Marc Woodard Reflects on MirrorAthlete

24 04 2016
Marc Woodard Founder of MirrorAthlete

Marc Woodard
Founder of MirrorAthlete, Inc.

Sid asked specific questions regarding information I posted on our first web site in 2007.

This provided an opportunity to share more of the company’s history with readers and reflect on MirrorAthlete moving forward.

Question(s) from Sid, 

    I can’t seem to locate your MirrorAthlete pain chronicles I read back in the early years.  I remember it as a unique informational pain management website. I can’t find the chronic pain tab at your new site.  Have your memoirs been moved?  Where can I find them?  And do you still take on clients for consultation and customized fitness programming?  I’m interested to catch up and learn more on how you regained your fitness levels after injuries and chronic pain. 

    A friend of mine coincidentally lives in your neck of the woods.  He said you also produced and sold nutritional supplements under the name of Dynamic Dimensions in Tigard and surrounding cities, while offering 1:1 services in fitness assessments in the 90’s.  You also programmed specialized training routines for a fee.  I’m looking for answers to keep the muscle mass I’ve worked so hard to achieve.  But now feel I’m losing ground because of back pain.  Although I’m working with my doctors and yet another fitness trainer, they don’t have that unique pain management perspective and experience I remember you had.  I see you’re on LinkedIn, FaceBook, and Twitter and also a city councilor in your home town since 2011. 

I do walk miles daily. Best aerobic activity one could perform daily

I average 55-60miles/week. Best aerobic activity for fat burning, body tone and muscular endurance and cardiac health at any age.

You appear to look fit, healthy and productive.  I also hear you’re walking over 8-12 miles daily on a regular basis.  I’d like to read the rest of your story and learn how I can get back on track with my strength training routine and other activities. 

Sid, your memory of the site and what I was doing years ago is impressive.  This caused pause to reflect on the makings of a company and personal growth.  Thank you for providing an opportunity to share more history and update our readers.

I began MirrorAthlete as an informational site to show how to alleviate and manage pain and still achieve fitness goals.  At that time I was also learning how to write and become a webmaster due to injury and years of limited mobility.  I focused on pain management because at the time I was injured with weight bearing and radiating nerve pain and other issues you apparently recall.  Those Chronicle entries read like a memoir reflecting upon better days.  And how I’d apply pain threshold limits using unique exercise and range-of-motion technique to increase fitness levels.  Then eventually regain my former fitness levels and physical abilities.  We’ll leave it at that… Most of “how” I got through the mental, physical and spiritual pain challenges is now divulged in a ~350 page manuscript soon to be published.

Initially I didn’t plan to make what I started a business when I began the MirrorAthlete pain chronicles.  I only knew I wanted to reach out and help others that were going through a similar physical adversity challenge.   At the time writing gave me something to do, kept my brain working and to remain productive somehow with limited mobility.

I also understood the value and application of continuing education, self-referred physician consultations and medical research data and information.  If there were solutions to be found, maybe I could fix a broken body full of pain.  And through sharing others might benefit.  Then one day I could put that information in a book and reach more than a few clients.  These actions ultimately changed my career path and the way I viewed life and the world.

At the time, I didn’t reveal to most including family and friends the encompassing battle I faced for years working through painful and depressing disability…  Eventually I found natural solutions to heal and much more about our industries, marketplaces, consumers and world commerce.  I also know there are mega-industries that don’t want a majority of you to learn what I found to get well.  Why?  Because it would impact and change generational values, habits and behavior.  In short, eventually cripple their power and control over social, political and economic matters.

Marketplaces are globally connected.

Marketplaces are globally connected economically, socially and politically.

To answer your question directly, the pain center tab link contained the pain chronicle memoirs throughout 2007 and those entries remained until early 2008.  I ran that journal for just over a year.  The chronicles also conceptualized my thoughts on a unique fitness trainer-consultant book. I jotted down those ideals in a notepad during a 1999 Mexican Rivera cruise while on vacation.  A book was one of those bucket list items.  Little did I know ‘those notes’ would be pulled sooner than later to write a manuscript.  It would also become larger than any project I’ve undertaken and harder to put into words than ever imaged.

Love Cruises. Coming back from Alaska. Last stop Victoria B.C., Canada. I walked a couple miles to get the shot, then walked another 4 to the heart of the city.

Love Cruises. Coming back from Alaska. Last stop Victoria B.C., Canada. I walked a couple miles to get the shot, then walked another ~ 3 into the heart of the city.

In early 2008 I decided to pull the MirrorAthlete Pain Chronicles from the site to begin writing the manuscript in hopes a publisher might take interest.  “Why not, it wasn’t as if I was going anywhere soon stuck using a wheelchair, crutches and cane.”  I wrote many manuscript versions, but lacked a creative vision and writing style.  For the most part I was a technical and communicative writer throughout my military and corporate career, not a creative one.  Two very different and distinct animals.

So there you have it.  It took years of failed articles and manuscripts to learn how to connect the industrial consumer dots, share my expertise in fitness and health matters, while writing with a factual-narrative flare to capture reader interest and imagination.  I look back at those Chronicle entries and early publications from 2007-2010; the writing style and grammar wasn’t good but the content had competitive potential.

In 2011 I nearly quit writing.  Those early manuscripts literally went up in flames.  But not the hundreds of chronicle pages I saved in archive files.  Those stories represent everything MirrorAthlete could become.  I knew something was missing to make the connection and conversion from “original MirrorAthlete concept-to-chronicles-to-book.”  Eventually I’d figure it out and the result would be a fantastic educational and thought provoking fit-healthy lifestyle, trainer-consultant book for all demographics and generations.

Luckily one day in early 2012 while on a long walk, a light bulb went off in my head.  I figured out what was missing.  It was a principled philosophy of tenets I believed in, lived by and provided to my clients.  I should have seen this years ago, but I didn’t.

Jefferson Library within Congressional Library Washington DC

Jefferson Library within Congressional Library Washington DC

If I would have taken a philosophy course in college maybe I would have got it sooner than later.  Oh well, a decade later is better than never.  Once I incorporated those principles into the umpteenth manuscript “I don’t know I lost count.” I knew I had something a publisher might take interest in.  This is when the real work began.  The publisher sent it back, you know “my umpteenth manuscript” with 550 change requests.  What a defeating blow to my ego!

