Tigard’s Rail-To-Trail Conversion with COOL Recreation Use Possibilities

22 12 2017

Last month I wrote an article on “Transforming Tigard Heritage Trail to Destination Place.”  To learn more about the trail concept plans… visit the City of Tigard web site.  Link is posted under the image above. This month I’m sharing the evolution of abandoned rail lines like the partially developed Tigard Heritage Trail system running parallel to Tigard Street – and how this is not unique to the City of Tigard.

It has become a national trend where inactive rail right-of-ways, or “Rails-To-Trails” conversions are targeted by cities; then work in partnership with various agencies to create more walkable connections that may include a whole host of other trail amenities. “We’re creating a nationwide network of trails from former rail lines and connecting corridors to build healthier places for healthier people (Rails-To-Trails Conservatory 2017).”

Marching to the beat of a similar heathy place and people drum – the NRPA (National Recreation and Parks Association) offers best-in-class city recreation services, trends and revenues generation education, indoor/outdoor recreation facilities design, resource assistance, fitness and health trend data etc. The leadership and vision between these two large organizations have created a unique way to conceptualize city trail design and build-out for best-in-class recreation activities that also compliment walking exercise.

Tigard city planners had recently hosted public sessions and identified many trail amenities that could be co-joined along Tigard’s Heritage trail system. It just so happens the two most popular leisurely amenities per visionary trail-use design made the Heritage Trail planning concept wish list. They are “outdoor exercise gym-stations and biking facility obstacle course.” But this does not mean they’ll be developed alongside this trail system. There were many other popular trail amenity ideals that made the list.

Street Fair 2017 Tigard OR – Bringing Community Together

The City of Tigard’s strategic vision, “Make Tigard the most walkable city in the Pacific NW where people of all ages and abilities enjoy healthy and interconnected lives,” is a call to action to connect and develop more public use trails throughout city neighborhoods. The nationwide Rails-to-Trails and NRPA visionary efforts combined have captured the imagination of Tigard city officials, business leaders, recreational enthusiasts and residents throughout the public process.

A major driving force behind more pathways and rails-to-trails conversion and innovative outdoor exercise facilities evolved from national health and financial disparity data – showing a connection to America’s increasing obesity problem. “Americans are suffering from their poor diet and exercise choices. Heart disease claims some 600,000 people — one in every four deaths — in the United States every year. Obesity affects nearly 60 million adults, or about 30 percent of the adult population, and more than a third of all U.S. children and adolescents are overweight or obese. In addition, a wide range of other chronic diseases related to diet and exercise keep Americans in ill health.”

During the NPRA Conference in 2015, it was stated, “Everyone in America deserves a safe place to walk and wheelchair roll.” And “Parks and recreation are the centers of our communities,” Surgeon General Murthy also said. “Parks and recreation centers are also centers of health. They build a foundation for a healthier life.” Penalosa the key note speaker stated, “If you really care about poor people, we must improve the quality of leisure time available to all people.” To read the full article: http://www.nrpa.org/parks-recreation-magazine/2015/october/preparing-for-action/.

Dirksen Nature Park, Tigard OR – Outdoor Fitness Center

In essence the audience in conference understood the key note and special speaker messages – And from my perspective here’s the takeaway… “City Parks and Recreation saves lives through centers of health where recreational activities are accessible and affordable for everyone. In doing these things, the health disparity imbalance and obesity problems plaguing any place can be greatly reduced when all ‘enjoy healthy and interconnected lives’ [Woodard 2017].”

Bull Mountain Park Tigard, OR – Children’s Natural Interactive Playground

City Parks and Recreation leaders throughout the nation understand NRPA’s 2015 call to action. “It was about inspiration. It was about urgency.” It was also about parks and recreation doing its part in reducing childhood obesity while bringing community together. With these two organizations marching to a similar beat in building healthier places for people – opens unbelievable outdoor recreation and environmental opportunities and experiences to “improve the quality of leisure time available to all people.”

