Mirror Athlete’s “Fitness Secrets” First Book Publication Nears

24 08 2013

Read Mirror Athlete’s Book Publishing Story: Soon to be Published Fitness Book – Takes Business to the Next Level.

Always thinking, how can we each do our part for a better tomorrow.

Always thinking, how can we each do our part for a better tomorrow.

The principled fitness techniques and context in this book are unlike any other fitness and health book you’ve read.

I understand many obese and out of shape individuals are looking for weight loss and fitness shortcuts that promise quick results. You don’t have to go that unsafe route. We connect the dots for you in an easy to follow format, because we know the marketplace will not provide all these fitness truths and for good reason.

If you are tired of paying hundreds and thousands of dollars for fitness products and services that don’t work, look no further.

With decades of fitness consulting client experiences, Mirror Athlete exposes the hard to find truths about the best kept natural fitness and diet weight loss secrets industries hope you don’t discover.

I’ll personally show you how to apply these principled fitness solutions and how you can customize your own natural weight loss and exercise program. One that is painless, healthy and one you’ll stick to for life.

It is the mind, body and spirit techniques that are the crux to long lasting quality of life experiences.

Through these personal and client examples a powerful principled fitness philosophy evolved with interesting stories. A philosophy based on science that can be applied by anyone.

Find out why our food, pharmaceutical and fitness industries and yes our government don’t want this information shared on a national platform! And how you can help change our health care reform policies simply by applying these principled fitness philosophy into your life.

A more fit and lean America is also the solution to our children’s obesity problems sweeping the nation.

On a deeper level, by keeping these fitness secrets from our children’s educational institutions, we cripple our children’s future and security: National deficit, health care resources, growing government and so much more!

Good health to you and your family.

Marc Woodard

Is Fluoride in Our City Water Necessary or Safe?

21 10 2012

How we change nature’s good resources into unintended health consequences

In order to determine whether adding fluoride to our public drinking water is safe, necessary or even beneficial for dental health it is wise to first understand its origins and industrial use history.  Especially since man had manipulated this naturally occurring trace element found within mother earth to produce a necessary caustic manufacturing product.  Yes, I did say chemical, as it is not well known to most that the fluoride added to 90% of many public’s drinking water sources is hydrofluoric acid that was once used to manufacture uranium and plutonium bomb-grade nuclear weapons.  Today it is also used within multiple manufacturing firms and known to be one of the most caustic industrial chemicals on planet earth.

     Fluoride is also the active toxin in rat and cockroach poisons.  What other industries are dependent on fluoride in manufacturing you ask?  Semiconductors, refining high octane gas, fluorocarbons and chlorofluorocarbons in refrigerants to cool our foods and to keep us cool; fluorescent light bulbs, herbicides, plastics and of course added to many toothpaste brands.

     It was the same A-bomb scientist of the day that produced the evidence against fluoride injuries to civilians through litigation; which also happens to be the same person that showed low doses of this chemical consumed by humans to be safe.  This fact in itself should cause one to further think the benefits of water fluorination.

        Fifty years ago the government introduced fluoride to our public water systems claiming it would reduce cavities in our children’s teeth.  Of course in the same breath, one must understand with the dawn of the nuclear age came the age of nuclear downsizing and excess chemical reserves.  Chemical companies were hungry to continue generating revenues by finding other uses for fluoride as the nuclear age went bust.  Dumping the excess chemical surplus no longer useful for nuclear enrichment found its way into our drinking water; much like aspartame first an experimental chemical was redeveloped for something other than its intended use.

 [Read about Monsanto’s Aspartame troublesome history, and “How Aspartame Became Legal, the – Time Line,” http://rense.com/general33/legal.htm].

     Also click on links below to see how this artificial sweetener is greatly responsible for childhood obesity and cancer and why the FDA protects and promotes these chemical products within our consumer markets. 

     Dental organizations, special interests groups, governmental and other advocates sell to communities that when fluoride is adjusted and controlled in our drinking water it is safe and good for us.  I’ve found much positive data on fluorinated water and children’s dental health care to support this application.  However, I’ve also found just as much data showing when fluoride is added to public drinking water it is not healthy for the entire adult population.  And even when looking at the child’s dental benefits, controlling levels of daily fluoride intake is challenging.  This is because we all consume processed foods and drink products that already contain fluoride in them.

     There is also much research data of fluorinated water that shows no chemical difference between natural occurring fluorides found in nature’s consumables vs. public drinking water with added fluoride.  Since our bodies need this trace mineral in minuet amounts, maybe our governments feels it is their responsibility to control safe levels for our dental and overall health sake, based on the benefits of specific research.

     However, if that concern was the only reason, then why wouldn’t they also adjust and control the other minerals our bodies need to ensure good teeth and bone health?  Keeping it short, why not add calcium, magnesium, phosphorus minerals also necessary for good dental and bone health… And why we’re at it vitamins A, B’s and C, etc.  Or could the motivation to provide one mineral over another depend on which political and/or economic fence you stand?

     So what makes fluoride such a critical nutrient and why are the other essential nutrients to good teeth, bone and “overall” general health disregarded?  Patience, you’ll soon be able to understand the method to the madness here.

     Another governmental selling point in getting fluoride into the public water supply is it has a great return on our general health which promotes less sick days and greater productivity, less need for medical services, etc.  Of course when you cherry pick scientific data in support of a health benefit(s), we must learn to understand “any” manmade or manipulated change to our daily diets has the potential to benefit some at the expense of others intolerant of additional [in this case fluoride] chemicals in the diet.