Putting my pride aside, I had to make a decision.  Quit or press on.  I’ve never quit anything I began without exceptional effort to achieve a win.  Of course we don’t win at everything in life.  However, I know without trying, you never know what you’re made of and what can be accomplished.  So it’s no surprise to anyone who knows me well.  I don’t quit easily, especially when motivation and passions run high.

Now 4 years later I’ve learned how to write a book, build and maintain a website, edit and publish articles online [a continuous learning process].  I’m now in the final stages of detail required for book publication.  The manuscript now fully incorporates our 18 tenets listed below.  These are the beliefs I lived by as a fitness trainer and instructor and used to develop customized fitness programs for clients.  Currently, my role in the company is a healthy lifestyle writer-consultant for MirrorAthlete Corp.

MirrorAthlete® Principled Fitness and Healthy Lifestyle Philosophy is based on these 18 tenets by Marc Woodard

1   “Optimize fitness results by defining and relating to applied fitness practices.” 

2   “When kids value healthy habits future generations benefit.”

3   “Working muscle metabolism prefers specific fuel mixtures to optimize fitness results.” 

4   “Due diligence prior to purchasing fitness product or services is wise.” 

5   “Balanced food nutrients and activities sustain health and fitness levels” 

6   “Consumer needs and wants determine the marketplace supply and demand.”

 7    “Removing a bad habit may require a substitute practice to achieve the objective.” 

8   “Man adds hyper palatable ingredients in foods that addict and harms health.”

 9    “Relating to lab results can influence lifestyle change and consumer choice.”

 10   “Successful Weight Loss does not Require Abstinence from the Foods you Love.” 

11   “Select’ Cooking Fats Benefit Weight Loss, Health and Fitness Goals.” 

12   “Childhood experiences influence adult habits and behavior.” 

13   “Commit to healthy lifestyle and achieve fitness goals.” 

14   “Chemically and genetically engineered foods are bad on health.” 

15   “Healthy lifestyle releases body chemicals that support well-being.” 

16   “Oxygenate the body, burn more fat and lower risk of illness and disease.” 

17   “God’s universal design shows us how to live happy, healthy and long lives.”

 18   “Relative exercise programming optimizes fitness and health and lifestyle results.”

I’ve included similar pain chronicle stories in the book manuscript never seen by anyone including my family.  They are documented at the end of each chapter under “Personal Fitness Challenge.”  The chapters’ content is also backed by hundreds of professional citations which substantiate MirrorAthlete unique principled philosophy.

And to make it a more entertaining read there are ~50 satirical cartoons and tables and charts.  Humor is good for the encompassing being.  And our cartoonist John Fiedler does not disappoint.  Reacquaint yourself with our home website and learn more about the book project and release date.

Sid, “you won’t have a long wait to hear the rest of the story.”

I’ve pushed off the publication of this manuscript for personal and family reasons throughout the last 3 years.  However I can say in all honesty the book is 95% complete.  I still need to perform one last editorial review before sending it back to the publishing house for their final editorial critique.  Also I have not written the conclusion, or finalized the front and back inner/outer cover text and art.

Marc at the capital.

Marc at the capital.

I am accepting book endorsements at this time from professionals in related fields.  Especially in fitness, nutrition, health, medical, sports training, exercise science [physiology], vocational rehab, natural healthy lifestyle products and services, etc.  Simply send your bio, or [LinkedIn Link] and why interested in endorsing our book.

If selected you’ll receive ‘select’ sample chapter writings of our manuscript.  And if sample writings meets your endorsement requirements and approved by mirrorathlete… you’ll be given personal-company recognition with ‘your’ approved endorsement statement on back of our book cover.

Send book interest and endorsement request to:

The book release date was recently listed 2nd quarter 2016 at our website.  Now a new release date, 1st quarter of 2017 has been agreed upon per Corp., annual minutes of the meeting.  I’m very hopeful this new deadline will be met.

My wife often asks when it will be done.  I simply reply, “It’ll be ready when it’s ready and not before.”  I’ve also had other writer’s say, “You know Marc it will never be good enough in your eyes.  ‘Just submit it, let the publishers tweak it in the editorial process and get it published.”  I’ll admit I’m a much better writer and editor than those earlier years.  However the quality of content and terminology must be consistent, relative, interesting, up-to-date, and valuable to all consumers and thought provoking enough to stand the test of time.  These are my standards which I will not compromise and will ensure this book is second-to-none in class.

I know the quality and competitive writing style and consumer value is there.  I’ve read each chapter a hundred times over.  And to tell you the truth the content is captivating to a point where I look forward to a reading it again, as I know others will.  Why? I teach anyone how to apply the skill-sets I spent a lifetime learning through simplified, interesting topics and client and consumer examples anyone can understand and relate too.  Then readers will often refer back when healthy life choices and changes require guidance through timeless literary consultation.  And for those struggling with physical, mental and spiritual adversity I believe the “Personal fitness Challenge Stories” at the end of each chapter will resonate on a personal level and be of great support, motivation and comfort to all who need and want to improve an adversity situation and live life to the fullest.

To stay up-to-date on our book project and monthly articles publication, click on Book Project Details, or 1st Book Release Update links.  Also learn more about topics of interest within our publications repository and/or subscribe to our free self-published articles at MirrorAthlete Fitness Secrets.  Also visit MirrorAthlete FaceBook page and “Like” us and share this exciting book release news.  Follow us on Twitter.  You can also visit our home site.  To learn more on Marc Woodard Bio, visit LinkedIn.

    Sid’s final question.  “Do you still take on clients for consultation and customized fitness programming on-line, visits or by phone?” 

No I haven’t taken on any clients, instructed fitness classes or manufactured supplements for some time.  My focus in 2007 was to get back to my Exercise Science roots.  First help myself, thereafter find a vehicle to share the knowledge I’ve learned and show others how to live life to the fullest.  There is so little time in life to give something back to others.  I had a story of immense value to tell and I wanted to share it.  A book was the best way to spread these principled fitness and healthy lifestyle truths from a fitness trainer and healthy lifestyle consultant perspective.