This national call to action in cities has already taken root. “Parks & Recreation Magazine followed up with three park departments across the country that have embraced this new wave of fitness trails and play zones innovations in order to keep residents healthy and moving… ‘Some projects are partially funded between $12-40k,’ “in part through a grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to work with the local health district to curb obesity and diabetes.” Read the full story at: http://www.nrpa.org/parks-recreation-magazine/2013/may/hit-the-outdoor-gym/

To stay informed on the Tigard Heritage trail history, development concepts and cool recreation activity trail amenities possibilities visit:  http://www.tigard-or.gov/business/EcDev/HeritageTrail_ConceptDesign.pdf  [Design 100% Complete, 23 July 2015].

And Latest 2017 Tigard Heritage Trail updates:  http://www.tigard-or.gov/business/tigard_street_trail.php

Good health to you and your family.

Marc Woodard, MBA, BS Exercise Science, ARNG, CPT, RET., is a member of the Tigard City Council. He is a strong proponent of City involvement in providing recreational opportunities for its residents. 2017 Copy right. All rights reserved, Mirror Athlete Inc., http://www.mirrorathlete.com

Weight Loss and Fitness Secrets Revealed – New Year New You!

22 12 2017


Heritage Trail Tigard, OR – Begin a walking habit.. It does a body good.

Last Updated:  22 Dec 2017

It’s a new year and will it also be the beginning of a new you?

How many time have you tried making a New Year’s resolution?  Or one you’d actually make a commitment to and it stuck?

So what is your New Year’s Resolution, what do you want to change about yourself, or life? Is it to finally lose that excess weight once and for all… start a walk/jog exercise program;  spend more time with the family; get out of an unhealthy relationship; stop a bad smoking or drinking habit; get a new job – move from an unhealthy environment…

Can you guess what the top  New Year Resolutions are for 2018?

As long as I’ve been involved within the fitness industry there have been two top contenders:  Weight loss and get more fit [almost always in that order].

This should not surprise anyone especially when national statistics show nearly 60 million adults, or about 30 percent of the adult population, and now more than a third of all U.S. children are overweight or obese.

To lose weight and increase fitness levels requires a commitment through a healthy lifestyle change action plan.  A major reason New Years Resolutions don’t work – there is no plan to motivate and steer the course.

First you must target what unhealthy environment, habit or behavior is causing the weight gain and unfit condition. Then once you’ve targeted the unhealthy situation – try to incrementally reduce and remove it through consistent healthy habit change.

For instance, if you have a bad habit of eating too many processed foods; cut back on them, or remove the really bad ones from the diet.  OR if you spend most of the day sitting, take a portion of that day and commit to a daily walk, or some other form of aerobic activity you enjoy 15-45minutes/day.  OR if you have a bad habit of drinking too many artificial sweeteners: Aspartame and HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup) in sodas, juice and coffee will only add weight… change to drinking more water, natural drinks; coffee and tea without additives.

As a personal fitness trainer and healthy lifestyle consultant for years, I’ve heard an earful on diet-fitness fads and gimmicks to lose weight, enhance physical performance and increase muscle bulk and strength…  people don’t want to change their “I WANT IT NOW” behavior.   Instead they’ve been conditioned to believe they don’t have to change – because the marketplace provides short cuts to heal what ails the mind, body and spirit – NOW.  What many consumers don’t know, those quick results gimmicks and fads makes someone a ton of money at the expense of your health.

Before you purchase the next great diet or fitness fad gimmick, keep this in mind – many weight loss and anti-aging and anabolic-like supplements MAY provide significant results short term for certain groupings of people who’s metabolism is not yet broken.

Notice I said, “NOT YET.”  “It’s not a matter of IF, it’s WHEN –  ‘IF CHEATING the metabolic habit is not broken.”

