Ageless MirrorAthlete Press Release

11 04 2019

New guidebook presents dangers of diet industry and offers tips to safely losing weight


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Marc T. Woodard announces publication of ‘Ageless MirrorAthlete’
(PRWEB) April 04, 2019

TIGARD, Ore. – Marc T. Woodard shares advice and tips for anyone interested in a fitness program to meet their unique needs and attain a healthier lifestyle in his guidebook of truths about fitness and health, “Ageless MirrorAthlete: Overweight and Unfit No More”(published by iUniverse).

Readers can learn how to customize a fit, healthy-habits and active lifestyle program relevant to their fitness and health goals. “Ageless MirrorAthlete” discusses how big pharma, agriculture, fitness, health, diet and anti-aging industries harm consumers by selling over-processed foods, diet potions and pills, programs and services that offer half-truths and sometimes flat-out lies and increase health risk. Woodard reveals industry secrets — showing people how to safely, naturally and permanently lose the weight they want while getting fitter and feeling well without increasing health risk.

“No matter who you are, or what cultural background you come from — or what physical, mental or spiritual pain challenge you experience… I’m here to tell you the insight found within this book is like no other. It will change your encompassing being positively one way or the other,” Woodard says. “Those who suffer from injury, illness and disease will also receive significant rehabilitation and health care referral knowledge to heal sooner than later and get on with life.”

“Ageless MirrorAthlete”By Marc T. Woodard
Hardcover | 6 x 9 in | 394 pages | ISBN 9781532053726
Softcover | 6 x 9 in | 394 pages | ISBN 9781532053719
E-Book | 394 pages | ISBN 9781532053733
Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author Marc T. Woodard has 40 years of experience as a fit healthy lifestyle consultant and published co-author of “Working on Wellness, Fitness and Nutrition, Keys to Good Health” books for military service personnel. He owns MirrorAthlete, an online fitness secrets educational website and a former city councilor in his hometown of Tigard Oregon. He retired from the Army after 20-plus years of service to his country. As a disabled vet, now dedicates his life by revealing fit healthy information through his writings. “More information is available at: .

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City and School Recreation Partnerships

22 02 2019

As a result of constrained school and city budgets, more public-to-public partnerships are forming nationally. These partnerships look to share tax paid facilities and land to enhance educational and recreational resources for children. Thereafter parent committees and city board members often look to further expand those opportunities for the good of all.

“Several park and recreation departments already embrace partnerships with area schools, but if yours doesn’t, you should consider the benefits. These partnerships are usually easy to acquire as both partners are striving to benefit youth in the community. Once the partnership is established, the opportunities are endless. The largest benefit is the use of school facilities and space, but equipment and supply sharing, free marketing to potential participants and even volunteers from their parent-teacher organization are beneficial aspects.” []

To learn more about City of Tigard and Metzger School Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA), visit the City of Tigard web page:]

Other public-to-public facility partnerships include indoor priority use arrangements. “There’s a need for recreation programs to be in school buildings and also for our programs to be in city facilities … The agreement gives school programs first priority for school facilities and city programs in city facilities. Both sides are to request facilities in advance to help with scheduling.” Wallner said. [Willmar Community Education and Recreation, MN]

Shared indoor facilities is one opportunity while recreation without walls is another. The “cost of land is one of the biggest costs that Columbia Parks and Rec would be facing,” Sessions said. “Those joint projects obviously make a much better opportunity to develop a playground for our students. In addition to that, it often means a park for our community … he said when the district has some land but not the financial means, it can partner with Parks and Rec to make that a reality. [Board of Education Member Jonathan Sessions, Columbia Public Schools District, MO]

When school districts are within city boundaries it makes sense for these two large tax funded organizations to form public-to-public partnerships that expand educational and recreational opportunities. Especially when mental and physical developmental health for children; and shared cost savings justify the partnership.

City Parks & Rec and School District Land Offers Shared Benefits

Once the intergovernmental agreement is consummated – in time, it is quickly realized by community leaders an educational outreach and community engagement opportunity occur. There’s no better way to outreach, engage and gather public support for other city and school district priorities than when our children’s needs are put first.