Now thousands of consumers will have a 1:1 consultant guiding them in natural fitness, health, wellness, nutrition, well-being, longevity, consumer safety and anti-aging best-in-class practices.  Including hard to find insider secrets the mega-industries hope you never find.

After the book publication maybe I’ll venture into new MirrorAthlete business opportunities.  For now I’m grateful and content living life to the fullest while giving back to my community as a local politician, writer and family business consultant.  I hope you continue to follow us and chime in through social media, etc.

Sid, thanks so much for this opportunity to share more history in the making with our readers.  Also I know when the book is published, everything you’re looking for and more will be there.

If any subscriber has a unique question, or article ideal simply send email to: and it may be published in our monthly newsletter.

Good health to you and your family!



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Monitor Fitness and Health Like a Pro

24 01 2015
Walking beaches is great aerobic exercise.

Walking beaches is great low-impact aerobic exercise activity.

How to monitor and sustain healthy body weight, appearance, physical performance and fitness levels like a pro, and without spending any money.

Believe it or not, if you use a weight scale and monitor two bodily vitals; blood pressure and heart rate, these measurements provide a good indicator of oxygen utilization, fat burning capacity, metabolic efficiencies and overall health condition.  There is a direct correlation between these particular vitals, fitness levels, health and physical results.

For example when you fall within a healthy heart rate and blood pressure range it is much easier to achieve fitness and health goals.  When oxygen enriched blood circulates unobstructed throughout the body, it is easier to achieve a desired body weight, improve muscle tone, increase strength and cardio-muscular endurance and flexibility [Range of Motion]; and sustain health and wellbeing.

The basics of vitals monitoring as related to healthy blood circulation and heart-lung circulatory capacity is pretty easy to understand.  If your heart rate and blood pressure fall within a normal range for your age, it is easier to begin, improve and advance a fitness goal, or improve health condition.  Likewise, if these vitals are outside normal range, it makes exercise more difficult to begin and sustain the effort and health risk increases.

Start a New Activity and Meet New People.

Start a New Activity and Meet New People.

If you’re interested in determining how your blood pressure and heart rate stack up against a comparable populace, or want to date and record vitals at no cost and compare future results, visit a local pharmacy.

Almost every retail store pharmacy has a free blood pressure cuff and heart rate monitoring station.

Free Self Check Vitals Services,

I can’t resist using the arm cuff station at the local pharmacy store to see if my vitals are within a normal range, or if I need to work on diet, exercise, or visit my doctor.  Pay attention to the blood pressure and heart rate charts at the station, then document your results.  If your blood pressure and heart rate are significantly below or above vitals standards seek medical consultation.  Regardless of the results, write them down and use them as a historical baseline comparison and/or share them with a medical professional.

If you’re significantly outside a normal vitals range for your age in comparison to previous results the station may be out of calibration.  I’ve experienced faulty cuff monitoring stations a couple of times.   To test this theory I’ve visited another pharmacy store the same day and vitals were normal for my age.  If you get “at risk” readings at 2 separate store locations, seek medical advisement.

Blood pressure and heart rate indicators tell us a lot about metabolism and circulatory-heart health.  When blood pressure and heart rate are too low or high the body is experiencing circulatory and cardio functional stress.  These are warning signs that should not be ignored.  Typically but not always, when body fat weight is high so are vitals.

The weight scale is probably one of the most convenient measuring devices I use. Body weight is either up or down.  If you’re up, concentrate on balanced diet and aerobic exercise activity to burn more body fat.


Take a break, enjoy the day and fuel up to continue healthy activities.

It is aerobic walking, jogging and moderate running, biking and swimming, etc., exercise that injects oxygen enriched blood into the circulatory and cardio systems during low-impact aerobic exercise activity that burns more body fat.

During low-impact aerobic exercise fat burning occurs and is measureable when activity is within the THR (Target Heart Rate) zone, or the fat burning zone.

Which simply means, if you’re in the aerobic heart rate fat burning zone during exercise, you’ll burn more body fat.

Use the simple THR formula below to monitor HR during activity and stay within the Fat Burning zone.  Then apply formula during exercise to lose more body fat weight.

To use Simple formula below, first determine aerobic effort you want to apply and stay within that fat burning zone during exercise.  Using the Simple formula plug in 50 – 70% to burn more fat:

For example, Intensity of Aerobic Effort Percentages:  50 – 60% – Efficient fat burning zone, 60 – 70% – Optimize fat burning furnace.  71 – 100% – Increasing physical effort beyond 70% begins to step up a greater anaerobic lactic acid and the metabolism burns less fat.

 Simple formula: ((220 – age) x Intensity of Effort%/6) = Beats per Minute (BPM)

Then determine your maximum heart rate take 220 – age.  If your 40 years old for example  (220 – 40 = 180).

Then multiply 180 by 50% THR and physical effort needed to burn fat at the lower aerobic intensity range (180 x .50 = 90 BPM).

Or multiply 180 by 60-70% THR and physical effort needed to burn fat at the higher aerobic intensity range (180 x .70 = 126 BPM).

Take 90 or 126 and divide by 6.  Results:  15 and  21 BPM represent a 10 second pulse count you can take during exercise.  Simply monitor pulse at carotid (side of neck) or brachial (wrist) for a 10 second pulse count inbetween exercise.  If you fall within this heart rate range your burning body fat fuel.

“These calculations provide only estimates of your target heart rate,  cardiovascular work zone and fat burning efficiency during exercise.  To precisely determine your individual heart rate maximum, you would need to undergo physical testing, like in an exercise science lab (Richey 2013).” [ref:

To learn more about THR click on the following link “How Cardio-Muscular Endurance Melts off Pounds.”

I’ve used both vitals tracking and body weight weekly and TRH zone monitoring to adjust exercise activity, improve health and determine level of fitness condition for my age.

Make adjustments to daily diet and exercise activity if vitals begin to fall outside an unfit range.  Also blood lab results are great indicators of internal health condition.   if your dietary glucose (sugars), Cholesterol and Triglycerides (blood fats) are too high…  journal these results for future comparisons after adjusted diet and exercise program changes.

Continue to read all MirrorAthlete Fitness Secret articles.  Learn more on how to further improve fitness levels, reduce health risk, look and feel better and live life to the fullest.  And be sure to visit your doctor for frequent medical checkups.  And when you do, present your self monitoring data, nutrition and exercise habits and past vs. present blood test results for further medical advisement.

