Committee Forms to Expand Recreation Opportunities in Tigard

18 09 2019

Above: Tigard Community Recreation Committee (TCRC) [L to R]: Marland Henderson, Connie Ramaekers, Neal Brown, Patti Atkins, Marc Woodard and Gabi Miller comprise the TCRC committee.

Updated: 1/11/2020 by Marc Woodard

Tigard Community Recreation Committee (TCRC) is a not for profit committee of citizens with a goal of expanding city recreation opportunities for everyone. The committee is working on a plan to raise enough money to construct a community recreation facility in Tigard — run by the YMCA.

Why the YMCA? The YMCA has a 175-year history of operating more than 2,700 facilities, serving 45 million people worldwide, and there is no other community recreation builder that competes with cost and excellence of services, programs, activities and community engagement and outreach. Everyone regardless of age, economics and/or lifestyle orientation is welcome.

There are many reasons Tigard needs to expand community recreation opportunities for everyone.

Recreation saves lives just like police officers but in different ways. It is true, when youth are provided safe and organized after-school activities of interest juvenile theft, vandalism, drug use and other mischief decrease, while purposeful and productive lifestyles flourish. This can be validated through year-after-year police incident analysis, community health surveys and city recreation polls.

While safety is important, it is usually not the main reason someone moves to a city. Today we (parks and recreation] are everything from drowning prevention to after-school care for children, to the only social interaction a senior citizen might experience [South University, 2019]. For many that use recreation facilities these places provide not only social interaction, but a real sense of belonging to community through connections that bond people – in ways that’s good for developing cities.

Regular engagement in physical activity is an essential component of healthy well-being aging. Physical activity improves physical function and provides social and mental health benefits that all contribute to improved quality of life for older adults [NRPA, 2019]. Recreation programs provide places for health and well-being that are accessible by persons of all ages and abilities, especially to those with disabilities. [NRPA, 2010].

For the sake of health and wellness justice affordable health literacy education and recreational activity should be made available to everyone, not just the affluent.

Throughout the nation young people are facing an obesity crisis. Today we are seeing too many diseases that were, not too long ago, rarely linked to young people (e.g., high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.) [Stanford, 2015]. Cities that fill recreation youth-gap activities K-12 schools no longer provide are more attractive to parents, active seniors and business looking to live active and productive lifestyles in safe places.

“To learn more about TCRC, visit our booth co-located with Tigard Turns the Tide (TTT) at the Tigard Street Fair September 7th, or our website at

Good health to you and your family.

Marc Woodard, MBA, BS Exercise Science, ARNG, CPT, RET., is a Fit Healthy Lifestyle Consultant with MirrorAthlete Corp., and former Tigard City Councilor. A strong proponent of City involvement in providing recreational opportunities for its residents. 2019 copyright. All rights reserved, Mirror Athlete Inc., “To learn more about MirrorAthlete and free monthly newsletter, visit:

Ageless MirrorAthlete Book Receives “RECOMMENDED by the US Review of Books”

2 08 2019

Marc Woodard – Ageless MirrorAthlete Author Book Review by Donna Ford Receives RECOMMENDED by the US Review.

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Not all authors receive the prestigious recommendation by the US Review of Books. We are very proud of the authors achievement.

“This insightful 367-page book is about restoring imbalances so the body can heal itself and provides the information one needs. However, it becomes clear that there is no fast track solution to optimal health. The author’s guide successfully debunks some diet plans, drink mixes, and supplements as possibly unhelpful or even injurious. It also clearly explains the effects food and snacks have on muscle types and how keeping hydrated prevents injuries. Fitness trainers will be amazed to have access to this expertise.”

“Technical subjects are explained well for the average reader, but the elderly will likely need the help of a family member or fitness expert to show how to apply them. Cartoons and encouraging images will spur on skeptics and those who are visually oriented. Terms are defined within the text and can be found in the extensive index … ” (Donna Ford, 2019)

Read the Full Review Now.

Interactive and Inclusive Playgrounds Benefit Everyone

14 06 2019

14 June 2019, Marc Woodard

Tigard Parks and Recreation hosted its first Camas Festival on 27 April 2019 within Dirksen Nature Park. The major attraction for many was the camas flowers in bloom [April-May]. A big attraction was the newly constructed shelter and interactive playground for children. It has natural climbing features and chain sawed sections of repurposed logs, with storybook-like carvings masterfully crafted on them. City planners and project managers did a wonderful job on this park project.