Marc Woodard, MBA, BS Exercise Science, ARNG, CPT, RET., MirrorAthlete Fit Healthy Lifestyle Consultant, Former Tigard City Councilor. He is a strong proponent of City involvement in providing recreational opportunities for its residents. 2019 Copy right. All rights reserved, Mirror Athlete Inc., “To learn more about MirrorAthlete and free monthly newsletter, visit:”

After Holiday Weight Gain Blues

22 01 2019

Travel and Food Go Together – Pacing oneself is the challenge.

Last updated 22 Jan 19, by Marc Woodard

Another year has gone by with all the Holiday decor and cheer with it. I understand some of you had a tough time with the food choices and amount that you consumed; and last year’s weight loss resolution didn’t work out so well.

With that being said, should I dare say some of you are not only bummed out after you stepped on the scale, you have the weight gain blues.

There are many reasons weight gain occurs. I would never tell you I know exactly what you are going through. However I do know, out-of-control weight gain is often attached to an emotional lifestyle change. And those changes often trigger over consumption of food and drink – especially during and after the Holiday season, or vacations. And this can lead to acute-to-chronic depression for many.

There is also an illness-disease relationship associated with unhealthy body weight – especially once we become obese. At this point the mind-body becomes susceptible to greater health risk. For example, diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), congenital heart disease, fibromyalgia-phantom pain, etc. A daily habit of over eating may also increase other bad habits, i.e., smoking, drinking, illicit drug or unnecessary pharmaceutical use.

In general, stressful life events cannot be avoided. But can be stress-minimized through understanding the environmental triggers causing them. Regardless of season, or any day for that matter… you must learn how to target and identify the physical, mental and/or social triggers causing the emotional stress keeping you overweight and unfit and do something about it.

Unfortunately for some – the over weight condition may be the result of a genetic or metabolic factor, Which may have less to do with lifestyle habits and behavior – but more to do with an inefficient calorie burning furnace. Any long-term weight gain that threatens health should seek medical attention immediately from a physician.

Recreational Activity Does a Body Good.

Below I’ve listed a few behavioral habit forming relationships that can be changed before and after any holiday season or vacation to help reduce body fat weight gain and achieve the weight loss goal.

8 Lifestyle Changes You can Make to Achieve Your New Years Resolution Weight Loss Goal.

  1. Holiday Cheer Weight Gain – What can I say about Holiday Cheer that I haven’t mentioned in my previous writings.  Have a Holiday battle meal plan before you set down at the table.  Read the following article, “10 Step Basic Weight Loss Tips.”
  2.  Last Year’s Resolution to Lose Weight Failed – You know why you failed your weight loss program from previous years. You did not resolve, or change your eating, drinking, or exercise habits. To do so is still too painful for whatever the reason. Until you resolve and/or get serious about your weight loss goal, or seek professional help, regardless of who provides you weight loss tips, services or program… you’ll likely continue to struggle with body weight.
  3.  Pain factor – All pain is directly related to illness, disease and/or injury. And with pain comes more sedentary habits. It is for this reason, it is more important than ever you work with your primary physician and pain management specialists to find treatment and activity that’s right for you. If you have mental and physical pain that’s not been diagnosed – seek advisement and referrals from your primary care physician.
  4.  Stressful life events cause excess calorie consumption– For many the habit of eating more calories than needed may come from everyday stresses caused by work or home environment, or bad relationship with spouse, friend or family member. Or the stress could be caused by some other non-diagnosed physical and mental pain from childhood. Stress events can culminate and increase a depression mood that causes one to eat more in an attempt to feel better. Once you target the cause of your stress induced bad habit and/or behavior and remove it… it’s more likely you’ll succeed in a safe weight program over a set period of time.
  5.  Carry the party into New Year – Some carry the end of year festivities into the new year. This behavior can last for months, or the entire year. This continued habit will not help you lose weight or remove the depression umbrella. “First and foremost, you must understand this is occurring and must break this unhealthy habit.” As one ages and the habit continues – health risk increases.
  6.  Fast foods after the Holiday’s. Too many Americans consume fast foods especially during the Holidays. Here lies a crux for much of the American obesity problem. During this time of year there is a huge spike in fast foods and alcohol sales. Yes, business booms almost in every sector of the economy. Fast foods are convenient, chemically addictive and bad for health in the long run. I know you’re thinking, what if I just give up the fast food places and eat out at restaurants? While this is a better concept, you don’t know how much of those meals are processed with unhealthy garbage causing your weight gain. Also when you eat out – most tend to eat more. Instead develop a healthy whole foods shopping habit and limit yourself to 1 fast food meal a week. I highly recommend you read, “Restaurant and Grocery Foods Healthy?
  7.  Love of Baking – I know, some of you carry your new found baking habits into the new year. Although there is nothing wrong with cooking your own food, the pitfall is when you love everything you bake just a little too much. I know the kids love your home made cookies, cakes and pies. Remember moderation with deserts. Too much sugar, fat and salt is not good for anyone, even children with fast metabolisms. If you’re having a tough time changing up your baking habit – try becoming a little more creative by offering different types of deserts… fresh fruits, jello, pudding, etc. Mix it up and break away from the continuous high fat baking habit.
  8.  Empty Nester’s Bake for an Army – Regardless of season, there are many who continue to cook for an entire family after the children have left home. There are many things tied into this habit. This is a tough habit to change – especially if the spouse demands traditional family recipes. If you continue to cook this way, you’ll not reduce food portions – it will be more challenging to meet your weight loss goal.