Author: Marc T. Woodard, MBA, BS Exercise Science, USA Medical Services Officer, CPT, RET 2015 MirrorAthlete® Copyright.  All rights.


Is Weight Loss this Simple?

23 03 2014

    Throughout the years working as a fitness consultant it never seized to amaze me how many people had the same fitness goal.  And I’m sure many can guess that goal.  Some I worked with were challenged with overweight problems and often sought a quick weight loss solutions to fix it.  However, most if not all fast result diet products and restrictive diet plans are not natural or safe for our organic body chemistry.  A question often asked, are all weight loss solutions that produce rapid weight loss bad for us?  My simple answer, “yes.”

Exercise While Walking Urban Trail Pathways
Exercise While Walking Urban Trail Pathways

    In general, manmade chemicals in our foods and dietary supplements are having a negative effect on wellbeing and overall health.  For example, hormone stimulants, restrictive diet plans and diet suppression products designed to lose weight fast often present the following health risks and not limited to: diabetes, cardio circulatory and immune problems, cellular and gene mutation, cancer; depression, anxiety, eating and other behavioral disorders, etc., and other illness and disease. 

    It’s almost as if we’ve evolved into a marketplace where consumers believe safe solutions for all that ails us are found in pretty packages.  And those chemical ingredients aren’t limited to our dietary and fitness enhancement fast results pills, diet foods and supplements.  Our food chain provides a plethora of chemicals found within our convenience, processed, ready-to-eat meals and fast foods. 

    But what we want and what our bodies need are entirely two different things.

    Our bodies unlike machines are organic.  And our good health is dependent upon balanced daily activity and nutrition that nourishes integrate cellular DNA, circulatory and neurological systems; organs, gland and skin, hair and nail cells and muscular-skeletal health to name a few complex physiological systems and healthy appearance attributes.  We are by far more complex than anything created by man.  And this includes how his misunderstanding in manipulation of foods, dietary products and fitness gimmicks will short cut what our metabolisms need; which effectively and ultimately impacts our health long term. 

    So what is the answer to healthy weight loss and removal of the toxins from the foods we consume daily and within our living environment?  Outside of bad eating habits, the answer to healthy longevity, weight loss and sustainment of that loss cannot be solved by a marketer’s one diet and exercise activity prescription for all.  In other words, what works for some may not work for you and the repeated habit of losing weight fast, then gaining it back is the dreaded “yo-yo” effect.  This habitual yo-yo fix inevitably destroys your fat burning metabolism and you gain more weight. 

    Instead, what marketers could provide consumers to improve permanent weight loss success has little to do with manmade products and services.  Instead marketplaces and educators would serve consumers and their children well by educating, promoting and marketing goods based on balanced nutrition, healthy lifestyle and fitness activity relative to the demographic it targets, educates and serves.  Then expectations and bad eating habits would shift to a healthier lifestyle balance. 

    What fitness, health and nutritional science and client cases have proved to me over the years… if you want to achieve and sustain a fit healthy mind-body for the long haul, it serves one well in understanding how to balance lifestyle within a 21st Century world.  

    If you expect to live an active lifestyle through your 70’s and 80’s  there are 3 basic MirrorAthlete fitness principles you can apply immediately.   And none of these principles has anything to do with processed and convenience fast foods, quick weight loss gimmicks, muscular enhancement, or vanity products or services.  Save your money! 

1st Principle – Our encompassing being (mind, body and spirit) needs to hunt and gather foods through walking activity.  Walking is natural exercise which we are genetically designed to do well.  It is needed to work and keep the organic being energized, motivated with purpose, tone, fit and sustain good body weight and overall metabolic health. 

2nd Principle – Our encompassing being needs organic wholefoods and drink from mother earth.  In a 21st Century marketplace, whole foods and certified organic farmed, processed, handling and logistics to market and foods farmed from our backyard-to-stove is as organic as one can hunt, gather and consume. Other than living a subsistence lifestyle in some remote part of the world. 

  3rd Principle – Our encompassing being needs clean air, stress free and restful environment as opposed to a continuously enclosed and stressful one.  Outdoor green space, trail and pathway activities in city, rural or remote areas absent of vehicle motor exhaust or other toxins and noise.  This is as organic of an environment as one can place themselves within an urbanized or developed place. 

    Within these 3 fit healthy principles you note there is no reference to: convenience meals, processed dietary weight loss meals, restrictive diet plans, spot fat reduction products, intensive aerobics fitness programs, low fat food products, surgical procedures, satiety formulas, hunger suppressants, hormone stimulators or any other variety of fast results weight loss short cut products or vanity services. 

    Why doesn’t MirrorAthlete promote these forms of dietary weight loss solutions and over processing of our foods?  Food processing and dietary solutions almost always has a high level of toxic chemicals in them, some are addictive and/or are nutritionally restrictive and imbalanced.  None of these things complement our organic body needs and they don’t help in changing habits and behaviors long term. 

    To apply a long term fitness strategy to lose weight safely and sustain that loss simply requires “for many” applying these 3 principled lifestyle changes. 

    Although these 3 principles may not be customized for your particular health or medical condition and/or lifestyle, or fitness goals, it does provide what your organic body needs to sustain overall good fitness and health.  As always, consult with your physician if you have not worked out for some time, or have dietary restrictions or a medical condition(s). 

