MirrorAthlete Mission

Mission Statement

“To provide customized and relative fitness, nutrition, healthy lifestyle and ill-health prevention education information for the Mind, Body and Spirit and for any age.”

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Company Values

Keeping families, community and nation’s health, well-being and productivity sustainable through health literacy and prevention education.

General Site Use indemnity disclaimer

When you use the site whether your a registered user or not, you consent to our policies and hold MirrorAthlete Corp., harmless of any damages, liability, punishment, tort claims, personal injury etc.

MirrorAthlete Business Operation is in the State of Oregon

MirrorAthlete Corp., is a registered trademark and business entity doing business within the City of Tigard, Oregon. Incorporated 29 Dec 2010.

Contact us

If there are any questions regarding site use and policies including free article and other information, you may contact us at info@mirrorathlete.com or mail: PO Box 23303, Tigard, OR 97223

Owner and Author email address:

Elizabeth Woodard at info@mirrorathlete.com (President)

Marc Woodard at woodamarc@mirrorathlete.com  (Secretary)

Last Updated:  17 September 2019

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