Ageless MirrorAthlete Pacific Book Review by Allison Walker

8 03 2020

Updated: 8 March 2020, Marc Woodard

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Title: Ageless Mirror Athlete: Overweight and Unfit No More Author: Marc T. Woodard Publisher: iUniverse ISBN: 978-1-5320-5373-3 Genre: Health and Fitness Pages: 367. Book can be ordered on Amazon, B&N and iUniverse: Hard and soft book cover and digital copy.

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Pacific Book Review, by Allison Walker, June 2019

“The weight loss industry should be ashamed, opines lifestyle consultant and author Marc Woodard. Fad diets, the inundation of weight loss pills, and fitness equipment that sits in the corner gathering dust sells people gimmicks instead of solutions. Woodard’s book, Ageless Mirror Athlete, promises to expose the industry’s cheap secrets and offer readers a healthier way to live.”

“As a person looking to make a healthy lifestyle change, to lose weight or gain strength, maybe even to manage a disease, you are entrusting your lifestyle coach with not only your well-being, but with your life. Woodard knows this, is passionate about his job and it’s clear he holds equally high standards for others in his industry. This is why Woodard scorns the half-truths of weight loss products, and favors a more wholesome diet, regular exercise and good old fashioned calorie counting along with self-awareness. “

“Calorie counting, or at least awareness of caloric intake, is a key component of Woodard’s fitness plan. Understanding your body’s basal, resting and exercise metabolic rates is how Woodard’s clients lose weight safely, without sacrificing the foods they love. The book becomes technical, explaining the differences between carbohydrates, fats and protein; how the body utilizes each nutrient; and how to calculate how much of each you need. Thankfully, Woodard follows up with, You don’t have to finish reading to begin losing weight and feeling well right now. Instead, Woodard says, make a commitment to daily walking and minimizing processed foods. Ageless Mirror Athlete scorns fad diets in favor of this holistic, educated approach. As an example, Woodard points to high protein, high fat diets like Atkins and KETO. These diets work by throwing the body into a metabolic state of ketosis, wherein you lose weight very quickly but may suffer health complications with continued use. Woodard notes an extended state of ketosis may result in gout, kidney stones and kidney failure.”

“The Ageless Mirror Athlete plan focuses on habitual adjustment to daily routine, since unless you can maintain your lifestyle long-term, no diet or exercise plan is going to work for you. Instead of limiting the types of foods you eat, people learn a better awareness of the food being consumed, the quantity and their nutrient value. Exercise plans favor daily walks or bicycle rides. By making healthier lifestyle choices, clients have greater sustainable energy to get through their day. Woodard offers the example of a client, Sally, who was placed on a popular diet plan by a previous lifestyle coach. Sally was eating a high carbohydrate, low fat, low protein diet. At first she was able to meet her exercise goals, but eventually found she barely had energy to get through her work day, never mind spending energy working out. Under Woodard’s tutelage, they developed a more balanced diet plan to give Sally more energy, and an exercise program she was more easily able to commit to. Several months later, Sally lost weight and still practiced her healthy lifestyle.”

“Just as he promises, Woodard is the real deal. He promises to expose the truth behind the weight loss and body building industries, and he does. Ageless Mirror Athlete is a no-gimmicks call-out to all the diet plans, weight loss pills, and exercise equipment founded of false promises made by commercial interests.”

Aging Gracefully is it Possible?

25 10 2008

To answer a question such as “how does one age gracefully” can be for some as perplexing as what is the meaning of life? Or how far does space and time reach? Is there a God? Are we the only life force in the universe? And so on.

For each one of these questions and many more like them seem to have more questions arise when attempting to answer without a solid conclusion. I find it interesting and fascinating to witness these time old adages continue on with todays youth as did with our ancestors. There is absolutely no difference in the types of questions and answer sessions as when I was a kid “these questions are universal within all languages and cultures.” To understand and attempt to find answers to perplexing and mind boggling unknowns outside of our sphere of control is a normal process from childhood through adulthood. Ask a family member, or friend any one of the proverbial questions and you’ll quickly see the curiosity and willingness to chime in on the topic if you don’t catch them in a rush. Now not everyone will find these time old adages of any consequence. For those few, “I believe they have the mind and body functioning without a finely tuned soul.” Remember, my mirror athlete philosophy incorporates the soul with mind and body to balance all good things in life, including our health and ability to make the most out of our lives and others around us.