  1.  If you don’t exercise with frequency, or haven’t exercised with intensity or effort in a while, I recommend you walk daily if there is no medical reason not to.  Start today if able and/or approved by your physician.  There is no magic number in miles or time.  Everyone is at different fitness and health levels and can achieve greater aerobics capacity to lose more fat and increase cardio and muscular tone.  Once you condition yourself to walk, it is ideal to do so at least 5 days/week for 15-30minutes.  The more you walk, the more fat you burn because you condition your metabolism and muscles to optimize its fat burning potential throughout the duration of the walk.  And up to two hours more after the activity stops because of exercise stimulation on the metabolism.
  2. Eat less processed and convenience foods and more whole foods.  Avoid processed ready-to-eat and dietary low fat meals.  Especially those contained within colorful and attractive packages.  This is code for “contains toxic ingredients.”  Look at food labels, if you can’t pronounce the ingredients, or they don’t appear to be a natural food source, buyer beware.  All decorative convenience and even packaged whole foods baked, fresh and frozen have varying degree of chemical preservatives, additives, dyes, artificial flavors, Trans Fats and other chemicals to keep them looking colorfully fresh and smell good with long storage life.  Your challenge is to gather foods that have the least amount of these chemicals in them.
  3.  Move yourself outdoors for exercise activity as often as possible and preferably in a smog free environment.  This may require driving to a healthier environment to exercise and in worst case scenarios, moving out of an unhealthy one.  Staying indoors during work and home may also expose one to Material off-gassing (vapors) of materials especially in new facilities, retail space, homes and new cars.  As materials off-gas chemicals they emit toxic fumes into the air you breathe.  And these fumes can make you sick and may be carcinogenic.  If fresh air makeup inside a living or work space is not sufficient and it’s impacting your respiratory health, vent for appropriate fresh air makeup.  Getting plenty of fresh air and drinking enough water daily will help remove food and environmental toxins from the immune, circulatory and bodies filter systems and cleanse all tissue at the cellular level. 

    Lifestyle Change Prescription:  A lifestyle prescription that provides increased fitness levels and health benefits can be summarized in one paragraph.  This prescription is simple and produces safe, natural and cost effective weight loss results and healthier lifestyle experiences at any age.  

    “Plan aerobic low stress walking exercise daily to optimize the fat burning metabolism.  During low stress walking activity drink water to rehydrate within a fresh air environment.  Gather within a backpack that also includes a 2-3 litter water bladder to rehydrate while walking, a few whole food items daily.  Develop a daily walk and shop habit of gathering organic wholefood products from the local farmers markets and wholefood grocery stores.  Cook these fresh whole foods after shop and walk activities.  Then ensure you get at least 7-8 hours of sleep each night to maintain healthy fat burning metabolism.” 

    Whenever I programmed a client that included these 3 fitness principles or provided this simple lifestyle change program, success was achieved when applied with long-term commitment.  With these changes came healthy weight loss results and a more active and healthy lifestyle. 

    These principles are not derived of new knowledge.  But instead a culmination of the best life, fitness, health, physiology and nutritional science disciplines and principles, mortality and demographic statistics, consumer and watchdog agency reports and cultural epidemiological studies from areas that produced more Centurion’s per capita than anywhere else on the planet. 

    Individuals that depend on man’s solutions to solve wants, conveniences, comforts and desires are not what our organic mind and body’s need.  Instead, when habitually dependent upon these shortcuts and conveniences frequently proves to depress the mind and spirit and sicken the organic being. 

    When we habitually depend on these addictive and convenience products, I’m convinced we live a shorter, less productive and a more miserable life existence, while never learning how to live life to the fullest. 

Supporting Articles Previously Published by MirrorAthlete 

Woodard, Marc.  Wisdom from Centurions on Longevity. Hubpages. Updated 29 January 2014.  Originally Published 14 December 2009. 

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Author: Marc T. Woodard, MBA, BS Exercise Science, MSC Officer, ANG Ret. 2014 Copyright.  All rights reserved, MirrorAthlete Publishing @:, Sign up for your free eNewsletter.

Carbon Trading, “Your Money or Your Life”

23 02 2011
Biking A Dual Purpose – Reduce Carbon Foot Print and Receive Fitness Benefit in the Great Outdoors

    Carbon Trading (or emissions trading) is an administrative approach used to control pollution by providing economic incentives for achieving reductions in the emissions of pollutants, and is sometimes referred to as “cap and trade”.  A central authority (usually a government or international body) sets a limit or cap on the amount of a pollutant that can be emitted by an industrial plant.   

    Carbon Trading is also a market based mechanism for helping to mitigate the increase of CO2 in the atmosphere.  Carbon Trading markets are developed that bring buyers and sellers of carbon credits together with standardized rules of trade, where large companies or organizations are assigned a quota of carbon that they are allowed to emit.  If a company’s emissions are less that its quota then the company can sell credits, or if the company’s emissions exceed its quota, then they will need to purchase carbon credits.  Through this cap and trade, Industrial companies ensure with proper monitoring that their emission levels balance out between their allowable spent carbon and their stored or purchased credits.

     In Oregon, Governor Ted Kolongoski has an ambitious goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to below 1990 levels by the year 2020.   He believes that if done right, a cap and trade system (that is estimated to cost the state less than $10 million) could help boost Oregon’s economy, and force companies to adopt more energy efficient practices.  Part of the Governor’s plan is to create jobs through the employment of “wave energy” and to place stock in the Oregon Wave Energy Trust.  “I believe this is the best direction for Oregon.  That said, I want everyone to know that I would not move a policy forward that would have a negative effect on Oregon companies or our economy” (Ted Kolongoski).

     The opportunity exists for Oregon to establish itself as the leader in wave energy and become the national center for wave energy research and commercial demonstration.  One of Oregon’s coastal towns, “Reedsport,” has been identified as an ideal location for wave energy conversion based primarily on its tremendous wave resource and coastline transmission capacity.

     Although the subject of Carbon Trading is not new by any means, it continues to grow in public awareness and is currently a thorn in the sides of many large companies and industries.  The public sectors are more concerned on how Carbon Trading will affect the future of family generations and how those generations may prosper or fail.  Another growing concern of the public is how greenhouse gas emissions associated with human activities, are affecting the world’s climate.  Earth is facing a problem right now where human activities are emitting too much greenhouse gas, mainly CO2, into the atmosphere.  This is causing a gradual warming of Earth’s climate and it is now understood that if Earth’s atmosphere continues to warm, the consequences will be disastrous for everyone.  CO2 and other climate-altering gases pose further threat to human life, as well as all life on this planet.

 Toxic air contaminates such as lead (Pb), carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen oxide (NOx), sulfur dioxide (SO2), and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), contribute to the following health effects:

 1)    Upper respiratory infection

2)    Asthma in children and adults

3)    Cystic fibrosis

4)    Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

     Pollutants and chemicals can upset the balance of the atmosphere by destroying the ozone layer, which is necessary for life as we know it.  The ozone layer absorbs most of the dangerous ultraviolet radiation that is known to cause serious maladies in human tissue.  If more of this radiation gets through, it would cause an increase in skin cancer and in eye diseases such as cataracts.  It has been estimated that a one percent depletion of the ozone layer would result in an extra 70,000 cases of skin cancer ever year worldwide.