     So one has to ask, why fluorinate public water at all if you can simply absorb it through the foods, supplements, drinks and dental hygiene as opposed to subjugating a populace to a questionable and unnecessary chemical additive?  What would motivate our government to promote a seemingly unnecessary chemical proven to cause health risks for adults?  And if nature provides the trace mineral fluoride in its natural form within organic and processed foods and in the bottled drinks we consume, why the continued push to add it to our public water supply?  And in further thought, how could any agency accurately determine the necessary and proper amount of hydrofluoric acid to be added to a water source that would be healthy for everyone?

     If dental prevention is paramount why won’t parents take the responsibility to ensure their children are brushing their teeth with proper dental products if that’s what they want as an enamel tooth care preventative program?  And don’t we as parents, health organizations and our schools have some responsibility to educate on good dental hygiene and promote good eating habits throughout the day.  Or is it our government’s responsibility to use our tax dollars on a preventative dental issue that is not a water quality problem? 

     Although proponents of fluorinated public drinking water say they are simply adjusting the fluoride in our drinking water as prevention against childhood cavities they have questionable arguments on what are safe levels for a medically diverse and aging population.

    Again, if it’s not a water quality issue, then what’s the overriding reason to add this chemical to our public drinking water?  Proponents further argue, since fluoride is a mineral and found within our soils and plants and is naturally occurring within our tooth enamel and bone and helps the body to resist disease, than it is reasonable to assume fluorinated water would be healthier for everyone.  After all there are many studies that say this is so.  So that makes it healthy and safe for everyone’s use right?

     As you further study this topic it would be easy to make a positive health benefit for any community as a whole because most only get half the picture.  However, the sum of the whole argument falls apart rather rapidly once you begin to dissect the entire cause and effect health case studies connected to fluorinated water [the other 50% of the story].  I’ve published many articles where I state, “Man has yet to create a product that is better for us than God’s natural occurring elements.”  The natural occurring trace mineral fluoride “without manipulation” from mother earth is no exception.

     In the early stages of childhood manmade fluoride additives may hold greater dental benefits and lower health risk to a point; but it is not convincing when held up to an adult litmus test.  In fact I found the opposite to be true.  Especially for those susceptible to ill-health risk triggered by added fluoride to the diet outside of the natural occurring trace minerals found within organic food and water.  Even though municipal water experts tell us they can control the levels of fluoride injection into our drinking water at safe levels, you are beginning to understand this is not the whole picture of concern.  This is because they cannot control the cause and effect metabolically this chemical may have for adults sensitive to a manipulated “chemical” fluoride!  And this line of reasoning becomes even more apparent and important once it is understood there is fluoride in many of the processed foods and drinks we consume daily.

     The health problems caused by absorbing too much fluoride tend to be more problematic as the body ages, and/or in combination with immune or other ill-health problems.  Our children are also not immune to over fluorination health problems.  They are simply least likely to acquire health problems because of their young metabolisms.  But this façade can change rapidly as young bodies change into adult bodies.

     And why do I continue to use the word chemical?  Because when looking at how fluoride got into our drinking water, we need to look back 70 years to see a pattern of consumer deceit.  Most don’t understand in today’s chemical markets that fluoride like many other chemicals where designed and evolved for military warfare.  And then when those chemicals didn’t meet military expectations or went through their lifecycles, R&D (Research and Development) found another industrial use within our consumer product markets.  Fluoride is no exception.  And now powerful lobbyists and market makers in support of lucrative positions support these interests regardless of impact on our public health.

     Even though numerous professionals within hundreds of organizations speak out against public water fluorination:  e.g., biochemists, oral medicine, gemology, physiology, orthopedic, podiatrist, toxicologists, EPA, nutritionists, medical associates, Nobel laureates, oncologists, epidemiologists, etc., it will be written “Fluoridation is the greatest case of scientific fraud of this century, if not of all time.”  And that more people have died in the last 30 years from cancer connected with fluoridation than all the military deaths in the entire history of the United States [EPA scientist Dr. Robert Carton (Downey, 2 May 99) and Dean Burk, PhD National Cancer Institute, “Fluoridation a Burning Controversy]. 

     Most don’t understand not only should we be concerned about the water we drink and toothpaste we use, but also environmental pollutants derived from major industries where fluoride is a critical chemical ingredient in the production of aluminum to pesticides.  Within the last 15-20 years a dental revolution against public water fluorination occurred through the discovery of cause of dental fluorosis.   Dental fluorosis is a sign of excessive exposure to too much fluoride.

     Although the proponents for public water fluorinations key talking point is tooth decay prevention, there is just as much evidence to support the undeniable health risks to children (Brunelle 1987; Heller 1997; Khan 2005).  One of the greatest concerns is the risk of bone cancer (osteosarcoma) and impacts on the thyroid function and lowered IQ’s (NRC 2006).  And the American Dental Association (ADA 2006) recommends if you can’t avoid fluorinated public water consider using fluoride-free bottled water for infant formulas!