Gizzy the pom viewed camas flowers up close from the observation deck [next image].
Ageless MirrorAthlete also covers city recreation investment and benefits within aging in place communities

Those who attended had the opportunity to visit multiple information stations. One of which overlooked the oak savanna field with camas flowers. There you learned from forest management experts about the savanna restoration project, native plants and camas bulb as a sustainable food source used by the Atfalati branch of the Kalapuya tribe of Tualatin Valley. Other expertise was provided by City Parks and Recreation volunteers and Tualatin River Keepers, including city councilors and staff who shared other parks/trail projects.

Once grouping of chain sawed log carvings

The big take away for me was the newly constructed interactive playground for children and how this whole area could become more inclusively accessible for the mobility challenged population. For example a parking area off Tigard Street with wheelchair access to the oak savanna viewing deck and play-shelter area and possibly the remotely located outdoor fitness center and sensitive wet lands viewing platform would be of great public service.

Excellent wheelchair surface within shelter and playground area.

What have experts discovered about interactive playgrounds for children? We’ve found that in nature-based play areas, where you provide things like rocks, logs, sand and water, kids are able to engage their minds as well as their muscles, said Rod Wojtanik, parks planning manager at Metro. They collaborate more and they spend more time in the play area. It also brings the parents or caregivers down into the play area with them, which has been fun to see [2019 Holmes. Metro News, Oxbow Regional Park, Gresham, OR]. When children interact within nature, they ask more questions in search of answers, get more exercise and become more developmentally connected with the physical environment versus the digital world.

“provide things like rocks, logs, sand and water, kids are able to engage their minds as well as their muscles…

Public investments in recreation without walls is taking cities by storm and without any sign of slowing down. Why? There are economic, social and political and well-being multiplier benefits at a fraction of taxpayer cost compared to indoor facilities. Now schools, parks, trails, community organizations, military units, businesses and individuals can benefit from installing an effective and substantial outdoor exercise and fitness area. The Outdoor Fitness concept assures that everyone can make important fitness gains in an enjoyable outdoor exercise environment. []

Dirksen Park wetlands view deck – close to oak savanna field and shelter playground area.

Inclusive public-use play areas can be affordably fitted with state-of-the art children and adult fitness station modules that welcome the mobility challenged.

Dirksen Park Outdoor Fitness Center

When inclusive playgrounds are centered near downtown and within public plaza space areas, they attract consumer-fitness enthusiasts of all ages and abilities which is good for commerce. City projects like this are good medicine for children, families, active adults and the mobility challenged.

“Communities that play together stay together while reaping the fit healthy benefits.”

A win-win for everyone!

Good health to you and your family. Marc Woodard, MBA, BS Exercise Science, ARNG, CPT, RET., is a former member of the Tigard City Council. He is a strong proponent of City involvement in providing recreational opportunities for its residents. 2019 Copy right. All rights reserved, Mirror Athlete Inc.,

“To learn more about us and Ageless MirrorAthlete, Overweight and Unfit No More” book and newsletter, visit:

Marc Woodard Fitness and Health Literacy Message for Community

19 05 2019

Updated: 1/11/2020 Marc Woodard

Sharing health literacy and fit healthy lifestyle knowledge isn’t just for individuals. This knowledge can also help communities reverse the childhood obesity problems and related ill-health course; and build a “desired” aging in place community that retain active adults and families that also sustain affordable city services and build “desired” aging in place communities. But in order to develop or revamp a cities fitness and health status and improve public use recreational amenities requires the support of community.

The first order of business in building a fit healthy city model is to measure the health of the community. To include: recreational amenities and educational outreach available for public use and events access and participation. Then determine the economic, social and political pitfalls and benefits. There after prioritize the resources necessary to expand public use recreation opportunities for people of all ages and abilities.

When recreational amenities include indoor and outdoor activities within safe environments, hard working families and retirees are attracted to them and move to these places. They then become “desired aging in place communities.” There’s plenty of data out there that tells us that… Ageless MirrorAthlete “Overweight and Unfit no More” book has all the references and citations that piece this information together for you.

When city leaders and recreation committees partner with other non-profit and for-profit organizations instilling Ageless MirrorAthlete guiding principles… It is truly possible to improve the health and productivity of any business, organization, city or community economic, social and political interests by putting our children and hard working families and active adults fitness and health first… Then continue the educational fitness and health literacy education that nurtures childhood development, values and good character traits.

Fitness and Health Literacy also Incorporate values and develop character through mentorship and coaching.