      Another reason that Carbon Trading is such a hot topic in the new millennium is that with the diversity of the carbon business, there are myriad opportunities for the individual investor to profit in the carbon market.  Investors will be able to capitalize by investing in companies that are providing technology for reducing carbon emissions as well as investing in companies that are inherently non polluters.   Carbon Trading is increasingly becoming big business, and according to a New York Times article, trading carbon “Will be the world’s biggest commodity market, and it could become the world’s biggest market overall.”

      An example of this is seen where Al Gore’s venture capital firm loaned a small California company $75 million to develop energy-saving technology.  The company, “Silver Springs Networks,” produces hardware and software to make the electric grid more efficient.  The deal appeared to pay off in a big way when the Energy Department announced $3.4 billion in small grid grants, where of the total; more than $560 million went to utilities with which Silver Springs Networks has contracts.  The move means that venture capitalists including Mr. Gore could become the world’s first Carbon Billionaires, while continuing to appear as heroes in the deep pocketed push for carbon offsets.

      Now let’s understand what carbon offsets are, and what the intended outcome is.  Carbon offset is a financial instrument representing a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions measured in metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e).  One carbon offset represents the reduction of one metric ton of carbon dioxide, or it’s equivalence in other greenhouse gases.  Offsets are typically generated from emissions-reducing projects where the most common types are found in renewable energy sources such as wind farms, solar arrays, algae farming, biomass energy, and hydroelectric dams.

      A fundamental example of Carbon Trading can be seen with Pacific General Electric (PGE) who, in 2003, placed 5 million tons of CO2 into the atmosphere by its coal burning plant in Boardman Oregon. That same year, PGE was required to offset their emissions by investing in renewable energy sources which at that time, were primarily dominated by wind and solar generating projects.  Six years later, 82% of PGE’s “green power” came from solar energy and windmills (like the ones in Eastern Oregon), 11% came from biomass, and 7% came from geothermal.

      A different form of carbon offset is displayed by Oregon woodland owners who are considering selling off their carbon credits.  One resident, who owns a small woodland plot in the foothills of the Oregon coast range, is among the forest owners considering selling carbon credits to generate extra revenue.  Their plan is to sell off the stored carbon in old growth trees, and offer the carbon storage as carbon credit in typical cap and trade fashion.  This plan is viewed as “carbon storing,” where the offset allows polluters to emit carbon, as longs as they pay to maintain these older tree stands.  “You’re getting triple the carbon storage on our land by having these older stands.”

      Ultimately, the outcomes of these carbon reduction initiatives is for carbon neutrality or having a net zero carbon footprints or net zero carbon emission base.  This is achieved by balancing a measured amount of carbon released, with an equivalent amount sequestered or offset, or by purchasing enough carbon credits to make up the difference.  Individuals can work to achieve this carbon neutral concept by self-examination of one’s personal contribution to the problems of global warming.

     A few of these contributions to global warming are driving, flying, and excessive use of basic household energies.  Once you figure out where you stand, you can balance out your carbon footprint by driving less, creating a more energy efficient home, or purchasing carbon offset equipment for your home to displace energy from fossil fuels.  One way to do this is to install a 5kW rooftop solar array system for about $1.00 per watt.  However, at an estimated cost of $10,000 (solar unit plus contract installation) the payback would be in the order of 10 years, even with the aid of subsidies.

      Recently, I calculated a portion of my own carbon footprint with the aid of a “Carbon Calculator” using two different variables.  The first variable entered, was the carbon emissions factors from my car which was calculated by: mileage (75368), make (Ford), model (ZX3), and year (2003), making its carbon emission 25.76 metric tons of CO2.  The second set of variable entered concerned my choice of foods, recycling habits, and the purchase of basic needs, reflecting a secondary footprint amount of 0.14 metric tons of CO2 per year.  This combined the total from a seven yearforecast, or my “7 year profile,” at being 25.90 metric tons of CO2 released into the atmosphere.

     Based on a study conducted by a private organization who estimates that it takes 130 trees to produce the amount of oxygen needed to combat the carbon dioxide emitted from on car each year, and the statistics given about the enormous footprint of my diminutive compact car, my car is 910 trees in the hole!

      There is an urgent need for humanity to become unified and work towards a common goal, or to develop a plan that will benefit the health of the Earth, as well as the health of all its inhabitants.  We can begin the plan by first forming a world focus group designated in finding a solution for cleaning up our oceans.  Monies from deep carbon trading pockets can be used to finance a project dedicated to the reduction of the trash choking out sea life in our world’s most diverse eco system.  We need to accept the fact that sociocultural changes are a necessary precursor to obtaining this goal, and we also need to accept our own personal responsibility to end our status as being a “throwaway economy.”For example, authorities can enforce higher fines for littering, especially for violators who have no regard for sea life or the entire animal kingdom, and dispose of their plastics anywhere they wish.

      Throwing your plastics in the trash is as about as smart as throwing the rubbish right into the water systems around the world.  This indifferent attitude, has given rise to a horrible beast and phenomenon known as the “translucent soup” which floats 10 meters deep in various locations at sea.  Our focus group can start their plan immediately; right in the Pacific Ocean where the swirling vortex of trash is referred to as “The Great Pacific Garbage Patch,” a vast accumulation of an astonishing amount of debris composed primarily of polymers, and twice the width of the Continental United States.

      The filth created by our past transgressions while living in the Industrial Age, has created a monstrous predicament for humans who now live in the digital age of the Cenozoic era, a sad inheritance that no one wishes to claim.  Unfortunately, we own the beast and also own the responsibility to clean it up to hopefully bring our planet back to its pre-industrial condition.  That’s a bold and expensive concept, but with a unified plan to initiate a worldwide clean up through Carbon Trading, it’s plausible and possibly attainable.

