Proper Foot Posture and Pain Alleviation Benefit”

25 04 2008

 Q.   In your chronic pain center you talk about the connection between our feet and postural benefits and pain reduction throughout the weight bearing skeletal system.  Would the postural correction insoles I’m looking to purchase behind your skeleton or foot icon image link on your home site “chronic pain tab” be of benefit for kids in sports?

I mean would they provide better balance, reduce risk of injury, enhance performance in any way?  I would think a child’s performance and health as they grow would benefit from a posture correction for a child as well as an adult.  Am I right?  Or is this product for adults only?  

A.   You are correct with your analysis on children’s performance related to the foots sole correction, or athletes in general.  Instead of attempting to rework this fact, let’s look at the foot science from the experts.  Simply click on the foot, postural, or skeleton icon link to read up on insoles, postural alignment and performance differences with and without these types of insoles.  Any questions, don’t hesitate to write a comment.

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