When products artificially ramp up, or accelerate hormone systems and overall metabolism artificially, those physiological functions and systems lose efficiency and will eventually break and/or cause illness and disease at some point in time.  The manmade CHEATING – metabolic accelerators include: anti-aging steroid-like supplements, high concentrate herbal and anti-oxidant cocktails, etc., designed to help you lose weight fast, increase muscle mass and enhance physical performance – in an unhealthy way.

Natural weight loss, muscle growth, toning, well-being and anti-aging SAFE-programming must be relative and compatible with individual lifestyle change goals.  AND WITHOUT Engineered and Manipulation of Natural products.  Also if a natural or unnatural weight loss program or plan is not relative to a current health or environmental condition; or food variety and personal activity preference… it can’t be sustained long term either.  This includes exercise activity to become more fit.

In other words, if your not enjoying the habit changing experience… you’ll not commit to it long term and then fall for the next marketplace gimmick or fad in attempts to achieve a quick result.

Canoe a favorite river and see the sites

Canoe a favorite river front and see the sites, Portland OR

IF you seek professional services to make positive lifestyle change – Buyer BEWARE: Lifestyle change programs designed for one client should not be plagiarized from someone else’s program and applied to you.  If this is the case, don’t expect a similar weight loss or muscle bulking, or toning result.  That is not how relative-personalized, or customized fitness or healthy lifestyle change programming works.

I know most of you have no back ground in customized fitness and healthy habit change programming where natural weight loss can be achieved by anyone and sustained long term [provided an medical condition doesn’t prevent achieving that goal].

If you’ll allow yourself to think in the following terms, you’ll begin to understand the basic foundation of NATURAL fitness and healthy lifestyle change programming logic to achieve a positive lifestyle change naturally. ONE THAT WORKS FOR YOU!

We are all of various age, sex, personality, genetically wired differently, culturally diverse, have different body types; experience various levels of wellbeing, spiritualism, motivation, will power… Have different lifestyle needs and wants within changing social and cultural environments, etc.

Now you begin to understand why one fit healthy lifestyle change program or product will not work for everyone, or in the same way.  AND may increase health risk LONG-TERM regardless of who uses the manmade gimmick or fad flavor of the month.

So how can you successfully and safely plan to create a new you for the New Year?  Especially if lacking the skill sets to make that New Year’s Resolution stick?

If you’ve been unsuccessful in changing any of your lifestyle habits or fitness goals – might I suggest, or recommend a life coach or fitness consultant, or 1:1 fitness trainer professional to help you develop a natural fitness or healthy lifestyle change plan that’s right for you.

Listed below are two professional disciplines with specialties that can help you refocus a positive lifestyle change that’s sustainable.  To help determine a legitimate service seek out a reputable life coach and/or fitness consulting service.

AND consider an investment in MirrorAthlete Inc., first book publication upon its 2018 release [discussed in full detail below].  We expose all the insider trade secret truth’s and half-truths about the fitness, weight loss, diet, anti-aging, performance enhancement, muscle development consulting services and products, ill-health prevention, consumer safety and so much more…  Also click on ABOUT US to learn more about Marc Woodard’s 5-year injury-disease immobility challenge “summarized”… AND fully covered in the 1st book release.

What you need to know right now – Seek out a Certified Life Coach and/or Fitness Consultant with the expertise you need now.  If you can identify a desired lifestyle change goal below – match it to the expertise required.

One-on-One Fitness and Healthy Lifestyle Consulting services similar to MirrorAthlete Inc., are also 2 x cost., or higher based on unique lifestyle change consulting services expertise.  This is why we wrote the Self-Help book.  Most can’t afford these professional services… so we bring the HOW TO knowledge and expertise to the consumer in our first book publication at a fraction of the cost.