     Signs of dental fluorosis include whitish flecks, spots mainly on the front teeth, or dark spots and stripes (most severe case).  If you display these signs then it would be wise to remove this chemical from your diet.  Your teeth are a sure sign that your protein enzymes have become mutated to a point that causes one to age at an accelerated rate.  If enough enzyme proteins change, or become foreign to the body the body begins to die exponentially!  And many other ill-health effects can become problematic within the body, such as:  immune, respiratory, digestive systems; thyroid, brain, liver and kidney functions and blood circulation.  Other autoimmune problems that occur due to over exposure of fluorides on health:  arteriosclerosis, asthma, lupus and arthritis.

     The National Institute for Dental and Craniofacial Research recommends that if children between the ages of 6 months to 16 years of age should need fluoride dental prevention and it is not supplied within a public drinking water source, parents should seek dental recommendation that may include a fluoride supplement if a child is in need.

     Dr. Alesen (Former president of the California Medical Association) cites “without a shadow of doubt” dozens of International studies showing us how Fluoride disrupts the bone building process by creating a “calcium out of solution” situation has caused thousands of relational cases of  skeletal thinning fractures, “rubber bones,” osteoporosis, anemia, rickets, calcium stones and crystal buildup in organs and joints.

     Although I wanted to find a positive reason to be a proponent of fluorination of public drinking water, I could find no good reason to support a public program that I was not 95% confident it was beneficial to all.  If you do some research over the Internet you’ll likely come up to the same conclusions unless your special interest and livelihood revolves around this chemical industry.  In this case, you’re already sold on the fact it’s a good investment for your communities health and personal wealth.

     So who should consumers believe?  I’ll leave you with references cited below.  Don’t take my word on it, I highly recommend you go through the process of discovery and pay close attention to the historical development of this chemical and government and corporate money trail.

     Even though the proponents proclaim the return on investment is dental prevention and good bone health, to include less time lost from school and work as a result of fluorinated water’s preventative properties while reducing dental bills and tooth decay by 20-40%; I don’t see the balance to be a positive return on investment.  As far as I can determine, this figure is off-set by a negative ill-health cost effect(s) that would predominately occur within the adult population.   One could instead make a good argument there would be a negative return on investment greater than 50%.

     Also consider when you hear a pro-rally public water fluorination pitch…  Be sure to recall that almost every form of processed foods and drinks consumed has been most assuredly manufactured with fluorinated water.  There is no way to know exactly how much fluoride each one of us is receiving daily and no way to know how varying levels of fluoride impacts each of our overall health.  Be sure to also remind them to take a look at their tooth paste labels.  Some sample label ingredients read:  “Active ingredient Sodium Fluoride – Warning – Keep out of reach of children.  If accidentally swallowed, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center immediately.”  And the reason this label warning is on the toothpaste is because if a 20lb child happened to swallow a tube of this toothpaste it could kill that child!  So it is no wonder why an overwhelming portion of the populace is concerned about a chemical so poisonous that the FDA requires a product warning label to consumers.

     In summarizing, I stand by what I said in many past publishing’s, if we’re talking about a man made chemical introduced into our daily diet be very skeptical about its motivations and benefits to your overall health.  To help you with your skepticism, also tuck this away in the back of your mind.  As humans we are fundamentally flawed with wanting control, power and greed.  And with that said, unfortunately for some, doing the right thing for the majority is not wired into their moral value system!

     Parents should work with their dental specialists in supplementing their children the necessary fluoride if they lack the proper natural occurring fluoride for good preventative dental and bone health.  And our government should only ensure they provide quality drinking water to the public without chemical fluorination because the benefit for the “sum of the whole” does not apply to the majority of a populace.  Also there is no way to guarantee by fluorinating municipal water supplies wouldn’t create other unforeseen, or unintentional consequences that would further complicate our national health care costs, policies, resources and national debt!


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Marc T. Woodard, MBA, BS Exercise Science, USA Medical Services Officer, CPT, RET.  2012 Copyright, All rights reserved, Mirror Athlete Publishing @: http://www.mirrorathlete.com,  Sign up for your Free eNewsletter.

Successful Weight Loss Based in Blood Chemistry Fuel

24 02 2010

Geese Are Good Source of Protein, But I'd Rather Watch Than Consume These Beautiful Birds.

Doctor’s and Dieticians tell us to limit bad fats “saturated (animal products, meat, eggs, etc.) including Trans fats, which also correlates with bad LDL cholesterol and plaque buildup in the arteries.”  Both of these fats are associated with risk for cardiovascular heart disease.  Also diabetics are at great risk for heart attack or stroke.  However, too little saturated fat in the diet replaced by carbohydrates is causing an epidemic of obesity and many secondary health issues.  Just as many current studies now show an inverse relationship in dietary fat.  The more saturated fat in a diet, the less likely men will have an incident of stroke.  Just as post menstrual women with heart disease, a dietary habit of saturated fats had lower risk for heart disease.  It appears saturated fats are necessary in the diet.  Because with animal products, HDL’s (the good cholesterol) is received when metabolized also lowers triglycerides.  High carbohydrates intake appears to be a big part of the puzzle with regard to health problems.  It appears the body chemistry requires a certain amount of saturated fats (not manmade Tran’s fats).  Complete avoidance of animal fats does not seem to be a good ideal as far as the body chemistry is concerned.  Science can not accurately tell us the perfect diet.  But it is overwhelmingly apparent you are better off with a “low carbohydrate diet as opposed from one where you decrease animal products in the diet.