Once you target the cause of your weight gain nemesis and make healthier lifestyle choices that include daily exercise activities – your fitness levels and health will improve dramatically, while achieving your weight loss resolution once and for all.

Good health to you and your family!

Author:  Marc T. Woodard, MBA, BS Exercise Science, ARNG, CPT, RET2019 Copyright.  All rights reserved, Mirror Athlete Publishing @:,  Sign up for your Free eNewsletter.

Weight Loss through Body Chemical Activation

15 11 2018


Any aerobic activity will release addictive body chemicals to burn more body fat and benefit health and fitness levels.

Updated 15 November 2018, Marc Woodard

Any type of physical activity will stimulate the body’s natural release of feel good chemicals to help you lose weight and experience daily wellbeing.

It is the activation of muscle metabolism during low impact aerobics exercise that will activate these feel good chemicals – while simultaneously melting away body fat.

Once you relate to and apply the information that follows – it only takes a little will power to begin chipping away at your weight loss goals and experience wellbeing daily.

The advantage of  low intensity aerobics exercise is it stimulates both the fat burning metabolic engine and activates addictive feel good body chemicals. Unlike high intensity strength and muscle bulking development; and high intensity aerobic exercise – these activities more or less suppress the fat burning engine to varying degree.

Walk to a destination place and fish for dinner.  “Thumbs down no fish.”

What many consumers don’t know is during low-intensity aerobic exercise the muscles metabolism prefers to burn fat fuel.  That’s right the metabolic energy needed to walk over a period of time prefers stored body fat to convert to glucose to fuel the large muscles in the legs and buttocks area.

The same muscles during high-intensity aerobics exercise like running and high impact aerobic dance for instance prefer mostly stored liver and muscle glycogen fuel to convert it to blood glucose [sugar].

The harder you train muscles in the body the less body fat you burn.  That’s a major reason high intensity exercise makes you crave carbohydrates after you’ve finished the workout. And for that reason – IS the reason those folks have a hard time losing excess body weight.

The point is, you don’t have to train hard to lose body fat and excess body weight.

The second point I want to make, regardless of training intensity the body will produce chemicals to addict you to exercise whether your building muscle, increasing muscular endurance, or toning the body.  But if you’re consuming a stimulant, diuretic or anabolic steroid or heavy herb concentrate supplement to “fast pace” any fitness goal, the natural chemicals released by the body will be suppressed and you’ll become addicted to an unnatural chemical supplement that may increase health risk.  You’ll may look and feel good [loss weight, or build muscle, etc.] for a while; but then bad at some point in time…

Unnatural fitness results through the use of fads, gimmicks, supplements and herbal diets are often short lived because their not sustainable habits. In the long run when applying these tactics to achieve a fitness goal – “too often,” may eventually break the fat burning (known as yo-yo dieting), or hormonal metabolism and increase health risk; then cause excessive weight gain.