Certified Life Coach                                      Certified Fitness Consultant

Finances and Budgeting                                              Develop Muscle Mass

Relationships and Intimacy                                         Muscular Strength

Family and Parenting                                            Aerobic Cardio Endurance

Stress Management and Balance                        Develop Lean Muscle Mass

Creativity for Artist, Writer, Musician, Performer     Tone, Body Fat Loss

Spirituality and Personal Growth                      Health, Lifestyle, Self-Care

Career Planning and Development                                Natural Anti-Aging

Motivation and Time Management                              Stress and Pain Mgt

Entrepreneurial and Small Business Development   Custom Fit Program

Health, Lifestyle and Self-Care                                       Diet & Nutrition

If you need help in any of the areas listed above, these consulting professionals are easily found and listed on the Internet and business phone directory.  There are also many self-help books found in libraries and book stores.

MirrorAthlete Inc., is near complete with its first book publication, scheduled to be released not later than 1st half of 2018.  Where it’s content uniquely addresses the fitness truth’s and half truths on customized fitness programming, health literacy in America, natural weight loss, physical enhancement and anti-aging product risks, illness and disease prevention and consumer fads and gimmicks; consumer safety awareness and so much more.  This is a FIRST EVER BOOK OF ITS KIND.  It not only shows the inside secrets of a personal life coach and fitness trainer… It provides the insider industry and consulting trade secrets they don’t want revealed.

The book represents years of personal client, adversity-life stories “yours truly included,” and fitness and health knowledge and experiences – with over 250 citations that compliment MirrorAthlete fit healthy lifestyle ideology on consulting principles.  It is also uniquely written to show anyone how to develop a SAFE fitness and natural weight loss program relative at any age and within any environment.

It’s as if a Fitness and Healthy Lifestyle Change Coach was there helping you customize a one-of-a-kind program to finally achieve that New Year’s resolution once and for all.

There is no other principled fit healthy lifestyle book in the marketplace that compares to this decade old AND never published work – Part science and Part Art – with unique factual and personalized narrative story telling by Marc.

Silver Falls, OR – Plan to venture out and see cool stuff – any time you use your legs you burn more fat and increase muscular endurance.

The book is also written to be timeless and useful for any decade of adult life for the next 50 years. That is, it will help redirect, refocus and support any fitness, wellbeing and anti-aging and weight loss goal-through-resolve for those who hold and apply these natural truths without increasing health risk.

The fit healthy lifestyle coaching narrative never leaves the reader feeling alone, or without referral-to-solution.  And provides continuous advisement and recommendations to increase will power and redirect focus and can motivate anyone to achieve any positive lifestyle change at anytime, or whenever needed – Even if mobility challenged as I once was… Yes, that story is told in full and relative to the books content.  For without it I believe I would still be mobility challenged.

Living life to the fullest while mitigating health risk is possible when you hold all of the truths of how to do it safely in your hands.

To review a summary of this book project and 2018 release date, visit our home site   http://www.mirrorathlete.com (then click on the book project link).

My New Year’s wish for you and your family is to be happy and healthy…

Author: Marc T. Woodard, MBA, BS Exercise Science, ARNG, CPT, RET. 2017 Copyright. All rights reserved, Mirror Athlete Inc., http://www.mirrorathlete.com, Sign up for your Free eNewsletter.














Transforming Tigard Heritage Trail to Destination Place

19 11 2017

Avid walkers, joggers and bikers are likely familiar with a crescent shaped porous asphalt pathway running parallel with Tigard Street and intersecting at Tiedeman Avenue and Main Street in down town Tigard.  In 2013 city leaders wasted no time to secure the ¾ mile abandoned rail right-of-way with ODOT (Oregon Depart of Trans) through a 99 year intergovernmental lease agreement. Shortly thereafter the city began trail design concepts and receiving feedback through multiple public outreach efforts.

Events and entertainment staging area, Veterans wall and flag, Clock tower, children’s splash pad have all been topics of discussion.

“An open house was held in September 2014 to present the initial trail design plan. Over 100 people participated on-line or in-person. The plan was generally well received.”