One big common denominator we did not have when I was a kid was obesity run amok.   Nor do I remember the onslaught of fast food restaurant chains we now have and energy, diet drinks, etc..  The only things we really had at that time that I can recall was a McDonald’s and Dairy Queen.  There were also no artificial sweeteners, or to think about it tons of artificial flavorings in products.  Everything was pretty natural.  Even the Swanson TV dinners, meat pot pies (frozen dinner meal) tasted pretty good in the 70’s.  And the other thing I remember as a kid, most of the dinner meals consisted mostly of meat, chicken, fish, potatoes and vegetables with lots of casseroles made out the same main staples.   We didn’t have a lot of fast food conveniences with preserved type foods.  And almost everyone around us had gardens and canned fruits and vegetables.  In today’s society everything has changed to quicker processing, fast distribution and chemical ingredients for taste.  This manmade tactic keeps profits high for corporations at the expense of our children’s health.  It is obvious, there is a big difference in the way our culture consumes food and food selection, compared to the types of food we had when I was a kid.  Be sure to read Restaurant Foods Healthy?”  If you haven’t read this article, you really need to.  Many restaurant chains serve processed everything.  “That’s why it tastes so good; you’re addicted to the food chemicals!”

Also when I was a kid, you rarely heard about heart disease, strokes, diabetes, cancer, etc., compared to today.  And to see an obese kid, that was real rare.  Today, I see kids while I’m on my daily walks that appear to have body fat typical to those in my generation (25-45%).  I’m currently holding around 25% body fat which is considered borderline obesity.  The kids I’m talking about appear to be around 25-60%.  I’m not sure unless they change their eating habits how they’ll fare when they hit their 40’s and 50’s.  I fear our children will experience an epidemic of illness/disease pain and suffering not seen in our generation when they reach our ages.

Now when I look at food and blood chemical science; including my consumption exercise lifestyle today I note the following.  My habits have not changed much from when I was a kid.  For example, I exercise daily through various activity and still consume mostly a meat, potato, chicken, fish and vegetable diet.  However, I do consume the occasional fast food, or additional carbohydrates when pasta’s, breads, chips, soda craving strikes, but not often.  I also did not experience a lot of deserts as a kid.  I guess that’s why I don’t really crave them.  But when I do eat deserts, I do enjoy it.  Of course, when processed foods are so abundant in our food chain a little bit is going to get incorporated into any diet.  And this requires awareness, especially if one is experiencing weight loss difficulties.

Currently, I’m holding 15lbs over “My” ideal body weight with no cardiovascular or circulatory diseases, etc.  As a matter of fact, when I see my doctors’ vital statistics are always taken, “blood pressure and heart rate.”  The following represents my vital averages:  My blood pressure is typically around 122/70 and heart rate 58beats/min and my weight rarely changes unless I reduce consumption, or exercise more.  My last blood results reveal Iwas slightly higher in glucose, cholesterol and triglycerides.  I know what caused this elevation; during the last blood draw period I was simply consuming too many calories and didn’t fast the recommended period.  Even with these flaws in my consumption behavior, my blood tests didn’t send up any health warning red lights.

I attribute my good blood chemistry results to my childhood eating habits.  I eat more organic protein type food sources than carbohydrates.  My blood chemistry reflected a High HDL count (good cholesterol), Low LDL count (bad cholesterol) and low triglycerides (read  “Why you should be concerned about triglycerides“).  My eating habits are still predominately high intake of proteins (40-50%), carbohydrates (20-30%) and fats (~25%).  I know if I cut the carbohydrates in half and increased the proteins my blood chemistry weight regulatory mechanisms would lower my weight over a long period of time.  “I would lose weight slow and safe, not fast like extreme dieting.”  I know this because I’ve experimented with blood chemistry lab results and compared the results and body weight.  I’ve changed my fuel mix and exercise habits based on these results to lose and maintain stable weight.  I also use a weight scale, every other day and base my weight loss balance on how my clothes fit. Recall, exercise increases muscle mass, muscle is heavier than body fat. So weight may not change much while beginning an exercise program as muscle weight increases and fat burns off.  If you’re eating and exercising correctly, through time, you’ll lean out safely while losing body fat without breaking your metabolisms regulatory mechanisms.

Exercise is an important component to a successful weight loss program (see MAE article, How to Exercise, Increase Fitness Levels, Feb 2010).  Regardless of age, this is a fact.  The human body is designed to walk in order to accomplish all tasks necessary in life; as it was from day one.  And to quit walking by becoming a couch potato is the worst habit you or your kids could get yourself into.  If I didn’t participate in daily activity, my slower 50+ metabolism would most likely make it more challenging for me to maintain my weight regardless of how I balanced my blood chemistry through the foods I consume.   Balanced consumption and exercise activity go hand in hand.

I believe as science is finding out, I’m healthy for my age predominantly due to my animal diet preference and exercise habits from childhood; also awareness of man’s meddling with our foods for profit.  Now science confirms healthy blood results based in part on good eating habits, the way nature intended.

Reference:  What if Saturated Fat is not the ProblemLearn About Triglycerides and Levels

Author:  Marc T. Woodard, MBA, BS Exercise Science, USA Medical Services Officer, CPT, RET2010 Copyright.  All rights reserved, Mirror Athlete Publishing @: http://www.mirrorathlete.com,  Sign up for your Free eNewsletter.