Eat more healthy whole foods. Cut back on processed foods.

Once you connect how exercise and healthy whole foods dieting increases body chemical activation versus an unnatural fad-dietary course, you’ll better understand there is no good reason to “fast pace” a fitness result (e.g., weight loss).  Thereafter you can avoid the pit falls of unstainable lifestyle habits and ill-health consequences.

The 3 major chemicals the brain/body releases naturally during exercise and supports sustainable healthy weight loss…

1) Adrenaline a neurotransmitter and hormone produced by the adrenalin gland just above the kidneys, also known as norepinephrine and epinephrine (provides attention focus in brain).  Together these chemicals activate your fight or flight stimulation designed to get the body out of a stressful situation, or survive an injury scenario.  It acts as a natural pain killer, boosts oxygen and glucose fuel to brain, muscles and suppresses depression.

Walk your dog to a neat destination place you enjoy. Both receive the natural feel good brain-body benefits.

2)   Dopamine is produced and synthesized in the brain which boosts positive behavior, cognition, motor activity, motivation, sleep, mood, learning and attention.

3)  Serotonin is synthesized within the CNS (Central Nervous System).  This chemical is also found in many mushrooms, plants, fruits and vegetables.

Research shows Serotonin plays an important role in liver regeneration and induces cell division throughout the body (important for repair and healing of the body).  Serotonins role as a neurotransmitter of the brain is to modulate anger, mood, aggression, sleep, sexuality, appetite and metabolism.

Walk the beach and discover cool things.

People are motivated to move or walk for different reasons.  Once you find something that motivates you to move more… you’ll enjoy the natural brain-body feel good chemicals; and want to repeat the low impact aerobics exercise experience daily.

Continuous low impact aerobic exercise like walking, hiking, dancing or riding a bike will release those feel good chemicals and cause “for most” an addictive habit to form – whereas you’ll want to continue the course.  It will take approximately 1-2 weeks to become addicted to daily low-impact walk habit for example.

A little alcohol is okay. Over indulging is a bad habit.

Everyone differs slightly in metabolism, exercise and activity interest, intensity, frequency and duration of exercise activity daily.  For many daily low impact aerobics exercise will cause an instant craving to continue the course.

To maximize the odds of achieving a fitness, health or wellness goal four behavioral habits must be addressed if applicable.  1)  Stop substance abuse.  2)  Eat a balanced and nutritious diet.  3) Allow your brain-body the time to become addicted to the body’s natural feel good chemicals released through low-impact aerobics exercise activity.  4)  Remove yourself from unhealthy and stressful environments.

Bike, explore and get fit.

The increased exercise activities experienced by former clients did not require a lot of will power to perform low-impact aerobics exercise to achieve significant fitness results.

But it did require some lifestyle changes.

For example, when beginning a daily walk program it doesn’t’ requires much will power to get started.  But it does require a commitment.  In other words, the excuse I often hear people use to avoid any form of exercise, “I don’t have the time.”  But if you can make the time you’ll lose weight and feel better almost immediately once you start.  Then become addicted to it within 2-5 days.

The best New Year’s fitness resolution advice I could give anyone, as I’ve done with so many past clients… start a daily walk habit.  Walking is the best low impact fat burning activity whose large muscles prefer fat stored energy and it’s easy on weight bearing joints.

Walk and capture nature in a picture.

I assure you, if you walk a little each day, you’ll begin to release more of those feel good chemicals.  Then body fat will decrease and you’ll have more energy and feel lighter on your feet.  You’ll begin to look and feel better in no time.

If you’ve been sedentary for a long time, walking at first may seem uncomfortable and maybe feel unnatural.  But if you can work up to 15 or 30 minutes or more each day you’ll have significant fitness results success.

Keep this in mind.  Before the automobile how did we survive?