Childhood development memories from coaching and mentorship, experiences and values are passed onto the next generation, whereas people want to live, work and play and age in place. Then their children and grandchildren experience these fit healthy lifestyle memories and choices – They want the same thing for their children.

The road map and knowledge needed to expand health literacy education and public use recreation amenities is partly found in Ageless MirrorAthlete “Overweight and Unfit No More” book. Author: Marc T. Woodard. Available for purchase at Amazon, B&N, Iuniverse and eBay. Learn more about the book by listening to select chapter previews: Audio Book Reading page.

Learn how Tigard Community Recreation Committee volunteers plan to increase Tigard Recreation for Everyone and expand health literacy education within the City of Tigard, OR based on these guiding principles. If you’d like to apply to become a committee member or community partner contact us.

City Recreation is the Goose Laying those Golden Eggs

6 05 2019

It was during a 2015 NRPA (National Recreation and Parks Association) conference I attended and listened intently to key note speakers that stated in more ways than one city recreation saves lives but in different ways than police do. It will soon become obvious how city recreation is the goose capable of laying those lifesaving golden eggs within communities.

Attending the Annual NRPA Conference – American Conference Center, St. Louis, MO

Hard working families and active adults know, regular engagement in physical activity is an essential component of healthy well-being aging. Physical activity improves physical function and provides social and mental health benefits that all contribute to improved quality of life for older adults. It is active adults who also seek health insurer’s reimbursement referrals to physical fitness programs that offer evidence-based benefits proven to decrease health risk (NRPA 2019).

Ageless MirrorAthlete also covers the fit healthy cultural benefits of city recreation investment within aging in place communities

Cities that plan for aging in place communities also make substantial investments in parks and recreational facilities for all ages. Why do they do this? Primarily because people need and want them. Some of the highest health risks, medical intervention and public safety costs occur within places that lack affordable and accessible public use and supervised recreation programs.

Parents through no fault of their own, who can’t afford pay-to-play sports and other after school activities unknowingly increase a child’s risk to a drug habit, obesity and related disease and/or finding trouble with the law, etc. It is true, when youth is provided after school activities of interest – juvenile theft, vandalism, drug use and other mischief decrease and purposeful lifestyles ensue. This can be validated through year-after-year police incident analysis, community health surveys, etc., and youth-to-adult success stories connected to city recreation.

These are key reasons business owners and active adults [boomers] and hard working families are drawn to communities that invest heavily in Park & Recreation (P&R) amenities. Quality public-recreation programs are cited as one of the top three reasons that business cite in relocation decisions in a number of studies.

Millennial’s and Generation X demographics also seek out the same public use recreation amenities and health and wellness benefits throughout all stages of life. “Millennials, whom we define as ages 20 to 35 in 2016, numbered 71 million, and Boomers (ages 52 to 70) numbered 74 million. Millennials are expected to overtake Boomers in population in 2019 as their numbers swell to 73 million and Boomers decline to 72 million. Generation X (ages 36 to 51 in 2016) is projected to pass the Boomers in population by 2028 (Fry, 2018).

Business and recreation professionals know communities that invest in public use space with coordinated recreation services and programs win aging in place healthy lifestyle recognition. Young adults looking to purchase their first home and raise families want safe neighborhoods with safe routes to school and supervised activities for children. Cities that fill recreation youth-gap activities are more attractive to parents raising children and seniors and business looking to live, work and play in safe places.

The largest demographic group today is still the boomers. Although a majority are on fixed incomes, it is they who need-want and will pay for affordable activities that enhance and benefit their health and wellbeing. The millennial and Generation X demographics is quickly increasing in numbers and surpassing the boomer population. Their active lifestyle expectations have been set by the boomers. They support aging in place and sustainable communities because they know those value-driven activities and shared experiences will be passed onto to their children and grandchildren.

City leaders successful at connecting the golden egg dots will reap the return-on-recreational aging in place investments for decades to follow. The multi-generational demand to live in communities like this continues to grow in popularity without any sign of slowing down. Which helps retain city tax base and sustain affordable core city services.

Good Health to You and Your Family.

Marc Woodard, MBA, BS Exercise Science, ARNG, CPT, RET., is a Fit Healthy Lifestyle Consultant with MirrorAthlete Corp., and Former Tigard City Councilor. A strong proponent of City involvement in providing recreational opportunities for its residents. 2019 Copy right. All rights reserved, Mirror Athlete Inc., “To learn more about MirrorAthlete and free monthly newsletter, visit:

How to Grow Muscle and Burn More Fat

3 05 2019

Beth knows how to grow the guns and you can too.

