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What you receive for Submitting an article as an author on our site You receive recognition for your work.  You can add a resource box that shows you are the author with a link to your website.  You can also back link traffic from your email or website to your articles.  Simply cut and paste the link from your browser and post the work you’d like to share with your viewers.  You also “may” receive traffic generation to your site.

You can submit your publishings and receive “contributor rights” that will be moderated for approval prior to posting on this site.   You are authorized 2 links back to substantiated materials within your home site.  However, if any one of the two context links link back to an advertisement heavy web page, Mirror Athlete Corp reserves the right to remove the link prior to posting your article.  We reserve all rights to use our sole discretion in publishing any article.  And that right is also reserved in deciding not to publish, or removal of any article at any Mirror Athlete article content site without explaination.

With exceptional work and a good historical track record of professional standards It is possible to get “author” rights without moderation and additional links (links must not be soley to advertise) within the context of the publishings.  But in order to get there, you must show you understand our mind, body and spirit ill-health prevention principles.

Copy Right Permission–  When you submit your materials to Mirror Athlete you simultaneously provide your exclusive approval for Mirror Athlete Corp., to use your materials, e.g.,  articles, posts, pictures, videos, or comments  merely through “you”  the subscriber obtaining a user name and pass word.  Exclusive copy right permission also authorizes Mirror Athlete to use your articles to promote site traffic, use in eNewsletter, FaceBook, Twitter, other social networks, blogs use, weekly promos, etc.  There is no restriction of your content use by Mirror Athlete Corp., once you post content at this site.   You will receive credit as the author of any content we use with your website link, or email address if provided.  We will always include your resource box with appropriate credit given to author, site, business entity, etc.

Leave Comments – Leaving comments is a good way to begin testing your writing style and chimming in on a topic that is important to you.   Share your fitness, pain, illness and disease experiences, tips and recommendations/ideals if you see an article that inspires you.

Guarantee – We cannot guarantee traffic generation back to your site as a published author.

Non-Paid Submissions – This is a non-paid opportunity.  You simply are provided an opportunity and a platform for your fitness, nutrition, health, ill-health, etc., topic with a resource box giving you credit as author, site name, or email link back to site.

Resource Box in Approved Published Articles– We only allow contributor/author writer’s “at this time” one link within each health article approved for publishing.  This is the link to your website, or email within the author resource box.  This does not include 3d party links, or advertisement to services and products.  Write an article and request contributor moderation to publish your work.  Once we approve your writing style and content, we may provide higher administrative “author” privilages.  You can then publish, edit and delete your own articles.  Contributor to Author non-moderation will be approved once you establish a track record.  Your resource box should be similar to Mirror Athlete author Marc Woodard.  See any one of the Mirror Athlete articles as an example of how to create a resource box at bottom of any approved article.  We do not restrict you from posting your content at other sites.  Mirror Athlete is simply another vehicle to get your content published where our traffic and your traffic benefits from articles posted.

Mirror Athlete Reserves the Right to Moderate Articles Before Publishing– Mirror Athlete reserves the right to moderate, edit, remove your posts regardless of aministrative rights granted, or reduce your priviledges to include terminatation of priviledges.  If the article is not of quality, and does not follow our mission statement of Mind, Body and Spirit philosophy, or values… We reserve the right “not” to post article.  See ( mission statement submitted articles for publication consideration must follow mission statement and company values).  We also reserve the right to allow additional links within a published article if we feel the links add value to our customers “it is best to request additional links for consideration.”  Although our policy is only one link in the resource box.

Contact us at if you’d like to get writer’s “author” access with moderation and then limited moderation after establishing quality work to publish any articles at Mirror Athlete Fitness Secrets article repository.  If you have any questions regarding our posting policy please contact us.

We will not accept Please do not send us vulgar, or unacceptable content.  These materials will simply be deleted without further consideration.  The one thing Mirror Athlete will not tolerate is advertisement for Viagra, male enhancement, sexual in nature, dating services, vulgar language, articles to promote products or services etc.    AGAIN: You are not authorized to post any links to 3d party products, services advertising,  SPAM, etc… If you are found to be doing this you’ll immediately have your privileges removed until further investigation.   If Mirror Athlete  finds out your work is plagiarized, or does not give credit appropriately to cited work you could be restricted from posting articles and/or could lose your writers privileges at this site.  Mirror Athlete reserves the right to determine and take appropriate action in any way necessary to maintain the integrity and rights of the company and the rights of other authors.

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