Looking East on Tigard Street… From Grant to Main Street – Green area could serve as additional parking for events…  wheel chair access – ADA outdoor gym equipment…

The concept then grew legs into four main sub-areas: 1) A community plaza [now Rotary Plaza, Council Resolution 17-14] where the South trail intersects Main Street next to the commerce building; 2) a Commons area that include concepts for a dog park and/or BMX-bike-pump track; 3) a Stage Area for performance space; and 4) a second trail gateway entrance with plaza space at the north end of the trail intersecting Tiedeman Avenue.

Three popular trail themes have been reviewed for possible development after three public walk and talk sessions held this summer.  The trail themes were, “Trail as Outdoor Museum; Trail as Riverine History; and Trail as Timeless Railway.” After public input – the two most popular themes appear to be timeless railway and outdoor museum.

What trail amenity or historical ideals do you have? Take city survey: http://www.tigard-or.gov/business/tigard_street_trail.php

Some of the most popular trail and plaza amenities ideals include: Rotary Plaza clock tower and peace pole, Veterans wall and flag, farmer’s market and event space in flexible plaza staging area with overpass LED accent lighting; parking under Highway overpass, and along Tigard Street abutted to heritage trail system up to Grant Street.

Also an adult outdoor fitness center with wheelchair access is possible along Tigard Street “green space” parking, Just West of HWY 99 overpass.  Also competing for this space children’s splash pad zone.

Cultural and historical interactive art stations are planned along the trail way and may include time capsules… And the BMX-bike-pump track concept continues to be very popular with biking enthusiasts and community at large.

To see the full trail concept as presented to council by the design team on 8/18/15, visit: http://www.tigard-or.gov/business/EcDev/HeritageTrail_ConceptDesign.pdf

Lion Share Funded by 700k Connect Oregon VI Grant

How does the city plan to pay for the Heritage Street trail development?

“On Aug. 18, 2016, the Oregon Transportation Commission announced a $700,000 award to the city of Tigard through a Connect Oregon VI grant.” Other funding sources and donations include: Washington County MSTIP grant; City of Tigard and Down Town Urban Renewal funds and Rotary Club donations, etc. Construction is planned in 2018.

Tiedeman East entrance trail access has potential for plaza space development.

Team designers are now looking for further input in creating trail elements that compliment Tigard’s Outdoor Museum. If you missed providing input this summer – “no worries.” You can still chime in through an on-line city survey open through December 31, 2017. Simply share your Tigard stories, quotes and other historical facts and insight you think would make a great Outdoor Museum ideal and it may end up as a trail element.

To provide input visit: http://www.tigard-or.gov/business/tigard_street_trail.php

Good Health to You and Your Family.

Marc Woodard, MBA, BS Exercise Science, ARNG, CPT, RET., is a member of the Tigard City Council. He is a strong proponent of City involvement in providing recreational opportunities for its residents. 2017 Copy right. All rights reserved, Mirror Athlete Inc., http://www.mirrorathlete.com


Tigard’s Outdoor Fitness Center

22 10 2017

Fanno Creek Bridge Crossing into Dirksen Nature Park

During brisk afternoon walks I often cross a pedestrian bridge in my neck of the woods.  It’s located on Tiedemann Avenue in Tigard at the North East corner of Fowler Grade School next to the track. This bridge crossing over Fanno creek is a pedestrian access point into Dirksen Nature Park.  One day after walking across the bridge I broke stride to focus on a youth doing pull-ups at the far West end of the field. I changed course to reacquaint myself with that area.

Then reread the dedication plaque. “This outdoor fitness center was presented to the Citizens of Tigard by the Rotary Club of Tigard to commemorate the Club’s 50 years of SERVICE ABOVE SELF, February 13, 2014.”  It reminded me of how committed this organization and others like them are and work to improve the livability of families and community at large.

The project was paid for by the Tigard Rotary Club and it marked their 50th year anniversary.  They’ve been established in Tigard since 1964.  If you’d like to know more about their organization, visit https://tigardrotary.org/.