"Dare To Walk," TV Reality Game Show

7 02 2010

See MAE Video \”Dare to Walk,\” Stay Fit, Alleviate Pain, Save American Families One Step at a Time!\

“The original Concept “Dare to Walk another Day” came from a 30 chapter Mirror Athlete manuscript (currently seeking publication).  The 30 chapters encompass preventative exercise and pain alleviation modalities known as “Mirror Athlete Science,” fitness and pain management philosophy.

“Dare to Walk” another Day is devoted to 2-3 chapters in the manuscript.  It explains the importance of this game concept in the last chapter and why this fitness and pain management philosophy would be of great interest to all Americans, including the politics centered around preventative health and Medicare issues.  The intended audience (76 million baby boomers) and family interest in this type of Reality TV Game show would be huge, also educational.  This show could put our nation’s health first by using walking as the preventative health outreach initiative through a competitive and exciting walk Reality TV game show. Those that manage pain effectively and walk show you “how they do it!”  The globe would benefit and the audience would expand immensely by the second year of production because of the shows promotional unique appeal and draw to boomers and families of all ages throughout the world.  “Dare to Walk” SITE ,” WGAW Registry #1409703, Feb 2010 (“Dare to Walk,” TV Reality Game Concept).  Copyright Mirror Athlete Enterprises, All rights reserved 2010.

Read the Full Story – “Dare to Walk,” Reality Heals a Nation’s People in Pain! See how the origin of this concept began.   You’ve read nothing like this, nor have you heard of any TV reality concept that comes near this caliber of entertainment.  Read the full story and “Dare to Walk, another day!”

Author:  Marc T. Woodard, MBA, BS Exercise Science, USA Medical Services Officer, CPT, RET2009 Copyright.  All rights reserved, Mirror Athlete Publishing @: http://www.mirrorathlete.com,  Sign up for your Free eNewsletter.

“Dare To Walk,” TV Reality Game Show

7 02 2010

See MAE Video “Dare to Walk,” Stay Fit, Alleviate Pain, Save American Families One Step at a Time!

“The original Concept “Dare to Walk another Day” came from a 30 chapter Mirror Athlete manuscript (currently seeking publication).  The 30 chapters encompass preventative exercise and pain alleviation modalities known as “Mirror Athlete Science,” fitness and pain management philosophy.

“Dare to Walk” another Day is devoted to 2-3 chapters in the manuscript.  It explains the importance of this game concept in the last chapter and why this fitness and pain management philosophy would be of great interest to all Americans, including the politics centered around preventative health and Medicare issues.  The intended audience (76 million baby boomers) and family interest in this type of Reality TV Game show would be huge, also educational.  This show could put our nation’s health first by using walking as the preventative health outreach initiative through a competitive and exciting walk Reality TV game show. Those that manage pain effectively and walk show you “how they do it!”  The globe would benefit and the audience would expand immensely by the second year of production because of the shows promotional unique appeal and draw to boomers and families of all ages throughout the world.  “Dare to Walk” SITE ,” WGAW Registry #1409703, Feb 2010 (“Dare to Walk,” TV Reality Game Concept).  Copyright Mirror Athlete Enterprises, All rights reserved 2010.

Read the Full Story – “Dare to Walk,” Reality Heals a Nation’s People in Pain! See how the origin of this concept began.   You’ve read nothing like this, nor have you heard of any TV reality concept that comes near this caliber of entertainment.  Read the full story and “Dare to Walk, another day!”

Tell your walking clubs and walking partners to visit MirrorAthlete.com and sign up as a free subscriber of interest.  The goal is to get 10,000 interested fellow walkers while officially submitting the full pitch concept to Reality TV producers.  This concept has been registered under intellectual property register WGAW#1409703, 2 Feb 2010.

See other Mirror Athlete Corp projects you may be interested in, such as “Viking Carnivores” Reality TV Game Show.”

Author: Marc T. Woodard, MBA, BS Exercise Science, USA Medical Services Officer, CPT, RET. 2009 Copyright.  All rights reserved, Mirror Athlete Publishing @: http://www.mirrorathlete.com,  Sign up for your Free eNewsletter.

Wisdom of Consuming Oleic Acid

23 01 2010

Wisdom is Passed on Through Generations of the Wise. One Would Be Wise to Seek Council

Oleic acid is a mono-unsaturated omega 9-fatty acid found in animal and vegetables.  It is considered a healthy source of fat and is commonly used to replace animal saturated fats in the diet.  One of the chief sources of oleic acid comes from olive oil.  Those that consume, or recommend consuming oleic acid should be considered wise by knowing something that all of us should carry in our centurion war chests.  Or, maybe many were fortunate enough to be weaned on specific dietary products from day one based on their geography.  Like Europe, where the Mediterranean diet uses olive oil, “emblematic of the region.”  Where the diet mainly consists of fruit, vegetable, legumes, cereal, meat and fish with moderate consumption of red wine and “tasty” olive oil is the main grease. 

 So what is the big deal with oleic acid and why should this be part of your centurion preventative ill-health war chest?  Oleic acid is highly concentrated in specific types of cooking oils, where much health benefit can be gained from consuming these oils.  Grape seed, Canola, sesame, poppy seed and peanut oil also have high concentrations of Oleic acid.  Olive oil, like the other oils high in oleic acid have many health benefits, such as:  May boost memory, reduce blood pressure,  lower cholesterol, reduced risk of diabetes and other suspected disease curing properties, while promoting antioxidant production in the body.  Oleic acid is the principle ingredient in Lorenzo’s oil.  Developed for young boys that came down with adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD) a disease similar to MS (multiple sclerosis) where the nervous systems integrity of the myelin sheath becomes compromised.  In 1992 the movie “Lorenzo’s oil” was produced telling a true story about the powerful health properties of oleic acid.  See the link below if interest in watching the movie. 

