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What you receive for Submitting an article as an author on our site you receive recognition and writing experience for your work within a respected fitness and healthy lifestyle organization.

You can submit your articles and receive “contributor rights” to be moderated for approval and publication on this site.   We reserve all rights to use our sole discretion in publishing any article.  And that right is also reserved in deciding not to publish, or removal of any article at any MirrorAthlete publication Word Press site or any other posting site without explanation.

Copy Right Permission– When you submit your publications to MirrorAthlete, you simultaneously authorize exclusive rights and approval for MirrorAthlete to use your article publication linked to other MirrorAthlete articles, posts, pictures, video content, monthly newsletter, other social media sites or comment boxes wherever offered through our article postings, etc., including any other reader media and vehicle format to market and promote our site.  Once your content is submitted by your registered user “contributor” registration at our site, you authorize MirrorAthlete to publish your content in full where ever the editor/publisher determines a good fit and timing to publish within a 30-60 day window.  In most cases if the written work meets our criteria and standards the article will be published within 30-45 days if not less.

At a minimum we’ll always allow our writers a resource box with give credit to author, site, and business entity with one link allowed to “Contributors.” [exception – product literature links are not allowed and ground for removal from this site].

Leave Comments – As a writer contributor/author and as a registered user, it is highly recommended you lead traffic to your articles and provide leading questions and answers via comments to increase your traffic and recognition.  Leaving comments is a good way to begin testing your writing style and chiming in on a topic that are important to you and your audience.   Share your fitness, health, lifestyle, pain management, recreational activities, illness and disease experiences, ideals, concepts, tips and recommendations if an approved topic inspires you.

Guarantee – We cannot guarantee traffic generation back to your site.  But what we can guarantee is exposure and an opportunity to be an approved “Author,” which may increase your exposure.  See Contributor/Author privilege below.

Non-Paid Submissions – This is a non-paid opportunity.  We’re simply providing a fitness, health and healthy lifestyle writer’s platform based on our Principle Fit Healthy Lifestyle Philosophy [scroll to bottom of page].  Then see our Mission Statement and Company Values.  Feel free to link to your articles within personal emails, blog or social media site [see privileges below].  The more the merrier we always say.

Contributor and Author Privileges– We only approve contributor writers until a writer establishes themselves within our policies.  To become an “Approved Author” with extended privileges first requires a working relationship as a “Contributor” guest writer were context is moderated before approved then published.  However when you achieve “Approved Author” status we allow more links in your resource box to include:  FaceBook page, Twitter feed account, email address, etc… and up to 3 social and 2 home site web links [blog, or web page].  Legitimate in this case refers to reputable sites where those values don’t compromise ours.  MirrorAthlete Inc., will make the finale decision to allow or not allow questionable links.

Once we approve your 1st 3 article submissions, we may provide higher administrative “author” privileges.  Including a change of policies to expand upon those privileges.  We do believe in democracy and opportunity to grow with our contributor/authors.

You can then publish your own work.  However self-publication will be monitored to ensure author/writer policies are in compliance.   We do not restrict you from posting your content at other sites [However writers must ask permission to use the MirrorAthlete registered trade mark, quotes, context, other articles, excerpts, etc., if posting at other sites.  We may or may not authorize this request and is grounds for dismissal without our approval].

MirrorAthlete® Reserves the Right to Moderate Articles before Publishing– MirrorAthlete, Inc., reserves the right to moderate Contributor/Author submissions, to edit, remove articles and comments regardless of administrative rights granted, or reduce privileges to include termination and removal from site access.  If the article is not of quality, and does not follow our mission statement and writer/publisher polices, philosophy, or values, etc., we reserve the right to remove, or not post or publish any article for whatever reason.  And without explanation to those that have seriously violated our writing, distribution and publishing policies.

We also reserve the right to allow additional links, photos and videos within a published article if we feel the links add value to the reading experience.   Although we have not allowed any guest writers these extended privilege at this point, it has more to do with a continued working relationship and trust.  Once an “Approved Author” status is achieved, then internal article content may be authorized non-product links [up to 3].

Regardless of set policies MirrorAthlete Inc., reserves the right to change, revise and set new Approved Contributor/Author policies at any time.