Updated, 3 May 2019 by Staff

If you want to grow muscle and/or burn more body fat – it is important to know muscle groups have three muscle fiber types that are stimulated to grow or endure physical activity. And during exercise or work activity, muscle also prefer certain fuel sources to achieve the fitness goal.

Research shows us, muscle is stimulated to grow when slow, intermittent and fast twitch muscle fibers within the chest, back, arms, abs and legs and buttocks contract at various rates of speed during low-to-high intensity exercise. Learn how to combine muscle fiber and fuel preference knowledge to select the proper training methods to naturally achieve your  weight loss, strength and muscular endurance and competitive and recreational sports goals.

If you need help in customizing a fit healthy habits and training program – Ageless MirrorAthlete “Overweight and Unfit No More” breaks down all these concepts and so much more. Learn how to live life to the fullest today. Click on the image below and become an Ageless MirrorAthlete today!

Muscle Fiber and Fuel Knowledge is Invaluable to Achieve Set Fitness Goals

All muscles have various composition of primarily 3 types of muscle fiber. And when exercise is programmed to lose weight, or increase strength, or endure a physical task of duration and intensity a specific fuel source is preferred by the body.

A couple of quotes from the book help to put this knowledge into perspective.

Fast twitch muscle fibers are less vascular than slow and intermediate fiber types and appear white in color and are highly stimulated during anaerobic (speed, power and strength) training. These muscle fibers use carbohydrate fuel to produce the ATP (adenosine triphosphate) energy at 2 times the contraction rate of the red and vascular (oxygenated slow twitch endurance muscle fibers). Slow twitch muscle fibers contract at lower intensities and rate of speed and prefer fat fuel to produce the required ATP energy for long endurance activities. The 3rd muscle type intermediate makes use of both metabolic worlds to support the ramping up and down of exercise intensity and rate of physical movement (Katch and McArdle 1993).”

Human muscles contain a genetically determined mixture of both slow and fast fiber types. On average, we have about 50 percent slow twitch and 50 percent fast twitch fibers in most of the muscles used for movement. However, Olympic sprinters have been shown to possess about 80 percent fast twitch fibers, while those who excel in marathons tend to have 80 percent slow twitch fibers. These well-conditioned slow and fast twitch muscle fibers may be genetically provided within naturally lean-muscular body types (Quinn 2013).”

From a genetic perspective this is likely the reason most of us will never be Olympic contenders no matter how hard we train. One thing appears certain, if the average human muscle is comprised of 50% slow twitch muscle fiber; it stands to reason, the majority of us have a genetic and competitive advantage to burn body fat when participating in low intensity aerobic exercise.

There is also an order of muscular contraction where slow twitch fibers yield to fast twitch muscle fiber as physical effort increases. Also a muscle fiber fuel preference shifts from a low intensity fuel source [stored body fat] to [glucose and stored muscle glycogen] to produce the energy and muscle contraction rate necessary to achieve the speed, power and strength needed to accomplish the high intensity training task or goal.

Marc Woodard with good friends hiking Forest Park, Portland OR

For example, when you walk you’re mostly stimulating the leg muscles slow and intermediate muscle fibers to perform long endurance activity. When you sprint or squeeze out those last reps on a heavy bench or leg press station, the slow and intermediate twitch muscle fibers yield to the faster muscle twitch fibers to work at a higher rate of intense speed to achieve the high endurance and strength conditioning goal.

Sprinting with all-out effort is similar to squeezing out that last rep on the bench press. The fast twitch muscle fibers fire (contract)Â at a high rate of speed and intensity while the slow twitch muscle fibers yield or stand-by after high intensity effort produces lactic acid buildup – which allows a less intense effort to continue thereafter. Especially when short periods of rest between exercise is the case.

The rope climb is an intense exercise activity that exhausts the fast twitch muscle fibers prominently found in the shoulders and arms. The by-product of intense exercise is lactic acid. After 2-4min on this exercise… talk about an arm pumping activity to grow those guns!

We all know a high level of muscular intensity has continued physical effort limitations.

That is fast twitch muscle fibers utilize a preferred- quick fuel source [glucose] first, which lasts only seconds.

The glucose fuels intense contractions for up to a maximum period of 10 seconds.

After this time and up to a period of 3 minutes – the next available fuel source is made available [stored muscle glycogen].

In contrast, slow twitch fibers use a combination of glucose and stored body fat fuel for low intensity and long duration exercise activities.

This is a much slower and less intense training process and can be maintained with constant intensity for a continued time period (Fitnessbeans 2012).