 “At the age of 7, Lorenzo Odone was a normal child.  Strange things began to happen to him.  He would have blackouts, memory lapses and other strange mental phenomenon.  Eventually, he was diagnosed suffering with ALD, an extremely rare incurable degenerative brain disorder.   Doctor’s were not helping so his father decides to learn all about it and tack the problem himself.  Lorenzo’s oil does not cure, but slows the worsening, or progression of the disease.  Just like consuming olive oil can slow down the progression of heart disease.” 

 Five thousand years ago, Crete a Greek Island began production of olive oil that has a heritage tied to our fine California olive orchards where much of the olive oil you purchase today comes to your local supermarket.  California is a major producer of Tuscan oil based on centuries-old ratio of Frantoio, Leccino, Pendolino and Maurino olives providing those that consume the oil with many health benefits.  Oleic acid is also used in a number of soaps and cosmetics.   The Cancer Society states your skin is the largest organ in the body and should not be neglected during the winter.  Tip – Olive oil has been used as a natural moisturizer practiced in Italy and Greece for centuries. 

 Recommendations:  Use cooking oil high in oleic acid and moisturize like the Greeks.  Get a Mediterranean cook book and prepare meals for your family where health benefits and centurion active lifestyles are realized.  Be sure to read “Ikaria Lifestyle Boasts Longest Living People.” 


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After Holiday Weight Gain Blues

23 01 2010

The End of Old Habits Are Near. Let Life Begin

Another year has gone by with all the Holiday décor and cheer with it.  I understand some of you had a tough time with the food choices and amount that you consumed.  And with this being said, should I dare say some of you are not only bummed out after you stepped on the scales, you are blue with depression.  This I understand and can definitely empathize.  The way I see it, you can continue to feed those screaming fat cells telling your stomach and brain it needs more, or you can deny them.  I know, easier said than done.  Cutting back after consuming all those rich foods will be the hardest thing you’ll do to get control of your weight for the New Year.  I also understand with the passing of the old year and in with the new, maybe last year’s resolutions to lose weight didn’t work out so well.  I’ve got to tell you; “don’t be so hard on yourself.”  There are many reasons weight gain occurs and I would never tell you I know what you are going through.    So many of us, when we get stressed, or traumatic change occurs in our lives, causes much long-term depression as well as over consumption of food.  Many at some point in time are at great risk of this prolonged weight gain habit being triggered during the Holiday season.  Because with the Holiday’s many emotions are triggered that can also set the stage leading to depression. 

Unfortunately too many of us deal with depression by consuming too much comfort food and drink.  After the consumption of too much rich food we get upset, frustrated and finally depressed about our weight because we don’t know why we can’t control this habit.  There is also an illness-disease cause and effect relationship that complicates controlling weight once we become obese.  At this point the mind-body “can” becomes susceptible to greater illness-disease risk.  For example, diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), congenital heart disease, fibromyalgia, phantom pain, etc.  Over eating for many years will cause much discourse and depression in one’s life which complicates weight management, mood, and pain picture, relationships we have with people and life goals. 

Although I’ve written many articles revolving around depression, fitness and pain management, I have not written an article with regard to food habit & depression relationship triggers.   In general, stressful life events cannot be avoided in life but can be minimized by understanding the stress triggers and food consumption patterns.”  Regardless of season, or any day for that matter, you must learn to change behavior and habits to take control of your weight goals and develop better stress coping skills.  These skills can be greatly improved through healthy food consumption, relationship associations (behavioral food trigger habits), activity and exercise.  Learn to realize the stress triggers and substitute healthy food and activity as a stress reducer, i.e., walk-window shop, read a good book, call a friend, eat organic, or Mediterranean diet etc.  Whatever you do, don’t go to the fridge or quick mart and have a binge session.  This habit is very hard to stop.  Seek professional help if depression lasts longer than 14 days or frequently returns and/or if you become obese as a result of your habits and can’t stop them. 

Holiday’s and weight gain relationship is something I understand and have worked to avoid during this eventful time of period.  And I know the screaming fat cells will get over themselves once one gets back to a normal routine after the festivities pass.  But all too often, it is too easy to continue the party into the New Year, or look to celebrate every weekend.  Don’t fall into this trap.  To carry this habit into one year and then the next is really unhealthy and depressing as I know you may be aware. 

Alright, I know I said “don’t be so hard on yourself,” and “I would never tell you I know what you are going through…”  However, there is a difference with cheerful event weight gain and short-term depression versus long-term weight gain and depression.  One is short lived and the other is not!  For a few, I would say your weight gain unfortunately may be due to a metabolic defect of the thyroid, or pancreas for example, in which case you require a physician’s treatment.  Any long-term weight gain that has become an unhealthy condition putting you at risk for more illness, disease, depression and pain requires a physician consultation and treatment!  However, there is no reason not to pursue changing your life style to fit habits that incorporate specialized medical treatment and advisement from your physician. 