Just yesterday, my daughter mentioned how she and friends were having a great discussion on attempting to understand the meaning of the universe, God, extraterrestrials, and such. Boy did this hit a cord with me and my childhood. The body, mind and soul are in an “ever quest” to find the meaning of life, “in this case at the ripe old age of thirteen!”  We are at our greatest intuitive state in our early developing years. Some how we understand and relate to our soul as a critical support function to mind and body. I believe with children, this is true because they are born innocent and then influenced negatively by a culture where values and beliefs are tough to maintain discipline. I must point out, because of our fast pace culture a lot of people tend to tune out the communicative soul port in the teen phase through our working years. This is mostly due to a “Me First,Win American culture,” where wants rule.Most of us… Once we receive our wants tend to further enhance & develop our health & spiritual needs looking for centurion healthy goal answers.

The mind thinks with the souls influence then controls the body. Without a soul the mind and body relationship “CAN” create havoc [toxic and unhealthy activities] within the other two components of “being.”  Many negative stresses [physical, greed, addiction, emotion, stress on all planes, etc.,] could occur within “being” if maintenance of the soul is not in sync with life events. Without development and proper maintenance of these 3 very important components making up “being,” a person will experience less quality of life, and less healthy as one would otherwise. As we age, development of this “Triassic” (body, mind, soul) relationship must occur, or we simply deal with our own present mortality in a “less” healthy way due to improper stress coping techniques. I believe, if this Triassic relationship is not learned at an early age and developed into adulthood, some of us unintentionally ostracize ourselves from our greatest life potentials!  I know this sounds heavy and this type of philosophy could go wild in discussion, however, I will only brush the possibilities within the Triassic and health context with my take on how to age gracefully making my point.

Without closure to mortality questions where man can not provide definite answers to, “you simply must find answers by-way of the soul to fulfill this unknown” thirst for knowledge. Including, “what does it mean to age gracefully?”  There are those that can answer these types of questions with absolute certainty because their constitution is better than blind faith. This is because the day they were born, intuitively they knew they had purpose and there was something much bigger then any one of us!  And with this inner connection breeds “healthy calm” as the universe makes sense learned first at a very young age.  Everyone is in search of answers that can not readily be provided by a man made answer, or solution. Man looks for a scientific explanation for everything, but even man will “never” unlock God’s universal secrets. Instead, each one of us can unlock every proverbial secret that the soul “will, can and does bear.”  Each and everyone of us has the ability to tap into the soul where all answers are provided. It is through the Triassic connection we begin to understand the universe, our place in it and existence in life followed by the next.

It takes a life time to understand how each one of these questions applies, or does not apply to each one of us. I began by asking the question “How does one age gracefully?”  I can not provide a single answer as a fit for all. Each one of you will have to examine your own beliefs, connection and reality within your being. Instead, I can only paint one meaningful relationship that I understand to be an answer to this question without digging myself deeper into a never ending quagmire. It should be understood with age comes limitations of the mind, body and “NOT soul,” the soul never dies. Every decade and every 5 years after 25, one must examine their lives course. The “Triassic Being” and healthy proverbial development as we age is an important relationship as to how we see ourselves and the value perceived by all influences (Triassic Being, families, friends, employers, etc.) and the effect it has on our bodies health and souls mindset. If who you are now defines you 10 years from today without significant adjustment to mental, physical and spiritual stress planes as you age, can you age gracefully? “Ah, that is the question!”

Maybe, yes, maybe no. It depends on how your body, mind and soul are holding up. If ANY of these three elements are “breaking, or are broke,” one must change the game plan. To not change the way one operates within this worlds reality creates a health risk due to negative stress forces on any, or all 3 planes which make up “being.”  Without reexamination of our lives every 5-10 years (and more frequent review as we age) and not making healthy life choice decisions in tune with our “Triassic Being,” we put great stress on our mind, body and soul. To risk “being” without periodic examination of the Triassic relationship “is not to age gracefully!” And not to age gracefully, is not the philosophy, or mindset of a Mirror Athlete!

Author:  Marc T. Woodard, MBA, BS Exercise Science, USA Medical Services Officer, CPT, RET.  2008 Copyright.  All rights reserved, Mirror Athlete Publishing,,  Sign up for your Free eNewsletter.