Pictures and Video Use and Copy Right, Trade Mark and Brand Restrictive Use – We encourage no less than 1 original image within articles and original videos accepted [up to 5 min].  However photos and videos like content must not be copy right, registered Trade Mark or Brand protected through another individual, agency or entity.  You must provide original work.  Or use approved copyright media images, video, etc., as authorized by, or purchased through an entity, corporation or individual.

It is not MirrorAthlete Inc., responsibility, or will the company be held accountable to research and source image video and content copyright from other 3rd party providers of materials used within article publications.  Although as a “Contributor” or “Author” MirrorAthlete Inc., will make an honest effort through due diligence search to ensure plagiarism and copyright infringement does not occur.  However it is the contributor/author responsibility to avoid infringement.

The photos and videos must be owned by writer/author/organization, or purchased for use in accordance to 3rd party copyright use and distribution policies.  MirrorAthlete Inc., is not liable for any damages, claims or suit, filed against the corporation, or any officers within the company based on improper use of Contributor/Author unauthorized use of 3rd party materials and breach of those use policies.

By registering at this site {this is your electronic signature where “Contributor/Authors” agree to comply with these policies} and accepting “Contributor/Author” privileges {you retain and accept all responsibilities and accountability of any photo, video, content copyright, registered trademark or brand published within all article submissions and publication of said content.  And in compliance with all local and international content, patent, copyright, registered TM and infringement laws and 3rd party company and private policy use and distribution agreement(s), etc.}

Any complaints, damages, suit or charges filed for infringement of any media content or format used within Contributor/Author articles that initiate any court proceeding, mitigation, litigation or civil penalties, fines, damages and any other negative consequence as a result of poor judgement, simple-gross and willful negligence lies solely on the submitting individual, writer, contributor, author, entity or person regardless of our company privileges to publish and policies.

We will not accept vulgar, or unacceptable content.  These materials will simply be deleted without further consideration.  Also MirrorAthlete Inc. will not tolerate advertisement for Viagra, other male and female enhancement drugs, inappropriate sexual context images, etc., dating services and article adds and content to promote products or services not related to our mission statement, philosophy and values or approved through best attempt moderation practices.  Back links to these sites are not authorized period.  And are grounds for immediate loss of site access privileges.

AGAIN: You are not authorized to post any links to 3d party products, services advertising that have nothing to do with the approved content of a published article.  We do not tolerate SCAM, SPAM or Phishing activities nonsense, etc… We frown upon in-text links to 3rd party and unapproved back link sites.  Any Contributor/Approved Author status that breaches this trust will immediately have its writing privileges suspended and possibly revoked.  Then determined by corporate officer if reactivation of privileges and access is allowed.

If you are found to be participating in any unacceptable activities we deem inappropriate you’ll immediately have your privileges removed until further investigation.   If MirrorAthlete Inc., finds out your work is plagiarized, self-plagiarized, not copyright approved for use, or does not give credit appropriately to cited work you may be restricted from posting articles and/or could lose your writers privileges or banned from this  site.

Examples of proper citation and references,

Simple Writing Style Format

 TITLE, date

 BODY of Article

 As far as links within the article context.  We prefer referred citations within context [e.g., (Corriher 2008)] and will allow non-product links cited below [e.g.,

 END of Article

 Cited Works, or Reference, See example below. 

Corriher, Sarah C. “The Dangers of Non-Stick Cookware.” The Health Wyze Report. Health Wyze Media, 24 Feb. 2008. Web. 15 Sept. 2016.

The more current the citation and within our company policies the better changes for article publication.


 “Contributor” Author, Title, Company Name, Website/Blog Site Link/eMail (Choose Only One)

  Use:  any format you choose from the following writer’s citation format:  For example APA style, MLA style, The Chicago Manual of StyleASA style.

MirrorAthlete reserves the right to take appropriate action in any way necessary to maintain the integrity and protect our Register “MirrorAthlete®” Brand and corporation.

email: if you’d like to contribute articles at this site.  If you have any questions regarding our posting policy please contact us.

Healthy body weight keeps us fit, increases mobility endurance to see more of the world around us.

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