I now present 8 prominent weight gain blues and depression habits people get themselves into and don’t necessarily know how to resolve the weight gain quagmire throughout the year.  Below I have listed eight hard to break weight gain problematic habits that need to be realized before successful long-lasting health benefits occur.  It is the hope that by exposing habit/behavior relationships, one can change these unhealthy habits into healthy habits that are enjoyable.  

 8 Prominent Weight Gain Blues Behavioral/Habits that Require Change,

  1.  Holiday Cheer Weight Gain – What can I say about Holiday Cheer Weight Gain that I haven’t mentioned in my previous writings.  Have a Holiday battle meal plan before you set down at the table.  Read the following article, “Holiday Weight Management Tips.”
  2.  Last Year’s Resolution to Lose Weight Failed – You know why you failed your weight loss program from previous years.  You did not resolve, or change your behavioral eating, drinking, or fitness habits.  To do so is still too painful for you for whatever the reason.  As I stated, “I will not pretend to know what you are going through…”  Until you can resolve and/or get serious about your weight loss/depression, or seek professional help, my fitness tips will fall on deaf ears.
  3.  Pain factor – All pain is directly related to illness, disease and/or injury.  And with pain comes more sedentary type activity.  It is for this reason, it is more important than ever you work with your primary physician and pain management specialists to find activities that you can do safely.  Also visit mirror athlete chronic pain center for other tips and recommendations.  All pain disorders are different and require customized fitness specialization in order to work around and prevent pain trigger aggravations, or worsen pain disorders.  It is for this reason you become proactive to find a fitness activity that you can participate in daily while pain managing with your physicians.
  4.  Stressful life events and comfort food – For many the trigger to eat comfort foods stems from everyday stress factors such as:  Work, bills, health, relationship, family issues, etc., the list goes on.  Stressful daily events can culminate into major depression and poor eating habits (these two things often go hand in hand).  This is a duel health hazard (impacts mental/physical) that effects millions of Americans causing the national obesity and ill-health mental crisis for our children as well.  We get so stressed out over our fast paced lives we can’t foresee how we could ever squeeze time in the day to maintain our overall fitness and healthy eating habits.  Then you tell yourself, I’ll take care of it later.  You must find time before, or after the day’s end to participate in a healthy fitness activity to thwart off daily stress and increase overall fitness levels.  Good diet and activity practices are important for the entire family where healthy habits is essential to establish early on in life and critical for good health “especially” as we age.    For example, my daily fitness activity is walking.  I also mix up the fitness activities with swimming at the local fitness center, light weights and other aerobic equipment.  My fitness habit is mid-day; although it was 5:30am and 12:00pm for many of my working years.  This habit for me reduced stress depression, built self-esteem, controlled my weight, and alleviated pain disorders while keeping the body fit.  I know AM routine seems tough at first, but become an addictive habit if you give it a try for a couple of weeks.  For most, I don’t recommend an after workout fitness habit unless it’s walking.  The stressful day will make the fitness habit seem like pulling teeth for which one will not adhere for a long period of time.  For instance, walking provides much less stressful and more relaxing with your spouse, kids, dogs in hand, etc., where stressful issues can be discussed into reasonable solutions and making better relationships.  I highly recommend mixing it up with after work walks and every other day morning fitness activity.  Look for weekend activities with family, e.g., hiking, camping, boating, walking the beach, visit historical places, etc. I promise you’ll get healthier while improving family relationships.
  5.  Carry the party into New Year – Some carry the end of year festivities into the New Year.  This behavior can last for months.  For many through the entire New Year.  The festive mood appears to keep your depression at bay while keeping you preoccupied with comfort eating, drinks and cheer with friends.  The basketball and baseball season is loaded with reason for bi-weekly celebration.  “First and foremost, you must understand this is occurring and must break this bad habit!”  It is not bad to watch sports, of course this may vary in opinion with your significant other as time is spent on viewing other than bonding.”  However, to continue the party festivities for weeks and months in over consumption indulgence will only drag on the inevitable weight gain and depression blues that accompanies this jovial behavior after the party. Although jovial is enjoyable and relaxing, too much of anything can be a bad recipe for disaster.  As we age and continue this type of lifestyle behavior, weight will pack on and become harder to lose creating many health risks.  If you’re hanging onto this habit and want to change, incorporate a plan to change using my recommendations here, or review anyone of my articles to assist in your weight management control and lifestyle change goals.
  6.  Fast foods after the Holiday’s rush continues. Too many Americans consume fast foods especially during the Holiday rush.  Here lies a crux for the American obesity problems.  During the Holiday’s everyone is in a rush to get the shopping done for gifts, Holiday meals and travel.  During this time there is a huge spike in fast foods and alcohol.  This is greatly reflected through our stock markets and retail purchases.  Yes, business booms almost in every sector of the economy, especially, retail, fast foods and spirits.  Let’s focus on fast foods.  Fast foods are convenient, chemically addictive and bad for your health in the long run.  Both fast food and drink easily bind one into an addictive habit that is hard to break if continued too long.  I’ve watched too many people throughout my life not understand the addiction, weight gain and ill health results from fast foods.  Most that continue the fast food habit don’t even realize this is creating their weight gain problem.  All too often after obesity strikes so does illness and disease.  If you are eating out more than once per week, this could very well be your weight gain problem.  I know, you’re thinking, what if I just give up the fast food places and eat out at restaurants?  While this is a better concept, you don’t know how much of the meals are preprocessed and then served, even in fine dining establishments.  Also, when you eat out most tend to eat more.  Instead of eating out, develop a healthy active habit of shopping for more organic type foods and preparing your own meals.  I highly recommend you read my article, “Restaurant Foods Healthy?
  7.  Love of Baking – I know, some of you carry your new found baking creativity and consumption habits into the New Year.  Although there is nothing wrong with healthy food baking habits, the pitfall is when you love everything you bake just a little too much.  I know the kids love your baking treats and it’s hard not to make cookies, cakes and pies after the Holidays.  Remember moderation with deserts.  Too much sugar, fats and salts are not good for anyone, even kids with fast metabolisms.  If you’re having a tough time with moderation of baking because of whatever is tugging at your apron, try changing up the desert menu a little.  Try to be creative with other types of deserts if the sweet tooth bug just won’t stop.  Try fruits-veggie tray, jello, pudding, etc.  Mix it up and break away from the continuous baking habit.  If you continue baking from one New Year into the next because you are the one that lacks the will power to balance this activity, I highly recommend you read the following article if you want to take back your weight control goals, “Will Power Weight Loss Secrets.”
  8.  Empty Nester’s Bake for an Army – Regardless of season, there are many empty nest couples that continue baking for their entire family after the children have left home.  There are many things tied into this habit which makes this pattern particularly tough to break, especially for those that want to take control of their weight.  And this is an especially tough feat if one wants to change the habit and the husband for example demands dinner meals that require traditional family recipes.  This is a tough to break psyche-food habit relationships for many empty nest couples.  For example, check out some of the tough relational habits after years of lifestyle practice:  Family dinners and social event food comforts; recipe serving portions equate to taste; favorite dishes tied to child personality, family traditions.  You continue to cook huge portions, eat bigger portions and/or store more.   The activity habit of hording food through continuous shopping may be a stress reliever as a form of social & physical activity.  You store excess foods in preparation for when family members visit.  You continue to invite your children and their children over for frequent mid-week and weekend meals.  You celebrate annual Holiday events to include sports playoffs with big meals whether family is there or not.  I could go on and on with this, but I think you get the picture.  Many empty nesters lived for their children where their food storing, preparation, celebration and eating habits were based on full house functionality.  As I stated, this is a tough habit to break but can be done.  If you fall into this category, you first must realize what you are doing and work to change this habit if weight loss and thwarting the blues and weight loss is your goal.  If you feel the need to change your traditional cooking habits into a healthy activity with your significant other…  Learn to cook Mediterranean type recipes, etc., and get exercise by walking to the local market to get the ingredients.  You will also have to learn to mix in your families favorite dish recipes, but modified to servings of two, three, four…   Also, make a huge effort to get in daily walks whether it’s coupled with a healthy walk meal shopping effort.  The idea is to get more activity and eat a healthier diet in proper proportions.  Walk to your local library, and pick up a healthy recipe books and/or look to take a Mediterranean, or low calorie healthy cooking class.  Consider previous MAE articles and apply this information to your lifestyle.  Visit Mirror Athlete’s health repository for other healthy habit weight loss and management tips and recommendations files under weight, holiday, depression and diet.