Now that we’ve reviewed some basics of muscle fiber characteristics and fuel preferences during specific types of exercise activity, lets answer the question…

What training method will grow muscle and burn more fat?”

Marc Woodard, 2018

The answer is fairly straight forward, train task specific. If you want more bulk, strength and power, train anaerobically – lift heavier weights at increasing intensities of short duration [engage the lactic acid buildup]. If you want more endurance, train aerobically at high intensities that moderate and condition the muscles to limit-pacing or avoid chronic lactic acid buildup. E.g., sprinting, wrestling, karate, boxing, basketball, football, etc.

If you want to burn more body fat train aerobically by performing low intensity – long duration exercise activity, e.g., walking, jogging, biking, dance, etc.

If you want the best of both worlds, you must cross-train

For example take your exercise time and split into two training sessions daily (train aerobically and anaerobically). For instance, if you only have one hour to exercise, spend 5 minutes stretching, and then 25 minutes on aerobic exercise of choice [low-intensity walking, stationary bike, jogging, tread mill equipment, etc].

During the last 25 minutes increase resistance on free weights or stationary equipment and/or circuit weight training equipment – then 5 minutes stretching cool down. On alternating days if a secondary fitness goal is a competitive sport activity… spend a full exercise day participating in that activity: e.g., racquetball, basketball, baseball, soccer, dance, running, power lifting, boxing, karate, etc.

Somewhere mid-week be sure to take a day off to rest muscles so they can repair and metabolism recharges its battery. This is especially important if training at a high rate of intensity daily. If you over train muscles and don’t rest adequately they will be in a state of constant repair more so than making the muscle and endurance gains you desire.

If you have a public use outdoor fitness center make use of it during walking, biking and hiking activities.

If you can’t participate in your favorite intramural-team sport, or train in a gym for whatever reason, train the next best way possible. Head to the nearest public school, or community sports field, City park or trail system and perform repetitive sprint-jogging-walking exercise.

You can also make use of running up/down bleachers, perform sit ups, push-ups etc. Or exercise at home using a stationary bike, repetitive speed bag, jump rope – follow a daily aerobics DVD video dance or yoga program, etc.

If your goal is to lose body fat weight, chose activities of long-endurance and low-intensity physical effort (walking, jogging, biking).

If you want more muscle bulk, strength and speed, choose short-endurance and high intensity exercise exercises with increasing resistive weight loads.

If you want the best of both worlds: Cross-train to achieve your set fitness goals.

Citations and References

Fitnessbeans. “Muscle Fibers: Fast Twitch Versus Slow Twitch. FitnessBeans. BeansPublishing, 2012. Web. 19 Oct. 2013.

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Ageless MirrorAthlete Press Release

11 04 2019

New guidebook presents dangers of diet industry and offers tips to safely losing weight


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Marc T. Woodard announces publication of ‘Ageless MirrorAthlete’
(PRWEB) April 04, 2019

TIGARD, Ore. – Marc T. Woodard shares advice and tips for anyone interested in a fitness program to meet their unique needs and attain a healthier lifestyle in his guidebook of truths about fitness and health, “Ageless MirrorAthlete: Overweight and Unfit No More”(published by iUniverse).

Readers can learn how to customize a fit, healthy-habits and active lifestyle program relevant to their fitness and health goals. “Ageless MirrorAthlete” discusses how big pharma, agriculture, fitness, health, diet and anti-aging industries harm consumers by selling over-processed foods, diet potions and pills, programs and services that offer half-truths and sometimes flat-out lies and increase health risk. Woodard reveals industry secrets — showing people how to safely, naturally and permanently lose the weight they want while getting fitter and feeling well without increasing health risk.

“No matter who you are, or what cultural background you come from — or what physical, mental or spiritual pain challenge you experience… I’m here to tell you the insight found within this book is like no other. It will change your encompassing being positively one way or the other,” Woodard says. “Those who suffer from injury, illness and disease will also receive significant rehabilitation and health care referral knowledge to heal sooner than later and get on with life.”

“Ageless MirrorAthlete”By Marc T. Woodard
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About the Author Marc T. Woodard has 40 years of experience as a fit healthy lifestyle consultant and published co-author of “Working on Wellness, Fitness and Nutrition, Keys to Good Health” books for military service personnel. He owns MirrorAthlete, an online fitness secrets educational website and a former city councilor in his hometown of Tigard Oregon. He retired from the Army after 20-plus years of service to his country. As a disabled vet, now dedicates his life by revealing fit healthy information through his writings. “More information is available at: .

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