As hunters and gatherers our bodies are designed to get work done by walking.  Walking is a very natural and a primal thing we’re designed to do for a lifetime. I guarantee – if you maintain your walking muscle metabolism you’ll become addicted to sustaining it, and in return for your efforts your body will allow you to live life to the fullest.

Walk to the grocery store to pick up fresh fruits and vegetables.

I’ve had plenty of overweight clients walk or ride a stationary bike for a year before they achieved their weight loss fitness goal.  Thereafter participated in a competitive long distance walk, hike, jog or ran or biked a marathon event.  They never imagined themselves capable of doing anything like it.  They simply believed it possible because they could relate to the muscle metabolism and feel the chemical activation truth working within their brain-body.

Walk a county fair.

Be excited about all the possibilities that lie in front of you and enjoy life to the fullest by maintaining a daily low impact aerobics exercise habit!   Now go get addicted to the natural feel good drugs produced by your own body and reap the ideal body weight, longevity, wellness and health benefits!


Author: Marc T. Woodard, MBA, BS Exercise Science, ARNG, CPT, RET. 2018 Copyright. All rights reserved, Mirror Athlete Inc.,, Get Free Newsletter.

City Recreation Return on Investment

19 07 2018

Tigard Ice Cream Social – Tigard House

Typically one thinks of City Recreation as offering a recreation center with swimming pool, events hall, fitness equipment, gym, indoor club and meeting rooms and a plethora of services and activities offered under one roof. Many Cities simply don’t have the financial means to offer such amenities. However when community leaders realize the economic return on indoor/outdoor events and activities – they support and strategically plan to grow them like any other core City service people need and want.

The NPRA (National Parks and Recreation Association) – shows many economic impact studies, where City recreation utilizes parks land and public use facilities capturing a portion of the tourism industry to grow City recreation programs and services. The economic health modeling studies show a Return on Investment (ROI) far exceeding revenue expectations to cover costs of events.

A simplistic way to illustrate this ROI can be seen through one of many research studies that measure the economic impact of recreational programming within cities. The NRPA (National Recreation Parks Association) provides data within a 2010 series of studies showing the economic benefit to taxpayers, small business and public at large. And why other non-profit and private business compete for similar recreation services and events… they can be very profitable!

Balloon Festival, Cook Park 22-24 June 2018

“Positioning Park and Recreation Agencies as Engines of Tourism
in many communities, tourism has successfully positioned itself as a substantial economic engine, a remarkable accomplishment for a relatively recent phenomenon. The conceptualization of tourism as an integrated ‘industry’ is a post 1970 phenomenon. It lacks the long and distinguished pedigree of the park and recreation field. Nevertheless, in the eyes of elected officials in many communities, it has surpassed this field in importance … In most communities, park and recreation agencies are the engines of tourism … For every $1 you invest in us, the community received $60 in return.’ Such claims are rarely challenged and the apparent high return on the investment is widely accepted by legislators, the media, and the general public” (Crompton 2010). But these numbers are not an average. And can vary greatly depending on the economic data entered within any similar study. The point is, there is a ROI that exceeds revenues less operating expense not realized within financial balance sheets.

Although the City of Tigard doesn’t have a recreation center, it does have plenty of parks and downtown plaza space to hold public events. And a full time recreation coordinator who works very hard to bring children and family activities to the community. For example, Pop Up in the Parks offering children various sports, games and crafts for free – This activity is planned on Wednesdays from 11am – 1pm … July 11 (Cook Park), July 18 (Woodard Park) and July 25 (Bonita Park). Then movies in the parks for families begin at dusk on July 21 (Dirksen Nature Park), August 3 (Cook Park), August 11 (Metzger Elementary School Park), and August 17 (Metzger Elementary School Park).

Tigard also has a few large annual events during summertime: balloon festival, 4th of July fireworks display and Street Fair. Other annual City tourist attractions could and should include: Biking, cycling, skateboarding, running and walking events, annual veteran and other celebratory parades, food and hobby fairs; school, veterans, classic car and motorcycle rallies; and any number of cultural arts, food and music themed events.

4th of July Celebration, Tigard High School football field, 2018.