 After the Holiday’s it can be easy to get into a pattern of never ending “feel good binge eating habits” for whatever the reason and carried into the next New Year.  Just as any one, or combinations of reasons above apply to your particular weight gain and depression blues scenario through each passing year.  You cannot continue to mask your depression blues through food, year after year because your food habit controls your will power to change.  Once you begin to eat healthy and exercise, your fitness levels improve dramatically.  You’ll have the energy to walk and/or become involved in healthier hobby-exercise activities.  And with this habit change the depression blues will become infrequent to rare. 

 I would just like to end this article by providing a valuable bit of insight.  Too many people don’t understand this food habit relationship and the ill-effects it has on quality living.  The same is also true of natural addictive brain chemical stimulation through a more active life style and the effect it plays on weight loss and mood.  And with this being said, it is sad to say, all too many are now prescribed anti-depression pills to boost serotonin levels in the brain to make us feel better on a daily basis.  This does absolutely, or very little to promote increased activity, changing daily habits and weight management.  There is also known “secondary health risks” that “can/do” occur through long-term use of psychotropic prescriptions.  Instead, it would be wise to consider the natural alternatives in combating obesity and depression through increased activity which will naturally boost serotonin levels for healthy body, mind and soul.  If you now use psychotropic prescriptions to combat depression and it’s further complicating your health goals, please read the following article, “Activate Addictive Healthy Chemicals.”   Do not stop your medication; simply consider incorporating exercise and eating healthier while you work with your doctor.  You may be able to get off the medication, or reduce the dosage dependency, thereby decreasing other serious health risks. 

 Write us about your weight loss success and removing depression from your life.    We’ll publish your New Year’s resolution success story and identify your post with a first name and state you reside in.  Or make a comment in the posting log where this linked article resides in our healthrepository.  Simply email us with how you changed your habits to lose weight and/or thwart the blues and we’ll post for you under this article.  May this year be your year for weight loss success and defeating depression.  Good health to you and your family! 

 Author:  Marc T. Woodard, MBA, BS Exercise Science, USA Medical Services Officer, CPT, RET2010 Copyright.  All rights reserved, Mirror Athlete Publishing @: http://www.mirrorathlete.com,  Sign up for your Free eNewsletter.