Modified Push Up  “Up Stroke” of repetition

Today I use the equipment frequently and exercise between walks using my body weight as the resistant weight-force to improve strength and flexibility. The exercise you see me doing in the picture is a modified chest press. I simply lean against a bench-like object, then lower to and push away from the platform to complete a repetition. This particular exercise targets the undercut of the chest and front shoulders and upper back during the down-stroke motion.

Modified Push Up “Down Stroke.” The further you travel downward the greater range of motion and strength building.

And while holding the angled pike position performing the modified incline pushup, it tones other parts of the body. “How does it do that?” It takes supportive leg, buttocks, core and back muscles to hold the rigid position while performing the exercise.

Many of you know aerobic exercise has cardio and weight loss benefits. But may not be aware of how important strength, flexibility and body toning exercises are to posture, balance and mobility. To leave these fitness components out of the exercise equation is to leave the body less capable of performing essential daily tasks long term.  Like lifting a grocery bag, getting out of a chair, yard work, or going up or down stairs, etc.

If you’d like to incorporate stretches, strength and body toning exercises during a walk, outdoor exercise stations like this one can certainly help achieve the goal. This exercise area is nestled in nature’s back yard where anyone can use it at no charge. There is also an extra bonus “bark chipped trails to walk around between exercise sets.”

Better yet take the dog with you. This is a two for one deal. Everyone gets their daily dose of exercise.

If you see me there, don’t hesitate to introduce yourself.

Good Health to You and Your Family.

Marc Woodard, MBA, BS Exercise Science, ARNG, CPT, RET., is a member of the Tigard City Council. He is a strong proponent of City involvement in providing recreational opportunities for its residents. 2017 Copy right. All rights reserved, Mirror Athlete Inc., http://www.mirrorathlete.com

Get your “Swim-On” at the Tigard Swim Center

18 08 2017

Tigard Tualatin Aquatics District (TTAD) on Durham Road, Tigard OR

The other day I was on a walk and was sidetracked by the playful sound of children’s voices coming from the Tigard Tualatin Aquatic District (TTAD) pool facility located at 8680 SW Durham Rd next to Tigard High School. It’s been years since I used that facility before I graduated from St. Anthony’s Grade School ‘74, and Tigard High Class of ‘78. So I checked it out.

Since the building has a public access door into the public viewing area at the NE corner, it was easy enough to enter, sit on a bench, and reminisce of years long past. I immediately noticed the excitement and joyful expressions of young faces in the water. This brought back many fond memories from my childhood, especially how much I loved swimming in that pool while attending St. Anthony’s grade school.

That’s where I, like many other young classmates, earned a prized swimmer’s patch of various colors for swimming achievement. Back then they were circular with a “T” when the pool was owned by the School District. Today they are off-circular with “TT” for Tigard Tualatin Aquatic District.

TTAD Swimming Facility

“How many know about the fit healthy benefits swimming can provide anyone,” the fitness trainer in me pondered. Swimming isn’t only for the young, but is great at any age and ability – and is especially beneficial for those who now find themselves overweight, or out-of-shape, and want to get fit and live a healthier lifestyle. It is well known by health and medical experts swimming is one of the best cardiovascular, body toning, and aerobic fat burning exercises anyone can participate in.

It’s also an anti-gravity, non-resistive force exercise for those overweight, out-of-shape, or managing body pain, meaning the combination of buoyancy and low-impact exercise in water can provide a painless transition toward increasing fitness levels and sustaining good health.

The Tigard Tualatin Swim facility offers an impressive array of activities for everyone.

The Tigard Tualatin Swim facility offers an impressive array of daily and evening activities for all. For example: lap and easy paced swim, deep water aerobics exercise, senior fitness non-impact aerobic exercise, and they have a general use swim session open to the public. TTAD is also a Silver Sneakers participant where seniors may be eligible to swim at no cost. Simply check with your insurance or Medicare provider and coordinate with program administrators to see if you qualify. Learn more about the district facilities and swim sessions and classes at http://www.ttadpools.com.

