What is a Mirror Athlete?

ORIGIN: The origins of MirrorAthlete, Inc., go back to Marc Woodard’s fitness consulting days after receiving a B.S., in Exercise‚ Science, 1988 at Portland State University, OR.

Prior to 2001, the definition of MirrorAthlete was simply defined as how to build a naturally fit healthy mind, body and spirit within environment relevant to the individual through customized fitness and healthy habits programming.

Stay Fit to do the things you enjoy, 30 April 2018

Then the definition was expanded upon to include a comprehensive Fit Healthy Lifestyle philosophy founded 2007. The fitness philosophy is based on 18 principles covered in the 18 chapter book now available at multiple online book stores.

Learn more about Ageless MirrorAthlete “Overweight and Unfit No More” book… OR read the Press Release Q&A questionnaire by clicking on the navigation tab above. The contents of this book reads like no other and guarantees it will positively change your life. 

MirrorAthlete has evolved as a principled fitness and healthy lifestyle philosophy that provides sought after fitness secrets the marketplace hopes you never get your hands on.

For good reason. Once you have this information there’s no need to use any fast weight lose results product, diet plan, performance enhancement or fitness gimmick found in the marketplace. Find out how to achieve healthy longevity, well-being, weight loss and build muscle mass naturally.

Learn How to Live the Lifestyle you Need, Want and Deserve Now! Read the Amazon Free Book Preview Now.

“There is a way to improve fitness levels, health and well-being and quality of lifestyle regardless of physical challenges, environment, health condition and physical ability…  ‘Especially when armed with truthful consumer safety and fit healthy lifestyle information that doesn’t increase health risk.”

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