Tigard also has a few large annual events during summertime: balloon festival, 4th of July fireworks display and Street Fair. Other annual City tourist attractions could and should include: Biking, cycling, skateboarding, running and walking events, annual veteran and other celebratory parades, food and hobby fairs; school, veterans, classic car and motorcycle rallies; and any number of cultural arts, food and music themed events.

Our City recreation program is capable of doing much more. “If City recreation is allowed to flourish… by its own charter is driven to cost recover and motivated to generate a small profit, and grow a sustainable business through volunteer networking… and negotiate profit share agreements with other core city services struggling to keep their doors open.” (Woodard 2018, City of Tigard annual budget meeting). It’s the only business model I know of within City governments that use principled best-in-class business practices to cost recover – with a goal of using little to no taxpayer money.

Tigard Street Fair – Latino Fest Down Town Tigard 2017

Like all Cities surrounding Tigard, there are many reasons community leaders support and strategically plan to grow recreation facilities, programs, services and events: 1) they serve to educate and activate bodies with a goal to reduce childhood obesity and improve brain-body coordination and social skills development for kids. 2) Save lives in a different way than policing services – by redirecting youth purpose. 3) Grows small business and supports entrepreneur startup incubators within relative industries. 4) Offers affordable afterschool activities. 5) Supports other city services through profit share agreements. 6) Builds community bonds and sustainable City services through volunteerism, etc.

If you’d like to know more about Tigard City Recreation or interested in supporting or volunteering contact: or call 503-718-2584.

Good health to you and your family.

Marc Woodard, MBA, BS Exercise Science, ARNG, CPT, RET., is a member of the Tigard City Council. He is a strong proponent of City involvement in providing recreational opportunities for its residents. 2018 Copy right. All rights reserved, Mirror Athlete Inc., “To learn more about MirrorAthlete Fit Healthy Lifestyle, City Recreation and free monthly newsletter, visit:”


Nature’s Best-In-Class Stair Master on Bull Mountain

14 02 2018

Walking to Bull Mountain Trail Head

Like most fitness enthusiasts I’m always looking for a variety of exercise activities that’ll keep me motivated to walk daily – If I can find it outdoors all the better. After the Holidays and during the winter months there’s nothing better than a “Mid-Intensity fat burning walking activity,” especially on an uphill grade with multiple switchbacks and preferably in a wooded area. If such a place exists, you’ve just found nature’s Best-In-Class Stair Master. Not only will an uphill walking effort challenge anyone’s cardio and muscular endurance… it requires more body fat fuel to power the exercise opposed to flat land walking.

Within the City of Tigard a public-use wooded trail system like this exists. I’m happy to share its location for those looking for a different type of mobility challenge and experience. If you want to burn even more calories and get in better shape, consider making it a habit to walk in places like it – even during inclement weather.

Those of you who served in the military with boots on the ground… recall, “If it’s not raining we’re not training.” It’s a fact, when it’s cold and rainy, the resistive forces on the mind-body just increased a notch. Anyone can use nature’s outdoor Stairmaster throughout the year to personally challenge themselves and increase fitness levels regardless of rain or shine.

Molly our Red Setter – Loves this site – She stakes her claim.

The well-designed dirt trail runs approximately half a mile with multiple switchbacks and is located on the West side hill of Bull Mountain Park where Kruger Creek cuts through its slopped base in a valley-like wooded environment. I’d estimate the trail grade varies from top-to-bottom, 4-8 degrees. There are seated areas along the switchback segment of the pathway to rest and reflect on all that matters. Molly our red Irish setter loves the rest area approximately 2/3 way up the switchback segment. And believe me she doesn’t slow down a bit once closing in on that spot.

That’s the look… she also likes the white stuff.

“Glancing back at me only momentarily with excited eyes and happy pant, she pulls with full gusto.” I sense she’s concerned if I’m keeping up with her. And in that moment “we lock eyes and both know, ‘It’s all good – onward and upward we go!” If you need motivation to walk with purpose an energetic dog will definitely do the trick. Once in this peaceful place the sights and sounds of nature do its thing… “In itself is worth the effort, simply for peace of mind.”