Upon leaving I continued the day’s walk and thought… the place looked exactly as I remembered it. Well maintained and popular with the public. What struck me most was the enjoyment and prideful expressions of both children and parents and how it brings community together to do something most love to participate in and watch, swimming!

Good Health to You and Your Family.

Marc Woodard, MBA, BS Exercise Science, ARNG, CPT, RET. Is a member of the Tigard City Council. He is a strong proponent of City involvement in providing recreational opportunities for its residents. 2017 Copyright. All rights reserved, Mirror Athlete Inc., http://www.mirrorathlete.com

Walking is a Superior Fat Burning Activity

17 07 2017

What many people don’t know is during low-intensity aerobic exercise like walking the muscles prefer to burn fat fuel.

That’s right the metabolic energy needed to walk prefers stored body fat to move the large muscles in the legs and buttocks.

But those same muscles used during high-intensity aerobics exercise like running, sprinting or high intensity aerobic dance or boot camp training prefer mostly blood glucose [sugar] and stored liver and muscle glycogen fuel from carbohydrate conversion.

When intense exercise is performed the priority of fuel need by the metabolism is blood sugar and stored carbohydrate energy… and less body fat fuel. Thereafter the body needs to replenish the quick energy storage tank. That’s one reason why high intensity exercise cause carbohydrate food cravings… thereafter many become famished, overeat and gain weight. The point here is – “you don’t have to train hard to lose body fat weight and experience extreme carbohydrate food cravings that add undesired body weight.”

City trail pathways are a great for daily walking activity.

It will take approximately 1-2 weeks to become addicted to a daily walk habit to lose more body fat and body weight. However everyone differs slightly in metabolism, exercise and activity interest, intensity, frequency and duration where fitness results and weight loss do vary. But in the end, daily low-impact aerobics exercise will help moderate food cravings and increase will power to continue the exercise and natural weight loss course

Join a walking group and stay motivated to repeat the daily activity..

To improve the odds of sticking to a daily  exercise habit, 10 lifestyle changes will help sustain daily exercise activity and weight loss goals 1) Stop substance abuse and unhealthy over indulgences.  2) Get 6-8 hours of sleep. 3) Remove yourself from unhealthy and stressful environments. 4) Make the time for “daily” low impact exercise activity. 5) Eat more fresh whole foods like fruits and vegetables and less processed and high sugar foods. 6) Invest in a good pair of walking shoes with insole inserts if needed. 7) Don’t quit after 1 or 2 days of walking activity, be consistent and exercise on a daily basis. 8) Give up artificial sweeteners, they cause weight gain and acute and chronic disease. 9) Drink more water daily – up to 8 glasses will help with weight loss and reduce weight bearing joint pain. 10)  Find a walk group, or walking partner.  This will provide more will power to stay the course.

When beginning a daily walk program it doesn’t’ require much will power to get started. But it does require commitment. The excuse I often hear people use to avoid any form of exercise, “I don’t have the time.” But if you can make time you’ll lose weight and feel better almost immediately. If you haven’t exercised for awhile it may feel uncomfortable and you may experience a little soreness. But if you can walk or bike at least 15-30 minutes or more each day you’ll notice results and feel better in no time.  Remember, “Rome was not built in a day.”  Slow down and let your body adjust to the weight bearing exercise activity.  Then increase duration and intensity over a period of days.

Low Impact Aerobic Dance is a great fat burning activity.

I’ve had plenty of overweight clients walk or ride a stationary bike for a year before they achieved successful weight loss. Thereafter participated in a long distance walk, hike, jog or ran or biked a marathon. They never imagined being capable of doing anything like it. They simply believed it possible because they could relate to the low-impact aerobics and fat burning engine truths.  Truths that got them pointed in the right direction to achieve greater fitness goals.

