Successful Weight Loss Based in Blood Chemistry Fuel

24 02 2010

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Doctor’s and Dieticians tell us to limit bad fats “saturated (animal products, meat, eggs, etc.) including Trans fats, which also correlates with bad LDL cholesterol and plaque buildup in the arteries.”  Both of these fats are associated with risk for cardiovascular heart disease.  Also diabetics are at great risk for heart attack or stroke.  However, too little saturated fat in the diet replaced by carbohydrates is causing an epidemic of obesity and many secondary health issues.  Just as many current studies now show an inverse relationship in dietary fat.  The more saturated fat in a diet, the less likely men will have an incident of stroke.  Just as post menstrual women with heart disease, a dietary habit of saturated fats had lower risk for heart disease.  It appears saturated fats are necessary in the diet.  Because with animal products, HDL’s (the good cholesterol) is received when metabolized also lowers triglycerides.  High carbohydrates intake appears to be a big part of the puzzle with regard to health problems.  It appears the body chemistry requires a certain amount of saturated fats (not manmade Tran’s fats).  Complete avoidance of animal fats does not seem to be a good ideal as far as the body chemistry is concerned.  Science can not accurately tell us the perfect diet.  But it is overwhelmingly apparent you are better off with a “low carbohydrate diet as opposed from one where you decrease animal products in the diet.

One big common denominator we did not have when I was a kid was obesity run amok.   Nor do I remember the onslaught of fast food restaurant chains we now have and energy, diet drinks, etc..  The only things we really had at that time that I can recall was a McDonald’s and Dairy Queen.  There were also no artificial sweeteners, or to think about it tons of artificial flavorings in products.  Everything was pretty natural.  Even the Swanson TV dinners, meat pot pies (frozen dinner meal) tasted pretty good in the 70’s.  And the other thing I remember as a kid, most of the dinner meals consisted mostly of meat, chicken, fish, potatoes and vegetables with lots of casseroles made out the same main staples.   We didn’t have a lot of fast food conveniences with preserved type foods.  And almost everyone around us had gardens and canned fruits and vegetables.  In today’s society everything has changed to quicker processing, fast distribution and chemical ingredients for taste.  This manmade tactic keeps profits high for corporations at the expense of our children’s health.  It is obvious, there is a big difference in the way our culture consumes food and food selection, compared to the types of food we had when I was a kid.  Be sure to read Restaurant Foods Healthy?”  If you haven’t read this article, you really need to.  Many restaurant chains serve processed everything.  “That’s why it tastes so good; you’re addicted to the food chemicals!”

Also when I was a kid, you rarely heard about heart disease, strokes, diabetes, cancer, etc., compared to today.  And to see an obese kid, that was real rare.  Today, I see kids while I’m on my daily walks that appear to have body fat typical to those in my generation (25-45%).  I’m currently holding around 25% body fat which is considered borderline obesity.  The kids I’m talking about appear to be around 25-60%.  I’m not sure unless they change their eating habits how they’ll fare when they hit their 40’s and 50’s.  I fear our children will experience an epidemic of illness/disease pain and suffering not seen in our generation when they reach our ages.

Now when I look at food and blood chemical science; including my consumption exercise lifestyle today I note the following.  My habits have not changed much from when I was a kid.  For example, I exercise daily through various activity and still consume mostly a meat, potato, chicken, fish and vegetable diet.  However, I do consume the occasional fast food, or additional carbohydrates when pasta’s, breads, chips, soda craving strikes, but not often.  I also did not experience a lot of deserts as a kid.  I guess that’s why I don’t really crave them.  But when I do eat deserts, I do enjoy it.  Of course, when processed foods are so abundant in our food chain a little bit is going to get incorporated into any diet.  And this requires awareness, especially if one is experiencing weight loss difficulties.

Currently, I’m holding 15lbs over “My” ideal body weight with no cardiovascular or circulatory diseases, etc.  As a matter of fact, when I see my doctors’ vital statistics are always taken, “blood pressure and heart rate.”  The following represents my vital averages:  My blood pressure is typically around 122/70 and heart rate 58beats/min and my weight rarely changes unless I reduce consumption, or exercise more.  My last blood results reveal Iwas slightly higher in glucose, cholesterol and triglycerides.  I know what caused this elevation; during the last blood draw period I was simply consuming too many calories and didn’t fast the recommended period.  Even with these flaws in my consumption behavior, my blood tests didn’t send up any health warning red lights.

I attribute my good blood chemistry results to my childhood eating habits.  I eat more organic protein type food sources than carbohydrates.  My blood chemistry reflected a High HDL count (good cholesterol), Low LDL count (bad cholesterol) and low triglycerides (read  “Why you should be concerned about triglycerides“).  My eating habits are still predominately high intake of proteins (40-50%), carbohydrates (20-30%) and fats (~25%).  I know if I cut the carbohydrates in half and increased the proteins my blood chemistry weight regulatory mechanisms would lower my weight over a long period of time.  “I would lose weight slow and safe, not fast like extreme dieting.”  I know this because I’ve experimented with blood chemistry lab results and compared the results and body weight.  I’ve changed my fuel mix and exercise habits based on these results to lose and maintain stable weight.  I also use a weight scale, every other day and base my weight loss balance on how my clothes fit. Recall, exercise increases muscle mass, muscle is heavier than body fat. So weight may not change much while beginning an exercise program as muscle weight increases and fat burns off.  If you’re eating and exercising correctly, through time, you’ll lean out safely while losing body fat without breaking your metabolisms regulatory mechanisms.

Exercise is an important component to a successful weight loss program (see MAE article, How to Exercise, Increase Fitness Levels, Feb 2010).  Regardless of age, this is a fact.  The human body is designed to walk in order to accomplish all tasks necessary in life; as it was from day one.  And to quit walking by becoming a couch potato is the worst habit you or your kids could get yourself into.  If I didn’t participate in daily activity, my slower 50+ metabolism would most likely make it more challenging for me to maintain my weight regardless of how I balanced my blood chemistry through the foods I consume.   Balanced consumption and exercise activity go hand in hand.

I believe as science is finding out, I’m healthy for my age predominantly due to my animal diet preference and exercise habits from childhood; also awareness of man’s meddling with our foods for profit.  Now science confirms healthy blood results based in part on good eating habits, the way nature intended.

Reference:  What if Saturated Fat is not the ProblemLearn About Triglycerides and Levels

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