    Extreme expense is not the only barrier for us to scale, the plans and systems of Carbon trading themselves are not impervious to fault or corruption.  Like any money making scheme, carbon credits are subject to fraud and theft, a problem realized in Germany, where computer hackers stole 250,000 carbon credit permits worth more than $4 million dollars.  Understanding the potential problems and political agendas that will follow the Carbon Trading trail, is the first step in accepting the role we need to play in order to cash in on its reward.  Developing this knowledge will empower us to take action and gain control of this problem, eliminatingthe fears and doubts we will have for spending the piles of money that will be needed in order to extinguish the billows of suffocating smoke, and exhaust the piles of poisonous trash.Hopefully, education will also keep us from compounding the problems any further.

      The plan may seem overwhelming and impractical, it will weigh heavy in logistics, and a great deal of our own money will be at stake.  But it is not so much the fact that our money is at stake here, our own health and longevity is in jeopardy too, which exceeds any amount of money in anyone’s bank account.  As humans, it’s our choice.  Pay now, and live a long and rewarding life, or pay later, and suffer a long and costly death.


  Resource:  “Carbon Trading “Your Money or Your Life,” Author, Ronald M. Murray, Original Research Paper Written on 7 June 2010.    Author Approved for publication 21 Feb 2011 @ Mirror Athlete publishing center.  2011 Copyright, All rights reserved. 


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“Dare To Walk,” TV Reality Game Show

7 02 2010

See MAE Video “Dare to Walk,” Stay Fit, Alleviate Pain, Save American Families One Step at a Time!

“The original Concept “Dare to Walk another Day” came from a 30 chapter Mirror Athlete manuscript (currently seeking publication).  The 30 chapters encompass preventative exercise and pain alleviation modalities known as “Mirror Athlete Science,” fitness and pain management philosophy.

“Dare to Walk” another Day is devoted to 2-3 chapters in the manuscript.  It explains the importance of this game concept in the last chapter and why this fitness and pain management philosophy would be of great interest to all Americans, including the politics centered around preventative health and Medicare issues.  The intended audience (76 million baby boomers) and family interest in this type of Reality TV Game show would be huge, also educational.  This show could put our nation’s health first by using walking as the preventative health outreach initiative through a competitive and exciting walk Reality TV game show. Those that manage pain effectively and walk show you “how they do it!”  The globe would benefit and the audience would expand immensely by the second year of production because of the shows promotional unique appeal and draw to boomers and families of all ages throughout the world.  “Dare to Walk” SITE ,” WGAW Registry #1409703, Feb 2010 (“Dare to Walk,” TV Reality Game Concept).  Copyright Mirror Athlete Enterprises, All rights reserved 2010.

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See other Mirror Athlete Corp projects you may be interested in, such as “Viking Carnivores” Reality TV Game Show.”

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What to do About Bunions?

22 09 2009

What exactly is a bunion?  A bunion is a bony bump that forms at the base of the big toe joint which becomes enlarged and points inward toward the other toes.  The medical term used for this condition is hallux valgus.  Other symptoms aside from the bony bump: Thickening skin at the base of the toe with redness, swelling and soreness.  People with weak or flat feet including the improper use of foot wear (high heels, tight fitting shoes) and genetically predisposed to inherit the bunion often experience this painful condition.  Most bunion avoidance or relief once bunion is established can be achieved through shoe modification and anti-inflammatory (aspirin and ibuprofen) to assist with swelling and general pain management.  You can relieve pressure on the big toe by wearing shoes that are comfortable and don’t create pressure at this area, and/or by placing a pad on the bunion to reduce friction.  For women they must avoid wearing pointed high heeled shoes. 

 Improper shoe wear creates most bunion issues by rubbing the bony areas of the toe creating a tender red and swollen area where a thick calloused skin covering grows over this heated contact point.   Since bunions never go away once created surgery may be necessary if pain is unmanageable.  Should pain worsen your doctor may recommend a bunionectomy.  This is where the swollen tissue is taken out and/or the toe is straightened by taking out part of the bone and/or permanently joins bone at the affected joint.

 Bunionectomy Surgical procedure:  A general anesthesia will be given prior to the procedure to make you feel as if you are asleep while pain is subdued during the operation.  The doctor will make a cut over the bump, removing excess tissue and may reposition the toe in a more natural position by removing bone.  Recovery time after surgery is typically around 2 months.    Hospital stay after the surgery is really dependent on severity of bunion and how a patient responds to the surgery.  Most patients go home the same day with a foot brace, or special shoe. 

 Recommendations, Prevention and Bunion Pain Management

 Wear roomy shoes that are comfortable and does not irritate, or cramp your feet.

  1. Keep swelling down with anti-inflammatory.  Keep pressure off of affected toe.
  2. See primary care physician if pain worsens.  Get x-ray of joint, see foot specialist.
  3. Wear a thick felt-ring around bunion to alleviate pain.
  4. Get the bunion removed through a surgical procedure (see above – bunionectomy).
  5. Ensure you arrange for care after bunionectomy as walking will be limited for 2 weeks.
  6. Custom made orthotics may reduce bunion pain See Mirror Athlete Press Release .

Benefits of surgery – Your toe won’t hurt, shoes may fit better.  Risk after surgery – Your bunion could come back.  Nerves and arteries could be damaged.  Toe may remain stiff.  Toe could lose blood supply.  Infection and bleeding may occur.

Author:  Marc T. Woodard, MBA, BS Exercise Science, USA Medical Services Officer, CPT, RET.  2009 Copyright, All rights reserved.  Mirror Athlete Enterprises Publishing @:, Sign up for your free eNewsletter.

Exercising for Weight Loss a Myth?

22 09 2009

Do you recall seeing commercials or reading magazine advertisements where exercise gadgets and specialized exercise programs promise great weight loss results?  Well if you haven’t, let me tell you weight loss exercise products are big business for ex-celebrities in the entertainment and sports industries.  Remember the thigh and abs flex products that promoted inches will melt away around these areas while leading you to believe this would be the result of the entire body!  After all, the models used in the sales pitch appear to be perfectly lean specimens.

