What is a Mirror Athlete?

A Mirror Athlete is an individual that will not accept unacceptable health, fitness levels and/or need/wants to improve rehabilitative mobility-activity and does not accept the social disability expectation. They can also be “boomers with boomeritist.” They seek out centurion secrets, and ways in which to maintain health and fitness activity levels for better quality living experiences. In other words, most of us if we knew how would maintain a fit youthful mind-body throughout our lives. However, as many of us age the pain factor from life stresses through aging wear down our mind-bodies tolerances and ability to stay fit and healthy in life. At some point in our lives we look in the mirror and think, “I’m too old, too broke to continue on; I’m tired of trying, what’s the use?” Or you’ve sought all types of solutions to get active with life resulting in repeated failed expectations. So you just stop trying because you thought all solutions to alleviate pain and fitness activity goals have been exhausted. Until now (Mirror Athlete Transcript Chronicles, soon to be two books) there has not been an encompassing preventative ill-health fitness and pain management principled book available to Mirror Athletes regardless of pain disorder, fitness level and age. Fitness and pain managemet secrets are now divulged where our “Status Quo” health care and educational systems have failed to provide cradle-to-grave preventative fitness and health information.  Let us know what pain management, fitness and quality living secrets are important to you.  Leave a comment to help us help those that are living in unnecessary pain and suffering that need not be… Thank you for your support!  If you’d like to leave a donation to Mirror Athlete’s pain outreach program it would be much appreciated to further our mission.

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