Rest area and observation site near top of switch back trail system

While observing the surroundings in this spot, anyone would be drawn to read the two small plaques posted next to the picnic table where Molly proudly poses for the picture. The first one reads, “Hiking Trail and Picnic Table, Eagle Scout Project of Nikolai Hanson, Troop 419, June 2013. The second one reads, “Stairway railing and rock wall, Eagle Scout Project of Benjamin Love, Troop 799, and September 2014.”

Recognition for volunteers who built the great trail system and rest stops along the way.

I’d like to personally thank those Eagle Scouts and community volunteers responsible for this trail system and rest stops along the way… And of course the newly developed park.

If you’ve not been to Bull Mountain Park, or walked the switch back trail segment here’s how to access them. Park and walk the Morningstar Greenway trailhead beginning at SW Greenfield Drive and Benchview Terrace to experience the uphill hike to the switchback trail segment – ending in Bull Mountain Park.


Or drive to the park – If you want to access the switchback trail segment from Woodshire lane once parked… continue walking straight ahead [Westerly] past the maintenance shed, outhouse and playground structure.

Previous property owners, “Beverly Dawson Paul, MSW and David Parameter, M.D.

Walk just a little further forward and as the asphalt turns to bark chip, look for the ground level plaque on a rock to your left. The trailhead plaque reads “Beverly Dawson Paul, MSW and David Parameter, M.D. ‘They loved this place and lived here from 1979 to 2008.” Walk down ~100’ to the first switchback and 100’ more to the picnic table, have lunch and enjoy nature.

Bull Mountain Park

The official ribbon cutting ceremony recognized all involved in raising the money necessary to develop Bull Mountain Park and its trail systems, 15 October 2017. “This 10-acre neighborhood park is comprised of woods, open space, and riparian areas. The park features accessible trails, a picnic shelter, a nature play structure, and interpretive elements.” Learn more about the park and how community came together to raise funds and develop it.

Tigard parks development and recreational outdoor events hosted in them continue to grow popularity. Events and activities in parks are directly supported by city council’s 5-year recreation goal #2 – Expand outdoor events (movies, concerts, pop‐ups in the park; including programs and classes with outside providers; and partnership opportunities, etc., 2012-17). On March 7, 2017 the City Council updated those goals for the next two years – 2017-19. Learn more about them.

Zip line down this wooded valley hillside… anything is possible.

I must say, “When city leadership and community recognize the value of the fit healthy benefits city parks and recreational events and activities provide within them… COOL things like Nature’s Best-In-Class Stairmaster come to life. What’s next, “a Zip-Line with tree tower, repealing base camp and Ninja Warrior style obstacle courses throughout the trail system area?

Recreational activities, partnership opportunities and possibilities are only limited by the imagination, recreation personnel and public support. Regardless of whether a Zip-line and Ninja Warrior-like obstacle challenge course becomes reality in Tigard, I know one thing for sure…

2017 Street Fair & Latino Feast – Rotary Plaza

“When parks and trail systems become accessible, useful and activated… ‘More people spend their leisurely and play time hours in and around them.”

When community plays together anything is possible – “Including realization of COOL activities that bring people together and fit healthy for all who physically participate and spectate within it.”

Good health to you and your family.

Marc Woodard, MBA, BS Exercise Science, ARNG, CPT, RET., is a member of the Tigard City Council. He is a strong proponent of City involvement in providing recreational opportunities for its residents. 2017 Copy right. All rights reserved, Mirror Athlete Inc.,

MirrorAthlete Fit Healthy Lifestyle – Book Release Update

3 02 2018

Face Rock, Bandon OR inspires the imagination.

 Updated: 3 Feb 2018

The long awaited 10 year book project and publication is now in the second phase of quality review process by the publisher.  With a planned book release date scheduled in 2018.

Insight into the books content,

Our book reads like no other fitness and healthy lifestyle book in the marketplace.

