Determine Your Fitness Level

30 11 2007

How do I monitor my level of fitness?  Believe it or not, I use a weight scale about every other day, monitor my blood pressure and heart rate bi-monthly.  You can visit a local pharmacy in a retail store for free pressure, heart rate monitoring, or buy a cuff.”  Pretty simple, but it works for me.  Achieve higher fitness goals through better walk, jog times and fitness center exercise activity events monitored & tracked though digital display results.  Increased feelings of body energy and endurance fitness can be improved not only by aerobic activity but improved through super food quality supplements.   For example, When I’ve pulled myself off of a good absorbable whole body supplements and stopped other healthy fitness activity combinations…  I tended to gain weight rapidly and my body began to feel sick with a physical or mental depression association in a matter of days.  This is because as we age, it is more important then ever to supplement our diets since retail food products at the market no longer hold the nutrient value as it did, say 30-50 years ago.   If you’ve been over weight, lack good health, fitness levels, or are obese and have been or many years… Here are a few things you can try if you have not already done so:

1) Visit your primary physician for a medical health-history check up to address the issue.  Keep in mind physicians are notorious for over prescribing pharmaceuticals with known health risks.  If a nutritionist addressed our absorption issue for example, a lot of our health problems would simply get better, or go away.   Our health care system simply does not work this way.  The pharmaceutical & health industries have major tie-ins with the FDA (Federal Drug Administration) and FTC (Federal Trade Commission).   There are billions of dollars generated by these industries that rely on regulatory mechanisms to approve, market, distribute and sell their products exclusively through the health care regulartory bodies.   I’m not advocating “stop taking prescriptions,” I believe many pharmaceuticals “do” relieve symptoms and provide a quality of living otherwise.  I do advocate getting off of pharmaceuticals wholly, or partially if possible to let your body heal naturally.  “Have you ever wondered why there is a pharmaceutical for every ailment, yet no cures for major diseases? “  It’s all about the money!”  (Read Outsourcing America Is Killing Our Families).

2) Take a “good-absorbable vitamin-mineral” that will cover your total nutrition requirement throughout the day, formulated for men and women (visit our site product wellness stores). Our Wellness Product Stores cater to the average American working family with competitive prices and superior qualtiy products.  Also, just because you consume a health supplement does not mean it is of high absorption quality grade.  Nutrients that can’t be absorbed by the body’s intestinal lining are excreted and “will not” serve the metabolism to optimally regulate the fat burning and body’s metabolism.  Other known health risk connections with poor diet and poor intestinal absorption to name a few:  Candida, pain-mental depression, cancer, osteoporosis, diabetes, dermatitis, bloating, hypertension, heart disease, obesity, lack of energy, etc.

3)  Put your personal health information into our Free use – Health & Fitness Calculator  (scroll down the page and you’ll see it) to determine your fitness level.  This health & fitness calculator information will provide you a baseline of your current health levels to compare to your future progression regardless of which weight management, or fitness program you choose to participate in.  Come back as often as you’d like to track and check your health and fitness progression.

4)  Read a recent article I wrote that “Alleviate Pain – Movement Based Therapies”.  Also, watch for more recommended fitness and health based specialty-modality programs to help improve your overall fitness and health goals regardless of your current health condition.  I have a 4 part pain modalities series that compliments this article, to be released throughout 2009-10.

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Lose Weight, Through Behavioral Change Not Fad Dieting

23 10 2007
  “Unfortunately, many weight loss products or product fad services are available to all that will fall into this trap.  Many consumers will try to expedite weight loss results through extreme dieting programs promising to melt off the pounds.”  In all my years of working in the field of health and fitness with a clear understanding of the human body, I’ve rarely seen a “quick” weight loss program that works for the long-term.  Don’t confuse the “rarely” with services that provide long-term healthy weight loss benefits by changing behavior.  I agree with programs that promote a balanced nutritious daily food intake regiment, exercise & supplement with high quality absorbable mineral and vitamins.  I also agree that electrolytes, fiber drinks and meal replacement fillers in-between meals (dependent on program and activity) make for a good weight loss and weight management program.”  These types of programs if followed per design will promote gradual weight loss while changing behavior.”  Long-term “permanent” weight loss results require long-term behavioral life change habits.  In other words, it takes time to do it right.  Don’t get set up for overnight results which will lead you to failure…  And once you meet your goals, maintaining your ideal weight requires a life change commitment.  If you do it right, “you don’t suffer at all and you feel great and excited about life.”

 I personally practice 4 behavioral habits to manage my weight.  I believe these New Year Resolution tips will help reduce weight regardless of age, or gender. 

 1) Consume a “good absorbable daily vitamin & mineral supplement [Visit our site Wellness Company Wholesale Program].  Many essential nutrients such as vitamins B, C, are water soluble and removed by your body daily.  Good health, metabolism and weight regulation is dependent upon “highly absorbable daily vitamins & minerals at the cellular level (quality absorbable weight loss products also found at the link). “Nobody, or very few” get 4-5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. 

 2) Ensure you get quality exercise every day.  I walk to manage my weight, lubricate the joints, increase circulation with oxygen-enriched blood for daily tissue repair, etc.  “You don’t need to run a marathon for good weight management.  After 35, running to manage weight is simply ridiculous for the average person and a potential risk to your health.  It has been proven that walking is just as beneficial as running.  There is also less potential damage to joints, tendons and ligaments and greater benefits for increasing muscle tone [includes healthy heart], improved circulation and promotes greater fat burning efficiencies as a low impact exercise.

 3) I always “try” never to eat after 7:30pm.  I also drink 1 litter of water, some with dinner and the rest after, usually an hour before going to bed.  After 7:30pm your metabolism has slowed down considerably.  This means, most food consumed after this time will likely be stored as fat.  The water serves to flush fatty acids and remove toxins from the body, etc.

 4) Never eat out at fast food places more than once/wk.  After 25, your metabolism becomes less efficient at processing non-organic foods [fast foods equal “low nutrient, high fat fillers”].  For moderate weight loss and sustaining your weight goals try changing your behavior by following items 1-4.

 Now that you know my weight loss and daily behavior habit modifications to lose and maintain weight, “Make it Happen!”  Let’s make those New Year’s Resolutions stick!

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