2015 is unlike any other fitness, health, and nutrition, lifestyle change book you’ve ever seen or read.

It is now in a final publisher development format.  It is loaded with unique personal and fitness consultant perspectives, client and other relative newsworthy stories, self-help forms, tables and satire graphic depictions that support each chapter’s unique content and personality.

These things and more provides the reader with a unique entertainment experience while learning consumer and self-help fitness skillsets and techniques that can be used for many years after the book’s released.  The book in many ways was developed and designed to be a timeless fitness trainer and programming how to book.

The MirrorAthlete Science and applied fitness consulting philosophy evolved through an  exercise science discipline and lifetime fitness consulting practice from private business and military service experiences.  Which included, fitness center and recreational management, consulting and medical health services derived from two military service careers.  One in the Army and the other in the Air Force.

The content within this book is not hype and provides a scientific, consumer wisdom and balanced fitness programming approaches that can be applied by anyone who desires to meet a specific fitness, nutrition and lifestyle goal(s).

Marc has managed to take multiple client and personal experiences as a lifetime fitness consultant and trainer that defines, relates and applies these principles in a very unique way.  This knowledge allows anyone to succeed in creating a customized fitness program without the cost of a professional fitness trainer or specialized consultant.  He provides the knowledge needed if you decide to take on this self-help fitness programming challenge.  If not, Marc provides safe support passage, illustrations, referral insight and where the basic building blocks are shared in a way to get your mobility, health and fitness goals to the next level.

These fit healthy lifestyle and consumer changes are also backed by hundreds of professional citations throughout the book.  So you don’t have to take the word of MirrorAthlete’s years of specialized fitness consulting, training, education and other relative experience.  We back up our work.

If you lack motivation to get started with a basic fitness program your shown how to overcome low motivation by increasing will power to stay the course.  When this wisdom is related too and applied correctly, long term fit-healthy habits and behaviors stick and you want to repeat the exercise habit daily.  As you work towards your fitness goals, you’ll do so without worry of being told you need to be on a restrictive diet plan, or told to buy an expensive product or fitness gimmick.

I understand many obese and out of shape individuals are looking for specific fitness results: i.e., weight loss, strength, muscular endurance, tone, flexibility and physical enhancement shortcuts that promise quick anti-aging and performance results. The marketplace is littered with manmade products and services that promise fast results… some work short term, while others don’t work at all and may cause harm to health.  In the long run to become dependent upon manmade chemicals of any type will cause long term risk to your good health. You don’t have to go the unsafe fast results route to reach your desired body weight, build muscle bulk for example, or stress yourself out doing it.

We know the marketplace won’t provide consumers the entire exercise and diet  products risk picture for good reasons.  There’s no money in the truth for them!

We’ll break down the consumer smoke screen for you by bringing more clarity on consumer hot button topics, divulge the marketplace truths and help connect  the cultural and environmental dots.  In many ways, your good health depends on truthful information that’s not always seen as plain as the nose on your face.

We also show you how to succeed at any fitness goal on a very low to a no cost basis.

Because the marketplace is fickle and full of greed “many sales people lack honor and integrity for the sake of a buck.  By making these marketplace connections through a unique fitness philosophy perspective, years of related experience and sense of humor will ”no doubt” resonate with anyone that reads this book.   Heck, many of you will relate to the humor but simultaneously be appalled and disgusted on how our marketplaces functions and treats consumers.  This book is designed and guaranteed to question consumer safety concerns, get you thinking and asking questions and make an action plan to improve your lifestyle situation and health.  While simultaneously getting more Americans engaged in supporting preventative educational resources in our K-12 schools to reduce childhood obesity.

The books contents will also serve as the needed attention getter to steer a Nations’s ship that’s lost its physical, mental, spiritual and moral ruder.

If you are tired of paying hundreds and thousands of dollars for fitness and diet products and services that don’t work long term, or don’t work at all and your tired of being overweight and unfit, look no further.   We connect all the relative market, culture and lifestyle player dots by using specialized knowledge combined with 60 years of exercise training, fitness, nutrition and health consulting service experiences to relate to achieving fitness goal results and meet consumer expectations.

MirrorAthlete Inc., is uniquely positioned through relative experience to expose these hard to find industry and marketplace fitness and health truths.    It is for good reason the marketplace hopes the majority of you never discover what’s in this book.  The unique contents threaten to fundamentally change a cultures habits and behaviors and way of doing business should this books contents proliferate on a massive scale.  As our cultural ships course is redirected, so will the marketplace.

I personally show how to apply these fitness and consumer truths by revealing 18 Powerful Fitness Principles.  Then provide the knowledge you need to customize your own fitness program without paying a fitness consultant-trainer; or need of questionable and untested manmade dietary, supplements, enhancement products or services.  Once shown how to decipher this lifestyle consumer code you’ll become addicted to your healthy fitness program for life because I show you how to create and develop one that’s safe, natural and fits like a glove.

Then within ending each chapter there’s the authors ongoing personal fitness challenge that’s relative to each chapter’s content.  In doing so Marc shares how he applied this information on himself during injury and disease.  Thereby those with physical and mental adversity challenges can relate and understand how using the same tool box can benefit them.   No matter the fitness or health condition, when mobility exercise and balanced nutrition relative to the individual is applied, increased fitness levels and overall quality of life can be improved and experienced.

We ask that you and your friends support our mission  “Saving a Nation in Pain,” by purchasing our book once published to help us also put a stop to childhood obesity.

We also accept donations at our home site to assist with further outreach to further influence and promote more ill-health prevention resources in our K-12 school systems.  For example, more physical activities, balanced nutrition and healthy lifestyle habits and behavior and consumer education.  Proactive Prevention Education of such things is the best way for our children to learn and value the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle, started at an early age for the sake of their families and future health of our nation.

Good health to you and your family!  Thank you for your support.

Author: Marc T. Woodard, MBA, BS Exercise Science, MSC Officer, ANG Ret.  2014 Copyright.  All rights reserved, MirrorAthlete Publishing @: http://www.mirrorathlete.com, Sign up for your free eNewsletter.