 Look around your house and count how many unused exercise gadgets, exercise equipment and books you have lying dormant in your home.  Why do these products lay around the home collecting dust?  And if these products did not work for you why did you not return the product?  Most of these exercise weight loss products guarantee great results by your favorite celebrity.  You were lead to believe if you follow the typical 4-12 week exercise product program you would see great results, well did you?  It is also interesting to note most guarantees have a 30-90 (4-12 weeks) day satisfaction return policy, no questions asked.  If the product didn’t produce the results was it because they actually didn’t work, or that you didn’t give an honest effort, or would it have mattered whether you used the product or not?  Regardless, the product is sitting in your home now dormant.

 Could it be you blame your lack of motivation to use the product that ran out the warranty?  Maybe you used the product as instructed without great, or no results, but in fact gained more weight.  Possibly the relatively small dollar amount of the purchase didn’t seem worth the effort to send it back.  In each example, you disregarded the warranty.

 In any case, most of us have been conditioned to believe exercise is the key to great weight loss success.    Product sales pitches that use the science of exercise as a weight loss product concept have been misleading consumers desperate to lose weight for years.  Yet those that are desperate want to believe the hype because they believe this premise is based on hard scientific fact!  Marketers and your favorite celebs take full advantage of desperate and emotional overweight people that are not educated in exercise science!

 Yes, exercise science is a real undergraduate degree program offered in many universities, also known as exercise physiology.  I have a B.S. degree in this discipline, so this is true if you’d never heard of it before.  These marketers are smart.  They know how to slant the rhetoric leading you to believe they actually care about you.  Remember, many of your celebs are banking on this pitch to make them more money as well!  Weight loss through exercise alone could not be further from the truth!

 What do the marketers know about sales, physiology and psychology that most of us do not think about?  They know how to target an audience and that the younger demographic will have a weight loss result that can be further promoted to increase future sales.  They know this is so because if a younger demographic with fast metabolisms actually works any type of exercise product program a good majority of these people will have some kind of result.  I know, you’re thinking I said, “Exercise for weight loss is a myth.”  You’ll soon have the full story, patience.

 Haven’t you noticed the before and after shots on the infomercials?  Most of these people appear to be between the ages of 18-35 years of age.  And as science has proven in many controlled studies, the human metabolisms before the age of 35 are pretty responsive to increased activity.  However, weight loss results within “any age” demographic seem to have more to do with the psychology of weight loss desire then does the use of any singular, or combination of exercise product(s). Desire to lose weight within any age range is mostly to do about motivating psychological desires:  The dating scene, interview for job, want youthful look back, vanity, health, you name it there are many reasons to motivate a person to lose weight through behavior and lifestyle activity changes. 

 In other words, if you have motivation and desire to lose weight, you may be more prone to reduce weight through a combination of lifestyle changes including the use of exercise equipment and/or products.  For example, nutritional diet changes, smoking, alcohol cessation, shift to healthier environmental-social influences-activities, exercise aerobic-anaerobic activity changes (type, frequency, duration, intensity).  The sum of the total changes typically has a greater calorie burn response leading to weight loss.

 On the flip side, science has proven exercise makes people hungrier.  And because of this compensation effect, what leaves the body must eventually be replaced to maintain body comfort equilibrium.  For most of us over 35, this is our will power weakness defeating our motivation to lose weight, or making weight loss goals more challenging as we age.  This is because the sacrifice of feeling hunger to achieve weight loss results becomes much more difficult on the psyches will power with age.

 For those that maintain great results for a life time after being overweight, or experienced a period(s) of obesity may have sacrificed some part of the overall health for the result.  What do I mean by this statement?  Whenever the body is stressed beyond an equilibrium comfort level to achieve long-term results; it’s not the maintenance of maintaining the weight loss results so much that stresses the body’s metabolism.  It’s the initial stress on mind-body that can create internal metabolic (bodies homeostatic system) harm while achieving quick weight loss results.  Yet there are others that never have had a weight problem and never exercised in their lives.  This may only be attributed to great genetics and/or simply living a moderate active lifestyle while minimizing risky behavior, or combinations of both.

 With continued stress the body may lose weight in an unhealthy manner that can and does lead to illness and disease.  I know all of you have heard of yo-yo dieting and the ill-effects of practicing such weight loss practices.  The goal here is not to discuss poor dieting practices, but instead attempt to help the consumer understand; exercise alone, regardless of exercise equipment, product or technique does not have a significant impact on your weight loss goals because of the “compensation effect” (calories burnt demand to be replaced).  Even if you are an aerobic junky, you must look at your entire lifestyle picture.  The picture of your lean weight loss results is more to do with your age, race, sex, genetics, lifestyle habits and behaviors. 

 This is not to state that exercise products don’t promote any positive health benefits.  In fact, we know that exercise lower risks for many types of diseases, especially within the cardiovascular system, prevention of diabetes and cancer.  Exercise is also excellent for body toning, strength, and muscular endurance, postural alignment which contributes to overall good health and pain alleviation.  Whatever your experience with exercise weight loss products the reason you accumulate these things, most likely you believe they will either work again, or when you’re ready to use them the weight loss results will be achieved. 

 The marketers understand there will be a small percentage of you that will try the program and turn the product back within the guarantee time.  However, this means nothing to them.  The discipline of sending back a product before the warranty expires is very small regardless of customer dissatisfaction.  After all, most of you have been conditioned to believe exercise is necessary to lose weight.  They also know you don’t blame your favorite celebrity because you admire them and they look fantastic.  The pitch people continue to mislead the exercise science weight loss rhetoric slanted in their favor sometimes using professionally paid sponsored credentials.  So your weight problem must be solely due to your inability to exercise exactly as your favorite celebrity or intended use as specified within the instructions.  Wrong!

 To add insult to injury, those selling the exercise products are banking on most of you never understanding the calorie compensation effect on weight control and will power.  This way you’ll continue to purchase the latest hype exercise products from your favorite celebrity in hopes that something may work for you down the road.  One thing is for sure, you will keep them fat and happy rolling in dough.  The cycle continues on.  Amazing!

 Does exercise to reduce body weight on its own work, or is this line of thinking a myth?  You decide after reading my next article. “Science Proves Exercise Alone May Promote Weight Gain.”

Author:  Marc T. Woodard, MBA, BS Exercise Science, USA Medical Services Officer, CPT, RET.  2009 Copyright, All rights reserved.  Mirror Athlete Enterprises Publishing @:, Sign up for your free eNewsletter.