Now go get addicted to the natural feel good chemicals and fat burning metabolism produced by your own body through low aerobic exercise.  Dance, walk, jog or ride a bike but don’t overdue it.  Then reap the ideal body weight, healthy longevity and increased mobility and energy benefits you need, want and deserve!

Good Health to You and Your Family.

Marc T. Woodard, MBA, BS Exercise Science, ARNG, CPT, RET. 2017 Copyright. All rights reserved, Mirror Athlete Inc., http://www.mirrorathlete.com

Natural Weight Loss Secrets Revealed

22 02 2017
Aerobic workouts good for the cardio Muscular endurance

Is this the secret to safe weight loss?  The answers may surprise you.

Updated 22 February 2017, Marc Woodard

It seems as we age and for many body fat seems to increase each year.

And with that being said, a commitment to improve eating and exercise habits seem to fail miserably each year.

We tell ourselves we’re going to get serious this time and lose that excess body weight once and for all.  However for many it is thought easier said than done.

But you can easily loose this thought once you learn how easy and effective it is to apply truthful weight loss knowledge that works long term.

There are hard truths for most people to accept and therefore they look to fast track weight loss using dangerous diet products and weight loss concoctions found in the marketplace.  But if you can accept it took years to become unfit and unhealthy and will take some time to reverse the situation I can help you do this naturally and at no cost… provided you’ve not broken your fat burning metabolism through years of abusive fad diets, supplements or drug abuse.

What would you say if I could show you how to improve health, lose weight safely, increase fitness and energy levels and longevity?  And it will only require two things.  A little will power and commitment each day.

Would you be interested in knowing what information I’m willing to give at no cost?  Most of you would say I’m all ears.  What’s the catch?

“No Catch.”

“No I’m not talking about a magic pill.”

“Nor do I have some other hidden agenda to get into your wallet.”

“Why would I provide this valuable information at no cost?”

What’s bothered me for years is watching the marketplace charlatans promote and sell weight loss and muscle building gimmicks that don’t work long term and make people sick.  Their not interested in providing natures truths.  Their only interested in selling a quick results fitness gimmick to get your money.  And if you get sick using it they accept no responsibility.  I’ve worked with too many clients over the years and fully understand this reality.  I take my profession seriously and believe this truth belongs with consumers to make the best decisions possible with regard to their health.

Consider the information I’m providing a way to give back to those that provided me valuable information when I needed it most in my life.

There is no need for pills or fitness gimmicks to lose weight.  Especially when you understand how your body produces powerful chemicals during low impact activities that melts away body fat and addicts you to the weight loss commitment without artificial and dangerous chemical product gimmicks.

And believe me the fitness and diet industries don’t want you to have this knowledge, why?  Because if consumers understood this information on a large scale there’d be no need to purchase their products and they’d lose revenues.

Pure and simple.  What I’m providing are exercise science truths.  Yes, Exercise Science or Exercise Physiology is a real undergraduate, graduate and doctorate degree.

If your looking to choose a specialized diet or fitness plan, don’t get duked into one that guarantees quick results and increases health risk!   Most processed dietary foods and anabolic supplements [including formulated herb concentrates] in the marketplace use unhealthy diuretic and stimulant chemicals  that compromise the body at a cellular level and can ultimately make you sick and cause disease.

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Also many fitness trainers in typical gyms don’t have the expertise to program exercise and dietary prescription relative to age, current health condition, lifestyle goals and fitness profile.  Hence the customer often experiences paying too much for services that may work short term, or not at all.  Or they quit before real results take effect.  Either way they have your money and you’ve failed another weight loss commitment.

These “quick fix” fitness fad concoctions are chemically addicting and increases health risk the longer used to keep weight off, or enhance physical performance, or appearance etc.  Thereby causing more metabolic harm and unnecessary mental and physical pain and suffering that need not be.

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Author: Marc T. Woodard, MBA, BS Exercise Science, ARNG, CPT, RET. 2017 Copyright. All rights reserved, Mirror Athlete Inc., http://www.mirrorathlete.com, Get Free Newsletter.