It is loaded with unique personal, 1:1 fitness consulting and client perspectives; including relative people stories, self-help tools, forms and tables, etc.  Including – I know everyone will enjoy the humor of the cartoons and caricatures so artfully created by cartoonist John Fiedler within each chapter.  If you’d like to see samples of John’s creative works, or contact him click on the olefuzzcartoon link:

The illustrations, stories, lessons learned and teaching points provide the reader with an enjoyable and entertaining introspective and interactive experience while learning how to live life to the fullest through natural and truthful anti-aging principles.

In many ways the content of the book was developed and designed to be a timeless fitness and healthy lifestyle roadmap book.  And best of all – “applicable to all demographics within any environmental culture.”

MirrorAthlete evolved through an exercise science discipline and application within a fitness consulting practice.  We’ve integrated multiple healthy habits and fitness programming concepts integrating and connecting real people stories backed by scientific studies and citations.  Then defined, related and applied these things within a very unique principled fitness and healthy lifestyle perspective.  Our principled fitness and healthy lifestyle doctrine is based on “MirrorAthlete® Principled Fitness and healthy lifestyle Philosophy.”

The knowledge within this book will allow anyone to succeed in creating a customized fitness and healthy habits lifestyle program without the cost of a professional trainer or specialized fitness and health consultant services or products.

The information you need to know NOW is broken down within an easy to understand format that includes: Best-In-Class fitness and health principles and includes:  how to program a customized fitness and healthy habits plan relative to your lifestyle needs. To include: how to identify consumer fitness and performance enhancement fads and scams in the marketplace that increase health risk.

If you lack motivation to break an addictive habit or behavior; or want to advance your fitness and healthy lifestyle goal to the next level, we shown how to do it naturally while increasing will power to stay the course.

As you work towards achieving the fit healthy anti-aging goal, you’ll do so without worry of applying a restrictive diet plan, or purchasing expensive services, products or gimmick to reduce body fat, build muscle, increase physical performance and get more mobile etc..  We don’t sell hype – only information on how to achieve natural fitness and healthy lifestyle goals to live life to the fullest.

The marketplace is littered with manmade products and services that promise fast fitness and performance enhancement results… “some appear to work short term, while others don’t work at all… And in both cases ‘likely’ increase health risk.”  Consumers will soon learn they don’t have to go the unsafe route to achieve fit healthy anti-aging results at the expense of health – compromised by illness and disease.

We know the marketplace won’t provide consumers the entire health risk truth relative to their unnatural fitness and enhancement performance products for good reason.  “There’s no money in it for them.”

The consumer truths soon to be shared… “man manipulates and injects addictive chemical and genetically engineered ingredients into foods and supplemental diet products known to increase and cause health problems.”  We know the fitness, diet, performance enhancement and anti-aging industries won’t share these truths with the consumer – but we do – we know better.  It is for good reason the consumer industries hope the majority of you never discover what’s revealed in this book.

If you’re tired of paying hundreds and thousands of dollars for fitness and diet product  and services gimmicks that don’t work long term, or not at all… and tired of being overweight and unfit – look no further.

Also our unique principled philosophy is especially relative to K-12 schools.  And if applied within our children’s school curriculum on a national level – It would fundamentally change the fitness, health and medical marketplace supply and demand model for future generations.  This book is a must read for educators, city recreation personnel, coaches, school officials and board members.

The book is an informative, interesting, energetic, optimistic and exciting read in itself. 

But more so by way of each ending chapter – there’s an ongoing personal fitness challenge and personalized message by ‘yours truly’ relative to chapter content.  By connecting each chapter principle with real world happenings it is also possible to heal and improve any physical adversity scenario, e.g., illness, disease, limited mobility.

Also those who experience physical and mental adversity challenges can relate and use the same tools provided within the book to help advance any desired fitness or health goal to live life to the fullest.  The author provides a “secondary and continuing personal adversity challenge back-story at the end of each chapter” relative to the books content. Which also covers limited mobility and health challenge improvements through expedient primary care referrals and fit healthy principles knowledge covered within the book.

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Good health to you and your family!

Author: Marc T. Woodard, MBA, BS Exercise Science, ARNG, CPT, RET. 2018 Copyright. All rights reserved, Mirror Athlete Inc.,, Sign up for your Free eNewsletter.